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study Matching Accessories with Jordans
Try to keep accessories colour co-ordinated with Jordans. Too many different colours can look messy and will take focus off your footwear. For example, if wearing red trimmed Jordans, accessorise with a few red bangles, a red necklace or even red rimmed sunglasses. This way colour tones are flowing and your outfit will look much more harmonised.





Have a look at these gorgeous chicks in jordans  below and create your own look. Also check out how some other celebrities wear their Jordans.

Jordans with shorts – Also see 25 ideas what outfits to wear with studded shorts.

Just told you the major trick on dressing up with Jordans and that is color coordination. Either keep it simple as shown in the look below. A simple grey beanie and a plain grey shirt are going really well with red denim shorts and when combined with Jordans the look is just awesome. Keep your hair lightly curled and loose. You can wear chunky rings but otherwise don’t over do with the look.

how to wear shorts with jordans

Metallics always rule and if you like to wear shorts then this golden pair of awesome shorts is the thing you really should invest in.  But once you put in these shorts keep in mind that you are not going bling bling rather one piece is enough gold. Keep everything else toned down. Pair it with a black t and brown trainers. A chunky gold bracelet should be the only accessory.

hot girls wearing shorts and jordans

Sporty Look.

Jordans mean that you are sporty kind of girl but now the fashion world has changed and they can be combined with any dress. Here we are giving you an update on how to dress up in a sporty manner with these shoes. An all grey outfit for taking a run out in the park with red lined/rimmed Jordans is enough to make heads turn.

sexy tumblr jordan girls

Casual style with Jordan Footwear.

An awesome pair of shows to own are these black and white trainers and what could be better than to wear a denim short and a simple black vest to show their beauty. Some bracelets and midis will be enough accessories.

sexy chicks in jordans

Jordans with Leather Pants.

Planning to attend a hip hop concert and thinking about your attire than these black leather skinnies with a graphic sleeveless white shirt and an army jacket. A chunky gold chain and trainers are what you need for a perfect look.

Retro Air Jordan Shoes with tights

Swag with High Jordans

Color coordination is perfectly shown in this styling idea. Grey and red shoes perfectly matched with grey skinnies and a white shirt with a scarf for the cold season. Wear your diamond studs for the x factor.

high school girls jordan outfits


Winter outfit.


polyvore girls jordan outfits

Red tights with jordans

Leotards cum training dress in monochromatic tones and with a cropped shirt will call for a fashionista to carry the look. Put on a long cardigan and a white beanie matching trainers.

plus size girls in jordans

Golden jordans shoes

Green Jordans with Leather Skirts.

Mini skirts in leather are a must have when you want to dress up with Jordans. An all black outfit will complement these neon shoes. Statement necklace will be good to wear with it.

girls in green jordans

A proper hip hop attire is a cropped white shirt with ripped training pants and shoes with chunky silver jewelry.

short height girls in jordans

Summer outfit


Swag with Jordans Sneakers


Military Style.

Military pants have been quite famous now and show your attachment to the hip hop culture when worn with Jordans.

how to wear jordans for college

Cute jordan outfit for young girls.


Mickey with Jordans




Short Dress with Jordans street style.

These sneakers can also be worn with short funky dresses for a casual trip or a college outing.

jordans with skirts


Fancy trying some jordan heel?

Jordan Pumps heels

A regular black jeans and a shirt will look awesome with Jordans if planning a summer camp or a shopping spree.

jeans with white jordans

Leather jackets with cropped shirts look really stylish if either worn with a mini skirt or pants.

girls with big boobs in air jordans

Style it with baggy camouflage trouser.

Baggy trousers are a must have to invest in as you will find many occasions where you will want to dress up in these especially during summers.

black girls in jordans

Celebrities in Jordan Shoes.



ciara in Air Jordan 5

Rihana tomboy look with jordans.


celebrities in air jordans


zendaya in jordans

Rita ora Shows us how to wear jordans with skirts in perfect way.

Rita Ora

Rihana wearing jordans with skinny jeans


Rihanna in the Jordan

girls wearing jordans and shorts


 Kim pairing them with leather tights.Kim Kardashian in Jordan

Kate Upton nude in jordans





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Study table design photos 2017

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Study table design photos 2017


Study table design photos 2017


Study table design photos 2017


Study table design photos 2017


Study table design photos 2017


Study table design photos 2017


Study table design photos 2017


Study table design photos 2017


Study table design photos 2017