Indulge leather luxury tyrant saint

Chapter One

The vinyl of the stool squeaked against the soft leather of my indulge leather luxury tyrant saint pants as I sat and watched the process of my newest acquisition regaining consciousness. The first few hours were both critical and highly amusing.

And generally predictable. As an avid student of psychology I recognized that the new ones always followed the Kubler-Ross Model known as the 'Five stages of grief'.

1. Denial and Isolation. 2. Anger. 3. Bargaining. 4. Depression. And finally, 5. Acceptance.

We would typically be going through those stages several times in the next couple of days.

If I had wanted my life to be simple and easy, I would have found a way to skip the first four stages and go straight to acceptance.

But that wouldn't be anywhere near as fun.

I knew places where I could have purchased them already broken and trained, even willing and eager. All willing participants who had volunteered for this life.

In the beginning, that was how I had gotten my start.

But like I said, it wasn't anywhere near as fun.

I could tell by the slight changes in his breathing and the little involuntary twitches in his arms and legs that he was slowly coming around. He lay on his side on the warm hardwood floor, chains from his shackles spread out around him.

I often wonder if they appreciated the expense I went to in order to make them comfortable. It took me years to renovate the old barn; closing in all of the gaps in the outside walls, adding insulation, heat and air conditioning, installing almost five hundred square feet of temperature controlling pipes under the hardwood floor that kept them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And all of the damned plumbing.

Not to mention the hours of sanding and varnishing to make everything smooth and splinter-free.

Real horse owners had it dead easy if you asked me.

He was in cage number four of the six I had built. Originally I had thought to put in twelve, but I had reconsidered before my greed got the best of me. If I had wanted to be a serious trainer, selling my stock to those who wanted such things, I had room to put in dozens of them. But that would require lots of work and hired hands and keeping records and all of that.

Sure, I could have made piles of money, but I didn't need it. I already had piles of money. Most of the stock for sale, if they were young and healthy and pretty enough, sold for hundreds of thousands each. I had spent nearly a quarter of a million for my first two and, after four years of hard training, sold them both as champion breeders for half a million. I briefly considered making it a business but, as I said, I didn't need the money.

I just wanted them for my own personal use. That was fulfilling enough. After all, there were only so many hours in the day.

I could hear soft sounds and the clink of chains moving across the floor in the other three cages. They all had their curtains drawn and, even though they were curious about the new acquisition, they all knew better than to reach through the bars and touch the curtains. Early on in training, I always instilled a healthy fear of the crop and the whip and even though they knew I would not mark them permanently, I knew ways of driving a lesson home so it would not be forgotten quickly.

'Sarabeth' I said quietly. There was a quick intake of breath down the hall and a soft voice spoke. 'Yes, Master?' I glanced at the first cage. There was a whisper of motion against the curtain and I could picture her on her knees, hands gripping the bars with her face pressed between them, straining for sounds.

'Are you dressed, dear?' It was a rhetorical and somewhat trick question. My pets were never allowed to be dressed in any way without permission.

'No, Master.'

'Soft shoes and the leash, my love. I will be needing you soon.' As an afterthought I added 'And a tight braid, love. Take your time and make yourself beautiful for me.'

'Yes, Master.'

I scrolled through the touchscreen of my remote and opened the closet in Sarabeth's cage for her. She was my first solo acquisition and my most loyal and highly trained pet. I suspect at this point if I opened the cage and offered her freedom she would have closed the cage door herself and cried.

A quiet moan caught my attention and I saw my newest moving his head back and forth, trying to come awake.

Good. It wouldn't be much longer now.

It had been so easy, like they all were. It always amazed me how supposedly intelligent creatures could find themselves trapped so easily. And how careless society was with it's members. So many of them were never missed at all.

I had ranged around for a couple of hundred miles to the agrarian communities here and in the neighboring state and placed a simple want ad in some of the local trade newspapers:

'Wanted: Live-in stable hand for show horse ranch. Must be young and fit, willing to be trained and work hard. Some travel involved. Excellent compensation and benefits. No experience necessary.'

All replies went to an anonymous post office box in a place that gave 24 hour access to the boxes and, more importantly, had no video surveillance. I, of course, paid for the box in cash, as I had the want ad. That was only one of over a dozen things I had going at the moment, looking for new stock.

I had gotten maybe a dozen replies to the ad and spent a week driving from place to place doing interviews. It was almost disinheartening. Too young, too old, married and wanting to bring his wife along, etc. Part of me wanted to give it up as a bad idea but I had learned patience.

Number ten proved to be the charm. I met Daniel at a roadside truck stop near where he was living. He'd actually been working as a dishwasher at the truck stop for a couple of weeks and living in a friends camper down the road. He had been orphaned young and lived in a series of foster homes all over the state before growing too old and 'aging out' of the system. He had finished high school and had actually started a nursing program at one of the local community colleges, which surprised me.

But luckily for me, he had run out of money and grants before he could finish the program and decided to take a year or two off to work and raise more money.

'Besides,' he said 'I was getting tired of being around all of these people all of the time. I always thought I'd like to work on a ranch with horses.' Daniel paused and his eyes went soft and kind of misty for a moment. 'When I was little,' he said 'I used to wish I was a horse. I'd see them on teevee and think 'Man! To be able to run like that would be awesome!' And I'd go outside and pretend I was a horse for hours.' He smiled and shook his head. 'I know it's a silly kids fantasy, but that was a dream of mine for many years.'

A light went on in my head. Could he possibly be more perfect?

Add that to the fact that he was really cute and I figured the deal was sealed right then and there. Daniel had dark brown hair, cut fairly short and soft brown eyes that almost made me melt inside. He was small, only about five foot three and was pretty well built. He looked a few years younger than his twenty two years. I got him to roll up his sleeve and show me his bicep with the pretense that I thought he might be too small to handle my workload. That got his dander up just a little bit and gave me a glimpse at his spirit. Also, it gave me a good idea which handle I could grab to make him go the direction I wanted him to. Being small gave him a fragile ego that could be tweaked and used to manipulate him.

I was such a bastard sometimes.

He was young and pretty and muscular and intelligent and I decided right then and there that I had to have him.

I reached across the table and shook his hand and said 'Well young man, it looks like I might just have a place for you in my stable.. How long do you need to pack and say your good-bye's and when can you leave?'

He smiled at me and said 'If you can drive me down the road, I can be packed and out in ten minutes. There's not anybody here I really need to say goodbye to, if you know what I mean.'

Oh yes. Perfect in every way.

It was about a four hour trip back to my place. We spent a lot of the time making small talk and listening to country music on the radio. I didn't really much care for country music, but I figured as he thought I was an actual ranch owner I might as well go along with the façade.

About fifteen minutes out from my place I pulled over to the side and off onto a little dirt road that I knew was always deserted under the pretense of 'checking on something'. In a little wooded patch I pointed to a spot outside the passenger window and when Daniel turned his head, I pressed the auto injector against his upper arm and pushed the button.

It's an amazing little device, designed at first with diabetics in mind, that uses compressed air to blow medication directly through the skin without a needle. Mine was loaded with a mixture first designed by somebody in Langley, Virginia for use on enemy agents and other foreign nationals. It's a combination of two different drugs, neither of which I will name here. The first is a powerful and fast acting sedative that will render the subject unconscious in seconds. The second drug is an equally powerful aphrodisiac that works in a time release and lasts about three days.

I paid some government office clerk who was down on his luck twenty thousand dollars for the recipe. It would have been cheap at twice the price.

When I hit him with the injector, Daniel had just about enough time to jump and grab his arm and say 'Hey, what are you......' before his eyes rolled up in his head and he slumped over on the seat, sound asleep. I unbuckled his seat belt and slid him to the floor board of the truck and covered him over with the horse blanket I had stashed behind the seat.

Then I turned the truck around and headed for home, a happy and contented smile on my face.

If a stranger drove into my driveway he would follow the road for about a quarter of a mile before encountering the gate, with the ten foot fence stretching off in either direction into the woods. You can see nothing of the house or other buildings from the gate. All you can see is a little call box and a video camera. As you can guess, I screen my visitors fairly rigorously.

Another half mile past the gate and the house and grounds come into view. At first glance it appears to be just a regular horse farm. A large barn, corral, paddock and a small oval quarter mile track laid out in the soft earth. Another large barn-like building was an indoor arena for use in bad weather. Equipment scattered here and there.. trailers and tractors, a little 4-wheeled ATV... everything you would expect to see.

The house is set into the hillside. It mostly looks like a large log cabin type house, like one of those you can buy from a kit or have the Amish build for you. And for the most part, it is exactly what it seems to be. A little bigger and more lavish than your typical farmhouse, more like a rich man's hunting lodge or something. Which is what it was, for the most part.

I pulled up to the door of the barn and went inside. I knew that the newest would be out for about six more hours so I had plenty of time. I checked on all of my prizes one by one to make sure they were all right and where I left them.

Cage #1: Sarabeth. 23. My first capture. Small, blonde and willowy with small pert breasts and a slim waist. I had taken her on a whim five years ago after picking her up hitch hiking. I had been carrying the new auto injector in my truck for a year waiting for the right moment to try it out. It was wonderful. Sarabeth was a natural born submissive, willing to go to any lengths to please a dominant man. If I weren't greedy I could have been well satisfied with only her in my stable. She was a perfect pony, athletic and graceful with a dancers body and an innate sense of balance. Under other circumstances, Sarabeth could have been a ballerina or a star on Broadway.

Cage #2: Nathan. A mere 20 years old. My first male acquisition. Like all of my stock he was small in frame, a mere five foot five. The tallest of my collection so far. Black hair and dark eyes, slightly olive skinned, just enough to seem exotic. I had met him at an internet café three years ago after chatting awhile over the net. He had been despondent after breaking up with his girlfriend and was hinting at suicide. I met up with him in person under the pretense that I could 'give him something worth living for'. Training him had been challenging but now he was a registered champion. Not six months ago I had been offered three quarters of a million dollars for him by an overly large British woman of nobility. I declined her offer and when I mentioned it to Nathan he threw himself at my feet, clutched my ankle and begged me not to sell him. I think that was the final phase of his total conversion. The transformation from skinny underfed computer geek to finely toned racing champion was now complete.

Cage #3: Gael. Pronounced just like our 'Gail', she was actually from Ireland. A foreign exchange student who had been living with an American couple in New York and doing nanny work while she went to art school. She was five two and broader in the frame than the other two with wide hips and small breasts that barely protruded from her chest. She was pale and redheaded and covered with freckles. While taking a summer to see the country by bus, she had wandered into one of our convention areas by accident nine months ago. It was mere happenstance that I had noticed her first and managed to distract her long enough to turn her away from the sales floor before she saw too much. At first I only meant to turn her away, but when a perfect opportunity presents itself, what can you do? At this point she was still a work in progress but showing much promise. Her pert little fanny still showed the fading wide red stripes of our last training session. The combination of red hair and that famed fiery Irish temper had proved to be a challenge.

Once I was sure all of my stock was in good shape I closed the curtains on their cages and announced that it was 'Quiet Time'. They all knew that it meant that they were to keep any noise to a minimum and speak only when spoken to. None of them wanted to spend the next few hours with a ball gag between their teeth.

I returned to the truck with a small wheeled cart. It had big bouncy tires for going over rough terrain and the perfect size for hauling a body. I'm all about not straining my back. It was pretty easy to get Daniel out of the floorboard and into the cart. I piled his backpack full of clothes on top of him and wheeled the whole thing into the barn. His personal effects would go into a locker with all the rest of them.

In cage number four I laid him on the floor and methodically stripped Daniels clothes off and piled them with his pack. When he was naked I stood there for a moment and just admired the view. Daniel had obviously worked hard and kept himself in good shape. He was finely muscled. I'm sure if he was awake and not so completely relaxed I would be able to see the washboard pattern in his abs. His body was mostly smooth but he had a neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair surrounding his prick, which stood up tall and hard, thanks to the second drug in my special cocktail. His prick was larger than I would have suspected from his size, about seven inches long and quite thick. I couldn't resist kneeling down and taking it in my hand, stroking it just a little bit. Despite his drugged state, Daniel moaned softly and rolled his hips at my touch.

I'm sure Daniel had been quite popular with the ladies. I could think of at least four other people who would greatly appreciate that sweet body and fine cock in the near future.

And who knows? Maybe some day hundreds of people would get to appreciate it in the arena. The future was full of possibilities.

Putting my musings aside, I went and got my medical kit and slipped on a pair of sterile gloves. I drew a tourniquet around his upper arm and quickly drew three vials of blood and set them side. Then I rolled him on his side and, after cleaning the back of his neck with alcohol, I applied a topical anesthetic and laid out my tattoo template. My little battery operated gun worked just like it always did and I quickly inked the stylized 'MxR' that was my mark on the back of his neck.

That was part of the ritual for me. Now he was marked for the rest of his life as being mine. I knew some owners that used actual brands. In my opinion they were ugly and barbaric. Necessary pain was one thing, as it was all part of training. Unnecessary pain was just plain sadism and I wasn't into that.

I pulled out another injector that had a short large bore needle. I poked it underneath the top layers of skin right below that tattoo and pulled the trigger. The device implanted a small microchip so I could track my stock wherever they were. Just another app I had on my handy little remote. It pays to think ahead, sometimes.

I put ointment on the fresh tattoo and covered it and the mark on his arm with a bandage. The vials of blood went into an envelope and I would drop them off in town with a certain lab tech who owed me many many favors. He would run a complete workup and let me know if there were any problems I needed to address. He didn't know and didn't want to know where the blood came from.

I cleaned up my kit and put things away, discarding the needles in a safe container.

Then I returned to the cage and pulled down the shackles from the ceiling and locked them securely around his wrists. Another set secured to the floor went around his ankles. Finally, I pulled a soft leather blindfold over his eyes. He could pull it off when he awoke if I let him get his hands that close to his face. If he decided to be cooperative, I could be generous.

I stepped back and admired the view one more time, then closed and locked the cage. I pulled the curtain shut and stepped back.

'Nathan' I said.

'Yes, Master?'

'It's nap time.'

I could almost hear him shiver with anticipation.

'Yes, Master!'

I actually managed to nap for about three hours. That was about my limit. I don't think I had slept for more than three or four hours at a stretch in the last ten years. It was just a quirk of mine.

I roused Nathan from his exhausted sleep and directed him to get himself cleaned up and change the sheets on my bed. He went shakily into the bathroom to rid himself of all of the come I had pumped into his tight willing ass.

Before I had taken him, Nathan had never had sex with a man before. He fought it for quite some time. But I suspect he had been harboring some suppressed tendencies, as we had found out that he was multi-orgasmic when being fucked. It wasn't until the third time that I took him that he finally admitted to himself and me what was self evident to me from the first time. He loved being fucked long and hard in the ass.

I was more than happy to oblige him when the mood struck me. I could be generous like that.

I stepped into the shower and started to lather up and get clean. Nathan scurried off to get the sheets changed as quickly as possible. I knew that he would want to join me so I deliberately took my time. Sure enough, after a few minutes I looked back and could see him kneeling by the shower door, looking like a lost puppy.

I cracked the door open and said 'Was there something you wanted?'

He looked up at me with those big dark eyes and said 'Please, Master?'

I hesitated for a few seconds, as if weighing the decision in my mind, the opened the door wider and said 'Come join me, Nathan.'

He said 'Thank you, Master!' and dove through the door and into my arms.

Even though I had already washed myself, the young lad got a cloth and soap and proceeded to scrub my body all over again. He did enjoy it so. While he was busily washing my back and down my legs, I turned towards the mirror and shaved. He knew not to jostle me too much while I was so engaged. It was a testament of his skill. The first and only time he had made me cut myself shaving ended up giving him the hardest two days of his life and left him with some pretty red welts all over his backside.

It never happened again.

While I shaved I mused about Daniel. How sweet and fine his body looked and how fetching he would look in full racing harness. He and Nathan were of a same build and about the same height. I wondered if I had finally managed to get a team for the chariot races. That would be a fine feather in my cap!

I imagined the two of them side by side, pulling a chariot, their smooth muscles bunching and flowing as they pulled together. My minds eye could see those two strong backs and sweet firm asses next to each other in the traces, their long flowing tails whisking back and forth as they ran. I could feel my cock start twitching and getting hard again.

When I put the razor back on the shelf and turned, Nathan was kneeling at my feet, his face only inches away from my half hard prick. He eyed it hungrily and looked up again into my eyes and begged 'Please, Master?'

Again, how could I resist? I nodded and his hands came up and wrapped around the shaft of my cock and started stroking me. I hardened quickly and he leaned forward and slipped the head of my prick into his mouth.

For a young man who had never sucked a cock before he met me, Nathan had learned the skill quickly. I suspect it might be some sort of inborn talent, because he rapidly learned how best to please me with his mouth and tongue and hands. I would never have admitted it to him, let alone the other two, but Nathan had given me some of the best blow jobs I had ever gotten before. Sarabeth was a close second, but, again, I would never have told her that. It would have hurt her feelings.

Whenever I was having alone time with one of my pets, they were always the apple of my eye.

It only took a couple of minutes for that soft sucking mouth and those warm soft hands to bring me to the edge. I reached down and gripped a handful of his hair in my fist, groaned deep in my chest and started spewing my come into his throat. Nathan squeezed my balls gently, as if trying to milk me and swallowed my come as it shot into his mouth. The sensation of him swallowing with his mouth full of my prick was amazing. One that I would never tire of, I imagined.

When my flow of jism had finally stopped, Nathan stayed on his knees, holding my prick gently in his lips and looked up at me with just a hint of pride in his eyes. He knew that he had pleased me.

I reached down and pulled him to his feet and into my arms. My lips found his and I kissed him hungrily, the taste of my come still on his lips and tongue taking nothing away from the experience.

When I pulled away from his lips I held his head in my hands and kissed his forehead. 'You are a good boy, Nathan.' I said. 'You have made me very happy.'

He managed to beam and blush a little at the same time. 'Thank you, Master. I do try.'

I stepped out onto the bath mat and let Nathan dry me off with a big fluffy towel and then went into the bedroom to get dressed, leaving him to clean up the bathroom.

By the time I was fully dressed and ready Nathan had slipped on his soft tennis shoes and buckled the collar back around his neck. He knelt on the rug, eyes on the floor with one hand holding the end of his leash up in the air for my hand. I took it and he rose to his feet and followed behind me as we headed back out to the barn.

Once he was back in his cage and his things put away I closed the curtain and went to check on my newest. He was still unconscious, but showing some signs of coming around. Good. My soft padded stool was placed right in front of the cage door, leaving just enough room to swing it open.

Since it looked like I still had some time to kill, I went over to the stainless steel counter along the wall and started a pot of coffee brewing. In moments the aroma of thick rich Brazilian coffee was wafting through the stables. I could hear the other three moving to the front of their cages and could actually hear them sniffing the enticing scent.

When the pot was done I poured myself a cup and then said 'Quietly, please. Coffee?'

Three separate whispers came back, all variations on 'Yes please, Master!' I poured three small plastic coffee mugs and doled them out. Each of my pets huddled themselves around the steaming mugs and sipped at them slowly, savoring the experience. They were only allowed coffee once or twice a week, as I was careful about the amount of stimulants in their diet. I was very careful about their entire diet, limiting starches and sugars and making sure they ate lots of proteins and carbs. It was a difficult science, keeping them both healthy and satisfied at the same time.

For the most part, my stock ate 'kibble'. It wasn't animal feed, but a complicated form of trail mix that contained lots of vitamins and minerals and muscle toning ingredients. It was a combination of sweet and salty and it was pretty tasty, even if it did get a little boring after awhile. For a reward, those of my pets who had behaved and pleased me ate four meals a week at my table with me. They got to eat what I did and they all learned to work hard for that reward.

The kibble also contained, randomly, small doses of the aphrodisiac that was in my secret mix. Keeping my pets in a high state of sexual tension and being miserly at times about allowing them release was an essential part of their training. It was also highly amusing. Anybody who was caught masturbating without permission was punished severely.

On occasion, I suspect that they let me catch them on purpose, just for the extra attention.

But I wasn't as picky about my own release, of course. That was the point of this whole exercise. Sure, the training, the carting and dressage, the arena and the exhibitions and races were fun and diverting, but the whole thing was about my own pleasure. During our little romp earlier, Nathan had come repeatedly while I was fucking him. He couldn't help it. I liked making my pets come as many times as possible when we played.

But while my cock was in his mouth in the shower Nathan had become extremely excited again. His prick was hard and straining at the air by the time I finished coming in his mouth. I could have stroked him or sucked him off or fingered his ass until he came again, but I didn't. Leaving him with an unspent hardon always charged his system back up and kept his edge keen and razor sharp.

Besides, I had plans for that hardon that might come in handy later.

So I sipped my coffee in silent thought and waited, wondering how Daniel was going to take the news of this sudden change in his life. Probably not very well, at first. They never did.

Even though I had never really spent much time around real horses, I imagined it was like taking a wild horse fresh from the wilds. First you had to break them down.... Make them realize that escape and resistance were impossible. Breaking down their natural rebelliousness without breaking their spirit completely was a fine line. Then you had to get them used to being controlled. And once you mastered that, then you had to train them in the finer arts and give them the skills to be a potential champion.

Sarabeth and Nathan were both registered champion ponies. We had won the dressage and sulky events the last three events we had attended. Sarabeth could do our dressage routine in her sleep with style and flair. If her life had taken another direction, she would have made an excellent gymnast or an awesomely talented dancer. She put all of her heart into being something I could be proud of. And I think that under her demure and somewhat shy demeanor lurked a closet exhibitionist. Whenever she finished a routine in front of an audience she was always so wound up that the merest touch would bring her to orgasm. Seeing that sort of glow and shine always brought a few extra points from the judges.

Nathan was my sulky racer. He was one of those rare types who could slip into that fabled 'runner's high' very quickly. While wearing blinders and strapped into the harness in front of my cart he slipped off into a single-minded nirvana and focused on nothing but the finish line. And the reward that he knew was coming when he won, of course. I don't think there was anything he wouldn't do as long as I promised to fuck him long and hard afterwards.

We were still struggling to find a niche for Gael. Her legs were too short for dressage or running and though she liked jumping, once again her legs were too short for competition. I didn't like the jumping events anyway, as they were too hard on knees and back, in my opinion. Champion jumpers only had one or two years in them before they were forced to retire. Her heart still chafed at her captivity but there was also a seed of jealousy towards the other two for their accomplishments. Gael was a pony in transition. At her first and only gathering so far I kept her out of the events, which made her both angry and sad and she spent most of the time sulking at my feet. But when we had the big parade at the end of the event I decked her out in full harness with bells and a big ostrich plume on her head and had her pull my cart with the other two trotting along behind. She held her head with that fiery mane of red hair high and proud and pranced her little heart out.

Afterwards all three of us spent time rewarding her for her performance. And even though it was a ten hour trip home, she slept the whole way with a smile on her lips.

Thinking about Gael, I set my mug down and stepped over to her cage, pulling the curtains apart just wide enough for her to see me. Quickly, she set her cup down and scurried to the front of the cage and knelt, her eyes on the floor at my feet. I crouched down so that our eyes would be on a level and reached through the bars. I cupped her chin in my hand and turned her face up, my fingers caressing her cheek softly.

'My beautiful little flame.' I whispered. 'You always burn so bright...'

My thumb passed over her soft full lips and she bared her teeth briefly, as if she was going to bite me, then she opened her mouth and took my thumb between her lips and sucked on it like it was my cock. I heard a little purring noise from deep in her chest. I let her continue for a moment then pulled my hand away.

'I have a special assignment for you, my little fiery beauty.'

'Anything you wish, Master.' Her eyes were bright and glowing green, like a cats.

'Do you remember your first night here? How you watched Nathan and Sarabeth at play in the cage right across the way?'

She took a deep breath and her nipples hardened into little points like diamonds on her chest. A red flush spread across her cheeks and down her chest. She stretched and shivered a little and I saw goose bumps raise up all over her fine pale skin. 'Oh yes, I remember, Master. It got me sooooo hot.... I wanted to be in there with them so bad....' She paused and stuck her lower lip out in a small pout and said 'Then you came in and beat me for playing with myself. It wasn't fair!'

'But it taught you an important lesson, did it not?' She nodded grudgingly, the pout still on her little heart shaped lips.

'The new boy will be awake soon.'

'So, it's another boy then? Goody!' She almost clapped her hands with joy. Once a week I allowed time for my pets to play together for a couple of hours. We kept a calendar posted on the wall and stuck to a rigorous schedule to keep anybody from getting jealous. Week one was Sarabeth and Nathan. Week two was Gael and Nathan. Week three was Gael and Sarabeth. On week four I allowed all three of them time together, usually in my bed because it was big enough to hold them all at once. My participation was, of course, bound by no schedule whatsoever and based solely on my whims. Once Daniel was fully integrated into our group it would throw my schedule way off but we could live with that, I think.

I held a finger to my lips. 'Sssh.... You are the first to know, love. Keep it quiet for the moment. I'm trusting you.'

Her eyes crinkled at the corners as she smiled in pride and said 'Of course, Master. Anything for you. What do you require of me?'

'When the time is right' I said, leaning closer and speaking more softly 'I want you and Nathan to do the same thing for the new boy. I want you to show him some of the rewards for good behavior and that belonging to me might not be such a bad thing, after all. I know I can count on you to give him a good show.' I paused, than added 'And besides, I think you like playing with Nathan just a little bit, don't you?'

She shivered again and another wave of goose bumps traveled up and down her skin. Another flush spread out from her cheeks. I knew it embarrassed her a little, but I adored it when she blushed. And she did it so easily.

She reached a hand out towards the bars, then pulled it back at the last second. I reached out and took her small hand in mine and squeezed it.

'I would rather be with you, Master.' she said 'But I do like playing with Nathan almost as much.'

I raised her hand to my lips and kissed her fingers softly. 'Tell you what, my little flame. If you give the new boy a good show you can come and stay with me tomorrow night. All night.' She shivered hard and squeezed my fingers. 'Thank you, Master! I will give him a show he won't ever forget! I promise!'

I didn't often let a pet spend the entire night in my bed. We usually just went there for quick romps, like the one with Nathan earlier. I saved the 'sleepovers' as a special reward. And it included breakfast in the morning, which was a rare treat indeed.

I started to rise and Gael held on to my fingers. 'Was there something else?' I asked.

'Can.... can Nathan fuck me in my ass, Master?' She blushed furiously red as the words left her lips. I leaned down and pulled her closer and kissed her on the forehead and whispered 'I will make sure that he fucks you long and hard in your cute little ass, Gael. As many times as you want.' She moaned aloud and almost collapsed on the floor. I'm sure she just had at least a small orgasm. Excellent. She would be tightly wound and ready to go when I brought Nathan to her cage. Daniel would get a good eyeful when the time came.

I closed her curtain again and stepped across to Nathan's cage. I crouched down briefly and spoke quietly through the thick curtain.


'Yes, Master?'

'When the time is right I want you and Gael to give the newest a show of how we play here, understand?'

'Yes, Master!'

'And Nathan...'

'Yes, Master?'

'Make sure you give her what she wants most, understand?'

'Of course, Master! I'll be happy to!'

'You're a good boy, Nathan.'

Of all of my pets, only Sarabeth had any experience with anal sex before meeting me. And she had discovered the difference between being screwed by an inexperienced teenager with a sort fuse and someone who knew what he was doing and had lots of self control. She claimed 'It was like the first time all over again, but much better!' Now all three of my pets shared a passion for the act. Nathan preferred receiving over giving, but he did enjoy sinking his prick into a tight willing ass when it was allowed.

But it was one of the things that they were forced to earn to right to do when I allowed them to play together. Just another measure of control that made the rewards so much sweeter.

I sat back down on my stool and sipped the last of my coffee. Daniel was groaning softly and starting to move around.

'Sarabeth' I said quietly. There was a quick intake of breath down the hall and a soft voice spoke. 'Yes, Master?' I glanced at the first cage. There was a whisper of motion against the curtain and I could picture her on her knees, hands gripping the bars with her face pressed between them, straining for sounds.

I gave her instructions and settled back to wait.

Chapter Two

As Daniel started waking up and moving around I stepped into the cage and put my hands under his armpits and lifted him up to a kneeling position and thumbed the button on my remote to pull the shackles up towards the ceiling, leaving his hands just above his head. Still groggy, he made little moans and groans and his head turned back and forth, trying to see through the blindfold. I supported him until he was a little steadier saying 'Easy, Daniel. Easy. You're all right. Just relax.' over and over again.

Once he seemed to be more or less awake I stepped back out of the cage, leaving the door open and sat back down on my stool. He was still bewildered, turning his head back and forth and pulling at the shackles the held his hands.

'What..... What..... What's going on? Where am I?'

'Easy, Daniel. You are all right. We are at my ranch. You are safe.' I tried to sound reassuring. The first few minutes of the drug wearing off were a bit disorienting.

'Mister Belmont?'

I had used the name Belmont when I met him at the diner. There were dozens of names I used for different things. I briefly wondered how long it had been since I told somebody my real name. Probably at least ten years.

'Yes, Daniel. But my name isn't really Joshua Belmont.'

'I can't see! Why am I tied up? What's going on?'

'There's a blindfold over your eyes. I will take it off in a moment so you can see. Just relax. You are tied up because I want you to be. And as to what is going on...' I paused a little for effect than said 'You have been kidnapped, Daniel.'

That startled him just a little bit and he jerked against the chains. 'Kidnapped? What? Why? I don't have any money..'

'I didn't take you for money, Daniel. I took you because I wanted you here in my stables. You will be an excellent addition to my collection.'

'Please' he begged. 'I don't have anything you want. I... I'll do anything you want. Please just don't kill me.'

'I have no intention on killing you Daniel. I want you to be alive and healthy for a long time.'

'Please don't hurt me. I'll do anything you want....'

'Yes you will. You will learn to do exactly what I say and give me what I want when I want it. I told you back at the diner that you would get lots of training and your training has already begun.'

'Why are you doing this?'

'I am going to make your dreams come true, Daniel. Your dreams and mine. You told me you wanted to be a horse. I am going to turn you into one. To be precise, I'm going to turn you into a pony.'

It was beginning to dawn on him that he was naked and that he had an erection in front of a strange man and that he was extremely turned on. A deep blush was spreading across his cheeks and down onto his chest. His hands pulled at the shackles and he tried to pull his legs together in a vain attempt to hide his hardon. Daniel shook his head.

'No no no.... I don't want any part of that. That's crazy.... A pony? No no. I won't do that. Please let me go! I promise I won't tell anybody!'

'What you want is no longer an issue here, Daniel. What matters now is what I want. And what I want is for you to be my personal little pony. You will learn to love wearing the harness. You will learn to trot and canter and gallop. I will train you long and hard and you will perform for me in the arena and out on the track....'

'And in my bed.'

'No no NO!!!! I'm no fag! Don't you touch me!'

The braided handle of the whip slid smoothly into my palm. It flashed up and back with a quick whirl then flew forward as fast as thought and cracked loud in the air about six inches in front of his chest.

Daniel blanched white and flinched back against the chains and a little dribble of pee squirted up out of his hard bobbing cock and splashed on his belly and legs.


He started babbling. 'No no please... I don't do that. I don't want that... please... don't touch me.... I.... I can't do that....'

The smooth oiled leather of the whip flashed out once more and this time it scored flesh and left a six inch welt on the inside of his thigh a couple inches above his left knee. He screamed and pulled back against the chains. His hardon drooped almost instantly and he peed a puddle on the floor between his thighs.

Daniel sagged in the chains and hung his head and sobbed pitifully. The combination of the unexpected pain and his embarrassment had broken his spirit for the moment and he cried like a baby.

The coiled whip went back on the hook next to my seat. I went to the counter and poured myself another cup of coffee and soaked a washcloth in cold water.

'I'm going to put something on your leg to help ease the pain, Daniel. If you behave, I won't hurt you again.' I crouched down by him, staying well out of the puddle. 'It's just a cold washcloth. It will make it feel better.' When I laid the cloth on the welt he flinched again and sobbed some more.

He was extremely vulnerable at this point and I knew this was the proper time to lay down the ground rules. I sat and sipped my coffee for a moment and waited for his sobbing to ease off a bit.


He raised his head and I said 'Do not speak again until I tell you to. Do you understand?' He opened his mouth and then thought better of it and just nodded.

'Good boy. You just completed the first stage of your training. Now I am going to tell you how your life is going to be from now on. You are going to sit quietly and listen. Understand?'

He nodded again.

'Very good. Now, these are the facts. I have taken you, Daniel. You are now mine for the rest of your life. If you could look into a mirror you would see that my mark is tattooed on the back of your neck.'

He flinched a little and I could see him roll his shoulders, noticing the sting of the fresh tattoo and the bandage on his neck for the first time.

'I have taken you and I do not give up what is mine. What is mine is mine for life. I will not merely let you go and there is no way for you to get away. The cage you are in right now is going to be your home until the day you die. The sooner you get used to the idea the sooner your life will start to get easier. Am I being perfectly clear?'

He nodded again.

'Good boy. Now, what we do here on my ranch is train champion human ponies. You will learn to obey my commands at all times. You will learn to trot and canter and gallop, as I said. You will be trained to pull a sulky cart and other things. Just like you were a real horse. You will learn to race and compete against other ponies in exhibitions. And you will be a winner, Daniel. You will be absolutely the best that you can be or suffer the consequences.'

I gave him a moment to let all of that soak in.

'When you learn to cooperate you will find that your situation is not as bad as you think. I am not a harsh Master by nature. I can be very generous and I reward good behavior generously. Your life can be more pleasure than pain if you learn to cooperate.'

'But if you fight me, the pain will be there waiting for you.'

Daniel blanched again, just a little.

'Now... would you like me to remove the blindfold?'

He nodded.

'Speak to me Daniel. You have my permission. Would you like me to remove the blindfold?'

'Yes' It was barely audible.

'Yes... what?'

'Yes, please.'

'One more time, Daniel. And listen to this very carefully. From this point on you will only address me as either 'Sir' or 'Master' and you will use a very respectful tone at all times. Now.. Would you like me to remove the blindfold?'

'Yes..... Sir.' It was grudging, but it was there.

'Very good, Daniel. You just passed phase two. I am going to come in and remove the blindfold. You are still chained, Daniel. Quite securely. If you move suddenly I will hurt you. If you try to bite, kick or punch I will stripe every single inch of your body with my whip, just like I did your leg. Do you understand that completely?'

He nodded again.

When I pulled the blindfold off of his eyes Daniel glanced up at me out of the corner of his eye than dropped his head, refusing to look me in the eye. When he saw with his own eyes that he was naked and kneeling in a puddle of his own urine, he flushed a deep red. I pulled the curtains of his cage all the way back.

'Take a good look around, Daniel. This cage is going to be your home for the rest of your life.' He didn't look around, just hung his head and stared at the floor, despondent.

I shrugged. 'Very well. Time for sightseeing later, I suppose. Let's move on, then. Next question: Would you like to kneel there in chains all night in a puddle of your own urine or would you rather get cleaned up and have a soft bed to sit down on?'

When he didn't respond I rose and started pulling the curtains shut and said 'Very well, then.'

Right before the curtain closed he blurted out 'Wait!'

I stopped and stared at him and he said 'Please, sir.'

'Was there something you wanted, Daniel?'

'I... I would like to get cleaned up and sit down, sir.'

'Wonderful! Very good, Daniel! Very good. See? You are learning quickly.' I pulled the curtains open again.

'Now the first thing you need to do is stand up. Pull up on the chains.' He climbed awkwardly to his feet, swaying just a little. I retracted the chains up further until his hands were about shoulder height, lessening the strain on his back and shoulders.

'Sarabeth, dear. Are you ready?'

'Yes, Master.' Daniel started at hearing her voice. Up to that point he assumed that we were the only two people in the stables, I suppose.

I stepped over to the first cage and pulled the curtain back. Sarabeth knelt in front of the door of her cage, naked except for tennis shoes and a collar. Her luxurious blond hair had been brushed until it shone and tightly woven into a thick braid long enough that the tip of it just brushed the floor as she knelt. Lovely blue eyes stared at the floor at my feet while her hand held up the handle of her leash in the air.

I unlocked the door to her cage and the shackle on her leg at the same time and said, just low enough for her to hear, 'Oh, my little cornsilk flower. You are so beautiful.' She blushed a little and whispered 'Thank you, Master.'

I took the leash and Sarabeth rose and followed me as I walked us both back across to Daniel's cage. His eyes were wide as he watched her walk behind me. Then he blushed again as he remembered that he was naked. I saw his thick cock twitch as the drugs fought their way past the fear and the pain and reminded his body that his hormones were raging out of control. He was obviously aroused by her. Excellent.

'Sarabeth, this is Daniel. Daniel, Sarabeth.'

'Hello, Daniel.' For a moment the boy almost smiled. Then his cock gave another twitch and started getting hard. He hung his head and blushed again and said 'Hello, miss. I.... I'm sorry.' and he tried to close his legs on his hardon but couldn't.

She said 'It's okay, Daniel. It's why we are here. And, I like it... you are a very handsome boy. I can see why the Master wanted you.'

While he started at her in shock, I unclipped Sarabeth's leash and said 'I think we will need a mop first, love. Then the buckets. If you would be so kind?' She bobbed her head in an abbreviated curtsey and said 'Of course, Master. I won't be a moment.' and scurried off to the mop closet.

Moments later she came back pushing a mop bucket full of steaming water. She dipped the mop and wrung it out and stepped into Daniels cage and began mopping up the mess.

He whispered 'I'm sorry.'

Sarabeth gave him a gentle smile and said 'It's okay. Don't worry about it.'

As he watched her mop up his cage I could see his eyes traveling up and down her body, mesmerized. And his dick kept getting harder and harder until it stood straight out in front of his body. Daniel rolled his eyes at himself and whispered 'I'm really really sorry, miss! I can't help it, I swear!'

Sarabeth put a hand softly on his chest and leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. She whispered into his ear 'You're making me hot too, Daniel! I hope Master lets me have you first!' He shivered and broke out in goose bumps and I suspect that if she would have touched him just right, she would have been cleaning up another mess.

When she finished cleaning up, Sarabeth turned and wheeled the mop bucket out of the cage. The boys eyes followed her backside and his prick pointed at her like she was magnetic north. She left and returned moments later with two smaller buckets of warm water, one foaming with soap suds and the other clear.

Sarabeth dipped a cloth into the soapy water and started washing Daniels body. She started with his arms and moved to his back and down, scrubbing him all over. She was careful to stay away from the bandage on his arm and the one across the back of his neck and the red welt on his thigh.

For his part, Daniel stood there with his eyes half closed and his mouth open slightly. I'm willing to guess that having a beautiful woman, naked except for shoes and a collar, wash his body was probably the sexiest thing that had ever happened to him in his life up to this point. I tried to keep my smile mostly to myself. She washed up between his legs and cupped his balls gently in her hands as she got them clean. I thought, for a moment, that it was going to be all over when she pulled back his foreskin and washed his prick from one end to the other. But my Sarabeth knew exactly what she was doing. She wiped him off and released her hold on his prick just in time. The boy groaned in frustration.

'While Sarabeth is getting you cleaned up, why don't I introduce you to the rest of our family?' Daniels eyes opened wide and he stared.

I stepped over to Gaels cage and pulled back the curtain. The little redhead knelt at the door, eyes downcast, hands on her thighs.

I said 'Stand up, dear.' Her eyes flew up and locked onto Daniel as she rose to her feet. Her little nipples popped up strong and hard.

'Gael, this is Daniel. My newest. What do you think?'

She licked her lips slowly as she stared at him and she said 'He's beautiful, Master! Can I have him first?'

I chuckled and said 'We'll see, love.' I stepped over to Nathans cage right next door to Daniel. When I pulled back the curtain Daniel stared in shock at seeing a man in the cage, naked as they all were. When Nathan rose he just crossed his arms over his chest and nodded curtly. I recognized the look in his eyes.

'Jealousy, Nathan?' I asked. 'Rivalry? Oh no! Not rivals, Nathan. Partners! You and Daniel are going to be partners. You two are going to get us into the chariot races next year. And we are going to win all three events, right?'

His arms went down to his sides and Nathan nodded his head at me and said 'Yes, Master. Of course we will win!' I could see him eyeballing the new boys hard cock as Sarabeth wiped him down with the clear water and rinsed off all of the soap.

'Oh yes,' I said, rubbing my palms together. 'I can see you two are going to be the best of friends!' Daniel didn't look so sure of the idea.

Sarabeth had almost finished cleaning him up, but had saved rinsing off his prick for last. It was still quite stiff and when she peeled back the foreskin and dribbled clean water down it's length, Daniel shivered and moaned. Kneeling in front of him holding his shaft in one hand, Sarabeth turned to me and said 'Please, Master? Can I give him a little relief?'

I put my hands on my hips and frowned. 'I don't know about that, girl. We don't have his blood test results back yet. I don't want to risk you getting anything...'

Daniel blurted out 'Hey! I'm clean! I don't have anything!'

When I stood there and glared at him he hastily added 'Sir?'

'Do you want Sarabeth to suck your cock, boy?'

'Y...yes, sir.'

'Please let Sarabeth suck my cock, Master.' I said.

He hesitated for only a second then said 'P-please let Sarabeth suck my cock, M-Master.' and he blushed a deep red again.

I nodded and said 'Very well. Sarabeth, do give the boy the relief he needs. But do it quickly, girl. We have other things to attend to.' Sarabeth smiled and dimpled at me and said 'Thank you, Master!' then turned and wrapped her lips around the boys hard prick and started sucking on him lustily. His eyes transfixed on the girl kneeling between his legs, Daniel moaned aloud. We all watched while Sarabeth worked her magic on Daniels cock.

It didn't take very long, of course. With the drugs and as wound up as he was, I'm surprised he didn't shoot off as soon as she wrapped those warm soft lips around his prick. He managed to stave it off for about two minutes. Finally his body stiffened and he cried out and started shaking all over. Sarabeth wrapped her arms around his waist to keep him in her mouth and stayed there while he twitched and moaned and shivered and shot his load down her throat.

Finally, he slumped down and hung limp in the chains, panting. Sarabeth stood up, kissed him on the cheek again and whispered 'You have a beautiful prick and you taste wonderful! I can't wait to do it again!' Then she gathered up the buckets and left the cage. She returned with the mop one more time and got the last of the water off of the floor and went to put the cleaning things away. When she returned, she knelt beside my stool and waited.

I closed his cage door securely. 'Pain and pleasure, Daniel. That is what this is all about. You can have one...... Or the other..... Or both, if you prefer. The choice is up to you.' I looked around and said 'We have one or two other things planned for your....enjoyment tonight. But first, I did promise to let you sit down.'

One button on my remote and the shackle popped loose from his right ankle and slid back into it's recess in the floor. Another push and both of the ones on his wrists lowered until they were about waist level. When I was sure he was going to stand on his own, I hit the other button and they both popped loose and slid back up into the ceiling panels.

He looked down at the shackle still on his left ankle and back up at me. I said 'That one stays. Always. Every time. It is the very first thing you do when you enter your cage.' I turned and looked at Gael and said 'What happens when you forget to put the shackle on, Gael?' She stiffened and both hands went over her bottom reflexively and she said 'You don't feel like sitting down for about a week, Master!'

'And how many times have you forgotten?'

'Just the one time, Master. Just the once was enough!'

I nodded and turned back to Daniel. 'That chain is long enough to allow you to sleep and reach the toilet and the shower.' I gestured to the nook in the back of the cage. 'There's a sink back there and another there on your shelf above the cabinet. Your dish is right next to the sink. If you empty it, press the button and you will get more. The others will help you figure out how to work everything. For now, though.... You may sit.'

Daniel sat on the end of the bed and folded his arms over his lap, giving himself a modicum of modesty. He still wouldn't look me in the eye and he kept glancing guiltily at the two naked girls not too far away. I don't think he'd ever seen that much naked skin in one place before. It was amusing.

'Tomorrow,' I said 'We will begin your formal training. But for tonight I have just a couple of other things before I let you all get some well-deserved rest. I know that you are probably a little curious about this whole 'human pony' thing, and I thought a little demonstration might be in order.' I reached down and caressed the little blond kneeling next to me. My hand slid over her shoulder and up the side of her neck, covering the collar. 'Sarabeth? Do you feel like going for a little run, my dear?' It was a rhetorical question, of course. She turned her head and smiled at me and said 'I would love to, Master!' Gathering that thick braid in my hand, I tipped her head back and leaned down and kissed her hard.

When I released her I thumbed the button to open the cabinet in her cage and said 'The medium sulky harness, I think. The bitless bridle. Bells, of course. And the... number four tail for this run.' Sarabeth gulped a little and said 'Yes, Master!' As she scurried off I said 'Bring all of your gear out here to my table, dear. Let us let the new boy see exactly what this is all about!'

Each of my pets had five or six different pony tails attached to different butt plugs in their cabinet. Some were for pleasure and some were for punishment. The number four could be used for both. Like many of my devices, it could be controlled remotely. It had four different vibrations speeds, it could heat up (but just a pleasant warmth, not enough to be uncomfortable), cool down, and give an electric shock anything from a mild tingle to something that would bring you to your knees. Or up on your toes, depending.

Sarabeth came trotting back out barefoot, hold a handful of gear and leather straps in her arms. She laid her things down on the table and I got up from my stool to let her sit. Daniel watched, his eyes wide as she first slipped on socks and running shoes then stepped into a complicated looking harness that went from her neck to her crotch. She tightened and buckled with the ease of an expert. Even though Sarabeth was breathtakingly lovely naked, the harness crossed around and under her pert breasts and made them sick out even more and the whole thing accented her curves perfectly. Then the bridle went on over her head and was buckled on just as easily, the blinders now covering part of her lovely face. She picked up the butt plug which was about five inches long and five inches around and had a long flowing blond tail streaming from it that matched her hair perfectly. After dipping it in a jar of lubricant, she turned and winked at Daniel, then put one leg up on the table and slowly inserted the plug up into her ass, gasping just a little as it went in, then sighing deliciously as it slipped home. Daniels arms went a little tighter over his crotch.

She turned back and faced him and slid another, smaller plug between her pussy lips and up inside her. Then she reached between her legs and grabbed the dangling strap and threaded it through the slots in the two plugs and pulled it up tight between her legs. The end of this strap went through a buckle in the front of her harness and she cinched it up tight.

I heard Daniel whisper 'Oh my god!'

Finally, she picked up two small silver bells, each attached to a sliding clip. After pinching each of her nipples to make them nice and hard, she clipped the bells to them firmly and gave her luscious little titties a firm shake to make sure they were secure.

Sarabeth was panting and a little flushed by the time she was in full harness. Sometimes the preparation was as much fun as the event. I could tell that she was in the mood for a good brisk run. I told her to fetch the road cart. It was a little bigger than my racing cart, but the seat was more comfortable.

While she was gone I went to the cabinet and poured a small plastic cup about half full from a bottle I kept in there. When Sarabeth returned I handed it to her and motioned towards Daniel. I opened the cage door for her and she went in and knelt at his feet and offered him the cup, the little bells tinkling.

'What is it?'

'It will make you sleep, after awhile. You need to get some rest.'

He shook his head. 'I don't want it!'

Sarabeth put a hand on his knee and said 'Please, Daniel! If you don't drink it all, Master will punish me for it!'

I wouldn't have, but it was a good ploy. She had thought that up herself. I would have to find a suitable reward for my good girl.

Finally staring me in the eye for the first time, he drained the cup and held it upside down so that I would see it was empty.

I just nodded and thought 'Let's see how far sarcasm gets you, boy.' He had spirit, I'd give him that. We'd just have to find a way to redirect that away from fighting me and hone it into a competitive edge. I imagined him dancing around in a wide circle at the end of a rope trying to avoid the whip while red welts appeared up and down his legs and butt. Oh yes. This was going to be fun.

Sarabeth stepped between the poles of the cart and clipped the reins to her bridle. The other end was already wrapped around the footrest of the cart. Then she clipped the traces to her harness, two clips on each side right around her hips where the harness was the snuggest around her body. Her hands wrapped around the soft foam handgrips on the poles and she was in the 'ready' position, head and body slightly forward and one foot in front of the other ready to pull.

I gestured with my hands at her. 'This, Daniel, is a champion pony. My lovely Sarabeth is a registered champion and has won the last four events she was in. She is a fine fast and smart racer and nobody so far can beat her in the dressage. I'll let you watch our next training session. I guarantee she will make you hard as a rock!'

I waved at Nathan and said 'Nathan too, is a registered champion. Fast and smart and he runs with style. Won his last three races by two lengths easily. He's my warrior horse and makes me proud every time he competes.' Nathan stood a little taller and his chest puffed out with pride.

I turned again to wave at Gael. She looked a little crestfallen. I smiled at her gently. 'And my little Gael. My crimson beauty. True, she hasn't brought home any awards yet, but that will change soon. It's still early in her career. But you should see her in parade harness, Daniel! She's beautiful and proud and she captures the heart of an audience every time.' Gael blushed and smiled a little easier. 'Next year,' I said 'Gael is entering in the steeplechase. I have no doubt that she will emerge as my newest champion!' Gaels eyes squinted shut for a moment and a tear leaked from one eye down onto her cheek as she smiled and whispered 'Thank you, Master!'

The new boy was just sitting on his bed looking a little bewildered and uncertain. His common sense told him that they should all have been fighting against this captivity and doing whatever it took to escape me and this horrible place. Yet the look of pride and love and loyalty on the faces of my pets had him confused and his mind was in a muddle.


'By the end of this week,' I said, glancing at the calendar 'You will be taking your first run in full training harness. Five days from now. We will see how strong you are. I will test you, Daniel. I will test you to the limits of your endurance to see if you are as strong as you claimed to be.'

He looked at Sarabeth and blanched a little, horrified at the thought.

I waved one hand and said 'I seriously doubt that you are as strong and smart as Nathan and Sarabeth and Gael are. You don't have the heart it takes to be a champion.' I sighed a little unhappily. 'You will probably turn out to be a disappointing and mediocre pony at best. But we shall see, I suppose.'

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that he had set his jaw and his lips were compressed to a fine line. Perfect! I had wounded his pride a little and I could almost hear him thinking 'I'll show you!'

Gad, it was almost too easy, sometimes.

'One last thing.' I said, thumbing open the cabinet in Nathans cage. 'Nathan, your leash.' He scurried over to the cabinet and got collar and leash and shut the door. In seconds the collar was buckled around his neck and he was kneeling at the cage door holding the leash up for my hand.

'Our life here isn't all about work and training.' I said as I opened the cage and took the leash in my hand. We walked over in front of Daniels cage with Nathan next to and slightly behind me. Nathans prick was already starting to twitch and fill with blood as he anticipated what was going to happen next.

'Sometimes it's about pure pleasure, as Sarabeth showed you a few minutes ago. Once a week, my pets get time to play with each other on a rotating schedule. Once a month they all get to play together. This week it is Gael and Nathans turn. You,' I said pointing at him, 'Will have to earn the right to play with the others. Your first orgasm was a freebie. From now on you will have to earn the reward, it is not given out for free. If I catch you playing with yourself without permission, I will punish you severely.' I raised an eyebrow and glared at him. 'Do I make myself perfectly clear on that, Daniel?'

He nodded sullenly.

'I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.' I idly toyed with the handle of the whip as it rested in the holder next to my chair.

'Yes, Master!'

'Very good.' We turned and I opened Gaels cage. The little redhead was kneeling at the door, her eyes surreptitiously on Nathans hard prick. He entered the cage and turned and knelt next to her. I crouched and tugged on the leash a little and pulled Nathan towards me and kissed him deep and hard. Unclipping the leash I put one hand behind Gaels neck and pulled her into my lips as my fingers reached out and pinched one of her hard little nipples. Gale moaned into my mouth and her hips churned. She was tightly wound and I'm sure Nathan was in for a good time. I pulled back and put one hand on her cheek and said 'You keep your promise and I'll keep mine.' I turned and looked at Nathan and said 'You make sure that her tight little ass gets a good stretching, you hear?' Gael moaned again and Nathans cock stood straight up. 'Yes, Master! I will!' I closed the cage door as they turned and fell into each others arms.

I could just imagine the show Daniel was about to witness. I'm sure it would appall and entice him and make him incredibly horny. Free play time always included having the cabinet open so they had access to all of the harnesses and toys and lubricants and things kept in there. Both of the girls had strap on harnesses and toys that would fit into them snugly for when they played with each other or if they decided to take a more dominant role with Nathan. Sometimes I think Gael enjoyed fucking Nathan almost as much as she enjoyed getting fucked by him. As strong and as proud as Nathan was, he was basically a bottom boy at heart in bed. I'm sure Daniel was going to get an eye full.

Confident that everything was going according to plan, I mounted the seat of the cart and took the reins in my hand. Sarabeth shifted her weight and leaned a little forward, ready to pull at my command.

I shook one finger at Daniel whose eyes went back and forth between Sarabeth's semi-nudity in the harness and the show going on in the cage right across the way.

'I will be watching you, boy. I held up the screen of my remote so he could see himself sitting on the end of the bed. His eyes widened a little in shock. 'Behave yourself!' With that I shook the reins and chucked at Sarabeth and she started off at a slow walk to the front of the stables.

Once outside I tugged the reins gently to the left and said 'It's late and dark, girl. We'll go inside for a change.' Sarabeth tossed her head in agreement and angled towards the indoor arena. Even with a bitless bridle I discouraged talking once my pets were in full harness.

I dismounted to open the doors and turn on the lights. It was a little chilly, so I also flipped on the radiant heaters to warm the place up a bit. Sarabeth would get to work up a good sweat but I didn't want her to catch a chill afterwards.

Before returning to the seat I walked around Sarabeth and inspected her harness and all of the fastenings. Not only did I want her securely strapped and fastened in for safety I also loved looking at a pony in harness. It was so sexy! Last thing I checked was her crotch strap, making sure it was snug and not chafing or pulling. I gave her a little pat between her legs and reached around and gave her tail a little tug, making her gasp. Then I reached out with one finger and flicked each of the bells on her nipples, smiling at the tinkling and the goose bumps that she wore.

I climbed up into the soft padded seat and pulled the remote from my pocket, flipping through the camera views. Gael was on her back, legs spread wide open while Nathan had his face buried in her pussy. She was writhing and pulling at his hair while he ate her. Flipping to another screen, I could see Daniel was still on the end of his bed, his arms folded over his crotch and his mouth hanging open in rapt attention. Good.

I flipped to yet another screen and said 'Let's see... how about low heat to get you nice and warmed up inside and out....' I pressed the button and the plug inside Sarabeth's ass began to radiate gentle heat. 'And maybe a number one pulse just for fun.' I pressed another button and the vibrator began a low throbbing that ran up and down every couple of seconds. Sarabeth tossed her head and I saw her ass cheeks tighten up a few times and the muscles on her ribs tighten as her breathing quickened a little.

I shook the reins and chucked and we started off down the track. Since this wasn't a race or an actual training run, we started out at a medium walk just to get Sarabeth warmed up and stretched out. This was a 'fun ride' for the pure pleasure of being out and riding. Listening to the tinkling of the bells and watching both of her blond tails switch back and forth with the movements of her lovely little ass cheeks was sublime pleasure for me. Seeing how her muscles bunched and flexed all up and down her slim back and legs was like seeing the whole purpose of life in one clear instant. The perfection and purpose of the human form in one lovely little package.

If Michelangelo could have seen what I was seeing, the world of art and the definition of beauty would have been changed forever. I smiled at myself as I imagined the problems the church would have had with some of his sculptures.

One lap later I chucked again and Sarabeth speeded up to a slow jog, about four miles per hour. The reins were slack in my hand. Truth be told, I didn't really need them with either her or Nathan. I could control either of them with words or certain sounds. But the reins were there as a reminder to the pony of who was in charge, thus they were a necessary part of the gear. The tinkling of the bells got a little quicker and the movement of that long beautiful tail more bewitching. I could see the skin on her back starting to get a little pink as she warmed up.

Sarabeth was a strong fast runner. Very athletic with good endurance. I knew that while she was pulling me and the cart she was good for about a mile at her top speed and maybe three at a medium trot. Not an Olympic-grade runner or a marathoner by any stretch of the imagination, but still very good at her craft. And she did try so hard to please me. Right now she was showing off just a little. Doing her 'show trot' with her head held high and bringing her knees up with every step. That had several purposes. Not only did it look fetching when done properly and could really impress a crowd, it also made more movement on the strap between her legs (and the toys connected to it) and gave her a bit more stimulation when she moved. Even during a slow fun ride, Sarabeth always ended up all covered in nerve endings and ready to pop.

And I always enjoyed giving her that first touch at the end of a run. Making her come hard and fast as a reward for a good performance.

I wolf-whistled at her (one of our signals of a good performance) and I could see the back of her neck and shoulders color a little.

Settling back in the seat to enjoy the ride and the show, I thought I might check on things back in the stables. Oh my... things were going well so far. Gael was face down on her bed with her bottom up in the air and Nathan was behind her, gripping her hips in his hands and fucking her hard in the ass. As an added bonus, either Gael or Nathan himself had slipped one of Gaels red pony tails into his butt for the extra stimulation. It flipped back and forth as he pumped himself into her.

Changing views I looked in on Daniel. He was laying back on his bed, watching Gael and Nathan fuck and slowly stroking his prick. I could tell that the sedative I had made him drink earlier was taking effect, as his eyes were drowsing a little.

But that would just never do. I couldn't let him break the rules on his first day. Holding the remote close to my mouth I said 'No!' and thumbed a button on the remote that delivered a medium mild electric shock through the shackle on his ankle. He jumped and twitched and his hands flew to his ankle. Then he curled into a ball on his side. If I could have heard the audio over the tinkling of Sarabeth's bells, I would have heard him weep in pain and frustration.

I was certain that it wouldn't take him long to trade pain for pleasure. The rewards were certainly sweet enough. I eyed Sarabeth's enticing twitching tail as she pranced. She knew the effect that had on me and did it to excite me in hopes of a good reward at the end of her workout. I fully planned on rewarding her hard and long afterwards.

When we had gone another half a dozen laps I said 'Hooooo..' and Sarabeth slowed back to a walk and we did a cool-down lap then headed for the door. She was flushed and breathing heavily but not panting and covered with a fine sheen of sweat. I dismounted and stepped up behind her and cupped one of her ass cheeks in my hand and squeezed it while my other hand slipped around one of her breasts and tickled her nipple, making the bell tinkle merrily. Sarabeth gasped and shivered, the bells sounding like a small alarm clock again as she came. Her butt tightened under my touch and I could feel the muscles in her butt spasming around the buzzing toy buried deep in her ass. She sagged a little in the traces, moaning and gasping, her hands tight on the poles. Once she recovered a little and I was sure her legs would support her again, I opened the doors quickly and shooed her outside as I turned off the lights and the heaters. Then I jumped back on and made her do a fast trot to the stables. I had to keep her body temperature up so she didn't get chilled.

Once inside I shut the stable doors and Sarabeth unhooked herself and put the cart back in it's place. When she returned I pointed to her cage. I had hung a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt on her door and said 'Put your things away and get dressed.' She sped off to do so.

Daniel was asleep on his side, curled up in a little ball and snoring lightly. I opened his cage and went in and covered him up with the blanket. He pulled it tight around his body and sighed in his sleep. I shut the door quietly behind me.

Nathan and Gael were dozing in her bed, their bodies intertwined. Gael started and looked up sleepily and said 'Is it time already, Master?'

I shook my head. 'We're just passing through, love. You have plenty of time yet. Enjoy yourselves.'

Gael laid her head back down and reached for Nathans cock as it lay against her thigh. At her touch he groaned and started getting hard again....

Sarabeth was dressed in the jogging suit and kneeling at her open door. I clapped my hands and pointed at the house and said 'Fast run. Shower. Leash.' She said 'Yes, Master!' as she leapt up and sprinted for the house. Her braid whipped back and forth in the breeze as she ran.

Checking to make sure everything was secure, I dimmed the stable lights and locked the door behind me. As I walked away I could hear faint moaning starting up again...

Sarabeth was in the shower washing out her long luxurious blond hair as I entered. I knew that much hair took awhile to take care of so I always gave her ample leeway while she bathed. It took her fifteen minutes to get it dry afterwards even if she was in a hurry. I was in no hurry. Stripping out of my clothes, I laid back on the bed to watch, my mind resting if not actually drifting off to sleep.

My eyes slowly drifted back into focus at a small noise. Perhaps I had dozed off for a little bit. It had been a long day. But.... No rest for the wicked. Sarabeth knelt by the side of the bed, holding the end of the leash in the air. As I took it she looked up at me, her gaze pausing at my semi-erect prick only a foot away from her face. I said 'Not yet. Come!' She rose to her feet and followed me.

Just down the hall from my bedroom was my office. None of my pets had, as yet, ever been allowed in there before. As I unlocked the door, Sarabeth said 'Master, are you upset with me?'

'Not at all, Sarabeth. I am inordinately pleased with you at the moment. Why?' I asked. 'Do you want me to be upset with you?'

'No, Master! I-I just... I mean...' her voice drifted off as we entered my office. In the center of the room was a two foot high wooden cube padded softly on the top. Just high enough that someone could kneel there and be seen clearly from behind my desk. I patted the top of the cube and said 'Up here, girl.' Sarabeth climbed up on the cube and knelt in perfect position, hands on her thighs and eyes cast down at the floor. I had built that perch myself awhile ago and had just never had the chance to take advantage of it up to this point.

I grabbed a pair of soft flannel pajama pants off the shelf by my desk and slipped into them before I sat down in the large leather chair. I was extremely casual about my own skin around the house but I had discovered that sitting in a leather chair naked is not something you want to do all the time.

Sarabeth looked a little uncertain. Her head was down but her eyes kept darting sideways, trying to see more of the room without seeming disrespectful. I smiled. She always tried so hard!

'Feel free to look around, Sarabeth.' I said. 'I don't mind and I can see that you are curious.'

'I don't want to be nosy, Master.'

'I invite you to look around, Sarabeth. I think it's time you saw this, anyway.'

Two of the walls in my office were pretty boring. Behind my desk was a floor to ceiling bookshelf stacked and stuffed with books of all sorts from medical and scientific textbooks to science fiction and murder mysteries. The wall to the left of where I sat held a long window presently with the shades drawn and a big flat screen video monitor that showed video from all of the cameras I had set up all over the compound.

From my desk, as well as my little remote, I could visually monitor almost all of the occupied parts of my property as well as the front gate. Up in the right hand corner of the screen I could see Gael sitting atop Nathan on her bed and bouncing up and down wildly.

As Sarabeth turned the other way her eyes gaped open and she gasped. One wall had shelves holding all of the trophies my pets had won and the space above the shelves was covered with framed pictures of Sarabeth and Nathan and Gael. Most were pics taken receiving their trophies and ribbons after winning events. It was a typical 'pride wall' like any horse trainer would have. Or like the one the parent of particularly talented children would display.

The fourth wall held only one picture. It was big; nearly three feet wide by five feet tall. It showed all three of my pets. Nathan standing between and behind the two kneeling girls. All three were nude except for full harness but no bridles to obscure their faces. They all seemed to be staring out at the viewer with serene smiles on their faces. It was exquisitely done, almost resembling a photograph while maintaining the fact that it was an oil painting.

'May... may I move closer, Master?'

'Certainly, love.'

Sarabeth rose from her seat and walked to the painting. She leaned close, her fingers almost but not quite touching.

'It is a painting!' she exclaimed. 'We... we didn't sit for this, Master! How did you...'

'I met an artist fellow at the last gathering. Did great work and was a little down on his luck. I brought him around a hundred photos and he did a composite sketch.... And when he got it like I wanted it he painted it. It was delivered just last week. Pretty good, don't you think, my pet?'

'It's beautiful!'

'Worth fifty thousand dollars?'

'Fifty.....?' her voice faded off. She turned and looked at me, then her eyes dropped to the floor. 'Master, I.... I had no idea.....'

'What?' I said, rising from my seat 'You had no idea that I was so proud of you? That a mere reminder of how precious you and the others are to me that it would be worth a measly fifty thousand dollars?'

Sarabeth had never had enough money in her life to buy a car, let alone a house, and the thought of fifty thousand dollars being 'measly' was beyond her realm of thought. The fact that I had spent that amount on them almost made her weep.

I said 'Come here, Sarabeth' and held out my arm. She came to me and I pulled her into my chest and she snuggled her head into my shoulder, her arms wrapping around my waist. My hands slid up and down her smooth back underneath that curtain of soft hair and I kissed the top of her head. She shivered a little and held me closer.

'Don't ever forget that I am now and have always been very very proud of you, Sarabeth. You and the others. Without you I would have no meaning in life. I would be barren. You are the reason I exist.' I put my hands on the sides of her face and tilted her head up and kissed her gently.

She looked me in the eyes, briefly, than laid her head back on my chest and whispered 'I love you too, Master.'

We stayed that way for a few minutes, then I reached down and patted her on her full bottom and said 'It is late, girl. We all need our rest. I'd hoped we would have time to play a little but I'm afraid not. And I still have to pry Gael and Nathan away from each other. Morning will come early and we must start training the new boy first thing.' Sarabeth pulled back from me and gave a little curtsey and handed me the handle of her leash.

While I had initially brought her back to share my bed for an hour or so, it seemed that I had run out of time and energy. It had been a long day. And while I didn't know it right then, I had given Sarabeth a reward much greater than anything of the flesh could have been.

As we reached the hallway I stopped and said 'Sarabeth?'

'Yes, Master?'

I nodded towards the office and said 'Let's keep this our little secret for now, shall we?'

'Of course, Master!'

Chapter Three

The first three days of Daniel's life in the stables were difficult and trying. He vacillated between anger and sullenness and despair and fought me every step of the way. He had a fierce pride and spirit that rebelled at being in captivity. It hadn't quite sunk home in his brain that his life was now changed forever. He screamed and cursed and called me names that made the others blanch and once tried to swing on me as I entered his cage.

I very nearly broke his arm and put him in a submission hold that was excruciatingly painful. I held it and forced him to beg for forgiveness and promise never to try such a thing again and swear very loudly that I was his Master. When I released him he lay on the floor and wept.

During those couple of days he had amassed a good collection of bright red stripes all over his backside and legs that made him walk gingerly and tend to sleep on his stomach. At the end of each day, if he asked politely, I had him lay on the floor and one of the girls went in and laid cold compresses on his fresh welts.

He never once fought or made a sudden move while that was going on. While he did not understand their complacency with their situation, he saw them as fellow captives and wouldn't have harmed either of them.

The second night I cooked up a feast for myself and my pets and brought the three to the house while leaving Daniel alone in the stables for the very first time. I grilled steaks outside and left the stable doors open so the aromas would waft inside. They all ate their fill of steak and grilled shrimp and salad and pasta and even enjoyed a small glass of wine apiece while he sat alone in his cage and ate kibble and pouted.

When they returned to their cages chattering happily about the fine meal, as Gael had the morning before crowing about spending the whole night in my bed and eating biscuits and gravy for breakfast, Daniel rolled on his side and wouldn't speak to any of them.

I also made sure that he was kept in a near constant state of sexual tension. I kept all of the curtains wide open all of the time and made sure that I spent 'quality time' with all three of my other pets as often as possible. Things that I normally reserved for the house in my bed we now did regularly in the stables. It was an entertaining diversion for all of us. And he was constantly frustrated. Twice I had caught him jerking off and each time had given him a good shock. The second time I also added another half dozen stripes on his already abused butt and legs.

He was deeply disturbed by the though of being taken sexually by a man and any reference to it made him angry and despondent. The first time I entered Nathans cage and he knelt and took my cock in his mouth, Daniel threw himself on his bed with his back to us and covered his head with the blanket until we were finished. He hadn't had any such reservations when I was with the girls, though.

But the second time, after Nathan had sucked me nice and hard and I rolled him face down on the bed and slipped my prick up into his ass for a good fucking, I had caught Daniel watching surreptitiously out of the corner of my eye. I leaned down to Nathan and whispered 'He's watching.' Nathan understood immediately and moaned louder and cried out and put on a good show. By the time we were finished he was watching openly but quickly blushed and turned away when I looked at him and covered himself back up with the blanket.

I took it as a good sign.

On the morning of day four I opened the cabinet in Daniels cage for the first time. He was appalled at the collection of gear in there and especially the toys. He shivered and flinched back when his eye fell on them. After giving him a moment to get a good look, I had him get out the collar and the leash and shut the cabinet door again. He closed it gratefully but his gratitude turned to revulsion when I had him buckle the collar around his neck and clip the leash to it. We spent the next hour learning how to present at the cage door. Every time his face darkened just a little all I had to do was caress the handle of the whip at my side and he paled and did as he was told.

Later on that morning I announced that it was time for dressage training. I opened all of the cabinets and told them full training harness. Sarabeth, Gael and Nathan were instructed to include the special boots and tail number two. I told Daniel he was to dress in the harness and tennis shoes only, adding 'You have not earned the right to wear a tail yet, boy. You are not worthy.' He looked grateful and frustrated at the same time.

More confusion. Perfect.

The other three had dressed quickly, only needing a hand here and there with a difficult strap or buckle. Daniel had managed to get his shoes on correctly but was getting hopelessly tangled in the harness and getting more frustrated by the minute.

'Just stop and wait, Daniel.' I ordered. 'Stand still.' I turned to Nathan, who had finished first and popped open the door to his cage. 'Nathan, come assist Daniel with his harness.'

'I don't need his help!' Daniel sounded a little angry. When I whirled on him and glared, he dropped his eyes and said 'I don't need his help, Master. I can do it myself.'

'No you cannot, boy. If you get the harness on wrong many things can happen. If you get those straps wrong and fall down you can rip off one of your nuts or strangle yourself.' Daniel blanched. I continued. 'You will stand still and Nathan will help you get your harness on correctly. Pay close attention so you can do it yourself next time.'

He hung his head and said 'Yes, Master.'

When Nathan stepped out of his cage and walked slowly next door, Daniel's eyes went wide and he gaped. Even I thought he looked impressive. Nathan's curly brown hair was brushed back tight and in a snug pony tail at the back of his neck. The bridle sat across his brow and cheeks like war paint or a leather crown. The harness criss crossed his body, accentuating his muscles. It held three steel rings. Two that centered on his nipples, framing them and the other formed a circle around his cock and balls, held in place by a strap that ran between his ass cheeks and through his matching curly brown tail and up his back. A soft leather pouch was snapped to the top and bottom of the lower ring and both covered and protected his genitals during training.

What was most impressive was the boots. They were specially made and very expensive. Each boot was laced tight high up his calf. They were made liked high heeled boots without the heel. Instead, the boots forced the toes downward and the heel up with a strong support for the arch of the foot. Down on the ball of the foot and the toes was fastened a real steel horseshoe that 'clomped' loudly against the wooden floor each time he took a step. They made Nathan at least four inches taller than he really was.

He looked like some strange warrior chieftain of old. Or perhaps a living embodiment of some forest spirit. Al he needed was a broadsword or battleaxe to make the look complete.

Nathan knew how he looked in the gear. The first time he had seen Sarabeth so dressed I had seen the envy in his eyes. After her first dressage exhibition at Nathans first gathering, he had begged me to let him compete there too.

I told him 'You have to earn it, boy.'

And he did. Nathan was proud of the way he looked in the dressage gear and he always wore it like it was the most natural thing in the world for him. He was nowhere near as flexible and agile as Sarabeth and didn't have her grace, but he always ran a close second to her in the competitions.

It seemed like nobody ever minded losing to Sarabeth.

Nathan clomped his way up to the staring Daniel and laid a hand on his shoulder and said 'Let me help you, little brother.'

He took the harness from Daniels hands and helped him on with it, describing the steps to take and what parts he might need a hand with. He showed him how to snug it up from the top down and make it fit the most comfortably. When it came to the ring that centered on his crotch, Nathan casually grabbed Daniels cock and balls and slipped them through the ring and snapped the little pouch up over them. At the touch down there Daniel froze like a deer in the headlights. His whole body went stiff and he didn't even breathe for several seconds. It wasn't until Nathan slapped him lightly on the hip did he respond again and turn the way Nathan wanted him to.

And when Nathan tried to run the strap between his legs up between his ass cheeks, Daniel was so tense that he was clenched up tight. Nathan sighed and tugged on the harness and called his name until the boy turned and looked down at him. 'Daniel,' he said 'If you don't relax and let the strap go where it needs to go, it will rub you raw and by the time you get back into your cage you will be bleeding. Do you really want to get an infection on your butt?' Daniel slowly shook his head.

'Take a deep breath.' He did.

'Another. Deeper.'

'One more.'

On the third deep breath Daniel took his body relaxed enough that the strap slid home between his cheeks and Nathan cinched him up tight. Nathan slapped him lightly on the hip again and said 'Good job, little brother.' He stood up again and laid a hand on his shoulder and added 'We'll make a fine pony out of you yet.' He lifted the bridle and slipped it over Daniels head and tightened the strap under his chin snugly. Then he went back over the whole thing from top to bottom, pulling here and cinching up there, making sure he was both secure and comfortable. When he was done he patted Daniel on the back and said 'You look great. I can't wait until we can run together.'

As he started to turn away Daniel said 'Nathan?' and when he turned back he said 'Thank you.'

'Any time, Daniel. I am always here for you, you know. I'm right next door.' Then he stepped out into the hall to join the girls who were clomping back and forth and waiting impatiently.

As it was Daniels first expedition out of the cage since he had been taken and I trusted him about as far as I could throw him (maybe six feet if I got some momentum behind him), I shackled his hands behind his back and hooked an eight foot lead to his bridle. That way if he tried to bolt or move suddenly it would pull sideways on his head and take away his balance and he would fall.

Although I had no doubt in my mind I would be able to catch him again if he ran he might end up being seriously hurt in the process and I didn't want to risk that. Sure, I had left several dozen painful marks on his skin in the last couple of days, but those would fade away quickly. I didn't want him left with scars from cuts or broken bones.

Brief Interlude

Ah, the moral dilemma of being me. I was an unconscionable prick and an evil minded son of a bitch. I'm sure that in Daniels eyes and in the minds of society at large (were they to learn about me) I was a vile criminal monster, kidnapping young innocent people and torturing them until they fed my base and twisted sexual and fetishistic demands. If I were found and captured (or even just found out) they would portray me like some Hannibal Lecter type monster. Or that twisted fuck in Germany who kept his own daughter in an underground shelter and raped her over and over for years.

Would I deserve that kind of treatment? Yeah, probably.

But what the public would never see and most of my pets wouldn't even find out (though Sarabeth was beginning to suspect) were the hours of work and worry and research that I had put in, and kept putting in every day, taking as good a care of my stock as humanly possible. Making sure that they were healthy and reasonably happy and safe from harm. Accidental harm, at any rate. I was constantly refining my system to make their life as good as I could make it.

Although I worked and trained my ponies hard every day, none of them on their worst day worked as hard as I did.

Did that fact make what I did any less horrible? Probably not.

If worse came to worse and I was discovered and imprisoned for life, as I undoubtedly would be if caught, it would have all been worth it.

Chapter Four

When we reached the corral I sent Nathan, Sarabeth and Gael on first a slow walk then a trot around the fence to get them loose and warmed up. While they walked and stretched I wrapped the end of Daniels lead to a fencepost and secured it with a small padlock.

Gripping the side of Daniels bridle in my fist, I turned his face until he looked me in the eyes. 'This is it, Daniel.' I said. 'Your first day as an apprentice pony. Watch the others closely. They have all trained hard, some of them for years, to get as good as they are now. I would put my ponies up against anybody else's any time, anywhere, any place because I know in my heart that they are the best there is.' I moved my grip to hold his chin in my hand and held it firmly. 'I have the best because I train the best because I only take the best. And that is what you are going to be, Daniel, whether you like the idea or not. You are going to be a champion pony. Get used to it.'

I released my grip on him and stepped back half a pace and my eyes swept up and down his body. He colored a little and looked away.

'You have a fine strong body, Daniel. It is going to please me in many ways.' He blushed even deeper.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around his bicep and gave it a squeeze.

'But you are a little soft and spoiled. Obviously not used to hard work. We will change all of that.' I saw his eyes narrow a little and his jaw clenched.

Ah, me. Even in his dire circumstance I could tweak his machismo and drive him where I wanted him. Sometimes it was all too easy.

'Don't worry,' I said as I turned to walk away. 'We won't let you get too soft. In three or four years if you work at it, you might be almost as good as Nathan.' I sighed a little sadly. 'I just hope you won't be too disappointing.'

If I would have looked behind me I would have seen his eyes shooting daggers into my back. Male pride was such a large handle to get hold of. Women now, they were something completely different....

We practiced freestyle routines to music. Each of my pets and I put our heads together and came up with a mix of several different tunes that would fit well with their styles.

I sent Nathan on a brisk trot around to get his blood moving and told the girls to cover up and stay warm. There was a cabinet right by the paddock gate that held loose robes made from thick blankets with a heater inside to keep the robes toasty, as if they had just come out of the dryer.


'Yes, Master?'

'Throw a blanket over Daniel, will you?'

'Yes, Master!'

Gael grabbed another robe from the cabinet and slipped it over Daniels shoulders, saying 'You look cold, poor boy.' He smiled gratefully at her. As she pulled it close around him, one hand slipped down to his crotch and wrapped around his prick in it's soft leather pouch. 'And you look pretty hot, too! I can't wait to see how you perform!' She nodded towards the corral as she felt his prick getting hard in her hand and added 'And out in the corral, too!'

'Gael.' I said over my shoulder.

'Yes, Master?'

'Quit teasing the boy.'

'Yes, Master. Sorry.' Making sure I wasn't looking, she stood on her tiptoes, gave him a quick warm kiss and danced away.

I had walked a few more steps away and Gael followed me and made a show of apologizing for her behavior, hanging her head and bowing with one hoof forward, as a proper pony in dress should do. It was impossible to kneel with those boots on.

Quietly out of one side of my mouth I said 'Good work, Miss Gael. There will be a shiny new ha'penny in your pay packet this week!'

Turning away so Daniel couldn't see she dimpled and curtseyed a little and whispered 'Bless you, Master Scrooge Sir!'

Teamwork. It was all about teamwork. And I had an idea that might just take young Daniel right to the edge if done exactly right. We would see....

I won't go into great detail about the training we did that day. It's boring and technical and complicated and difficult to put into words. The dressage routines included different gaits and maneuvers that a real horse should be able to master and included different jumps and leaps mixed in with dance steps and a little bit of gymnastics. If I could insert a video clip here, you would sit in rapt attention, probably with a little drool on your chin.

But words lack power, sometimes.

Nathan's style was slow and powerful, reflecting his build and demeanor while on the field. He was such a study in opposites. When he was in his racing gear clipped to the sulky cart, Nathan was strong and lithe and tireless. Lightning fast and unstoppable. Completely focused on winning. In dressage he was a mighty warrior horse, his hooves making the dirt fly and pounding the earth beneath him into submission. He was like a gladiator in the arena, daring all comers to challenge him. His music was all slow martial and classical, loud and powerful. Even though he did not speak during his routine, his body and his music all roared 'Fear me!' He always impressed the crowd and the judges.

But when Nathan was naked and not in training or competition, he was my soft loving little bottom boy who would do anything at any time to please me, happily dropping to his knees to take my cock in his mouth or face down with his ass up in the air begging me to fuck him hard and long.

When Nathan finished his routine the girls squealed and clapped for him, bouncing up and down like cheerleaders and yelling 'Go Nathan! Yay!' Daniels eyes were wide and his mouth hung open in amazement during the whole routine. Even he was impressed.

Gael's routine was lighter and livelier. Her music mix was mostly Irish fiddle tunes with a dash of 'Riverdance' thrown in. Her best features were her sunny smile and her pert posterior and she used them both to her advantage. Her little red pony tail was in constant motion, drawing your eyes as she danced and leapt. She was a sprite, a pixie, a beguiling faerie creature dancing inside the petals of a flower and leading you deeper into the forest and away from the legendary pot of gold.

You just couldn't watch Gael dance without smiling. When she finished all of us cheered and kissed her smiling lips. She bounced over to Daniel and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him hard and long, pressing her hips up against him. I'm sure if his hands would have been free I would have needed a pry bar or a bucket of cold water to get them apart again.

After five years of hard training, Sarabeth was my star. Her music was a mix of mostly jazz with snippets of trance and club music thrown in. Her dance routines were a mixture of classical ballet and freestyle and a few bits that would most likely be best viewed while she was hanging onto a pole in one of the higher class of strip clubs. She had a way of making her long braid and her matching tail swing back and forth in opposite directions that made you think 'How does she move like that?' Lost in the bliss of her routine, Sarabeth was the queen of sensuality and sexuality. Her body language and face said 'I know you want me' and her nipples were always rock hard and showing off.

You couldn't watch Sarabeth without getting sexually excited. She'd make a statue of a saint get a hardon.

By the time she was done Nathan, Daniel and I were all sporting matching erections. Even Gael was a little flushed.

As usual when Sarabeth finished her routine, she was pink and flushed deep down her chest, panting and shivering just a little with built up tension. I held out my arms and she threw herself into me, wrapping her arms around my chest and bringing those perfect lips up to mine for a deep kiss. Even before I touched her she was groaning a little into my mouth and grinding her hips against me. My hands slid slowly down her back, feeling her shiver. Then one hand cupped her bottom and squeezed and the other went to the base of her blond ponytail and pressed it firmly deeper inside her ass. She pulled her mouth away and stiffened, her arms tightening around my chest and she cried out and came, breaking out in goose bumps and shivering like she had a hard fever. I held her and stroked her and tugged on her little tail until she had three back to back orgasms and sagged weakly in my arms.

I had a feeling that Sarabeth was going to need a long nap once we were done for the day. When she could stand again Gael ran over with a warm robe and wrapped her in it and they went and leaned against the railing together.

I went over to Daniel and slipped the robe off of his shoulders and unlocked the padlock from the end of his lead. His face was pink and he hung his head. Most of his embarrassment was from the very obvious hardon he had stretching the little leather pouch covering his crotch. It wouldn't have taken much for the snaps on that thing to break free and expose his hard prick to the world.

I started to say something and he blurted out 'M-master.... I....' He stuttered to a halt and hung his head again.

'What is it, Daniel?'

'I.... I.... I can't dance. I don't know how.' Admitting a failing like that stung him and shamed him deeply, I could tell. Society's expectations of men were often their biggest downfall.

I stepped forward and laid a hand gently on his shoulder and squeezed it warmly. I slipped my other hand behind his head and pulled it forward until his forehead rested against mine.

'It's okay, Daniel' I whispered. 'We will teach you. You will learn and you will be beautiful. And all of us will be very proud of you.' Then I gently kissed his forehead.

That was the first positive physical gesture he had received from me up to that point and I could see it had an impact. Daniels body relaxed a little and he almost smiled. I had a feeling that it wouldn't be long before we had a major breakthrough.

After giving him dire warnings about misbehaving, I unshackled Daniels hands and let him move around a little and loosen up his legs and shoulders. He moved around gratefully and behaved himself the whole time.

As a matter of fact, after that first session I never had to put the shackles on him again while we were outside.

We started with the basics: stance and posture. Standing at the end of the lead, I used the long thin tip of the dressage whip as a pointer, touching him here and there to correct his body language. After a few minutes Nathan stepped in and stood beside him to demonstrate, giving him pointers and touching him here and there with his hands to move him this way and that. Several times I saw Daniel give him a grateful smile.

Once we started with basic gaits the girls fell in line as well, helping to demonstrate. He often got distracted by Gaels wiggling butt and Sarabeth's bouncing titties but he started to get the hang of it pretty quickly. And he kept a pretty substantial hardon the entire time.

I stayed pretty much quiet, only giving soft commands when needed and let them teach him. I could see that they were having a positive effect on his morale and decided not to interfere.

By the time we were done they were all laughing and enjoying themselves a bit and the girls had kissed him several times in congratulations. He had even submitted to a hug from Nathan without being embarrassed.

When I announced that training was over they all groaned and complained like kids at the end of recess.

Hey, we were getting there.

When we got back into the stables I directed Daniel into his cage and told him to strip out of his gear and wait. After a hurried whispered discussion with Nathan and the girls, I told Nathan aloud to get himself and his gear cleaned up quickly and told the girls to strip out of their gear and come back.

Daniel was once again naked with the shackle around his ankle when I stepped to the door of his cage. He started to kneel and I held up one hand and stopped him.

'I have one more test for you this evening, Daniel. A test on making choices. Do you remember your first night here and I told you that you can have pleasure or pain or both and you must decide which?'

He bowed his head and said 'Yes, Master. I remember.'

I nodded. 'Very good. Now we will test your ability to decide. Turn around and step into the shower, but don't turn it on. Face the back wall.'

He did as he was told, the chain dragging behind him.

I said 'Reach up and put your hands over your head, fingers laced together. Keep them up high but not so high that you have to strain.'

He did so.

'Very good, Daniel. So far you have made all the right choices. Now in a few moments you will experience extreme pleasure. If you want it to continue, keep your hands above your head. If, at any time you drop your hands, it will stop immediately. Even if you drop them by accident, it will stop. Do you understand?'

'Yes, Master.' His voice echoed a little bit in the shower.

'If the pleasure is stopped and you want to make amends and start again, you must willingly submit your ass to five stripes from the cane before it will continue. Understand?'

He shivered a little and I saw his ass cheeks tighten up. 'Yes, Master. I understand. I won't drop my hands. I promise!'

I waved a hand and said 'Promise me or not, Daniel. I don't care. For the first time since you came here the choice is, literally, in your hands.' I paused and added 'As for me I would be happy either way. Whether I get to watch you come hard and long or see you on your knees begging me to stripe your ass.... It's all the same.'

As he stood there in the shower I watched his skin turn a nice shade of pink.

The girls were standing on either side of me, naked and grinning in anticipation.

'Ladies' I said. 'Let's get him cleaned up.'

It was a snug fit with all three of them in the shower but once they were all soapy and slippery it got much better. I directed Gael to take the front (it was only fair) and cautioned her about getting him too excited too quickly. 'You make sure Sarabeth has time to work on him before you start. He's been all worked up all day and it probably won't take much to make him pop.' Gael solemnly swore to do her very best.

So the girls got soap and washcloths and scrubbed Daniel from head to toe until he was sparking clean. They giggled and splashed and had lots of fun. I could tell his arms were getting tired but he held them up gamely.

Once Daniel was clean and soap free, Sarabeth started softly kissing and caressing his back and shoulders, running her fingers up and down his skin, working her way lower and lower. Gael stood in front of him, one hand on his cheek and spoke to him in a low tone I couldn't hear. His hands had sunk down until they were on top of his head. Gael shot me a worried look, but I just nodded. As long as they went no lower and stayed locked together he was good.

Sarabeth dropped lower and lower down Daniels back, rubbing her titties against his skin, her hard nipples prominent and making him breathe just a little harder. Her hands went to the cheeks of his ass and started massaging them as she rubbed her soft tits against the backs of his thighs. Going all the way down on her knees, she started kissing and licking Daniels full firm ass cheeks as she held them in her hands.

While she was so engaged back there, Gael kept Daniel well distracted in the front. Her just being naked and that close to him was quite a distraction in and of itself. She reached out with one finger and pressed it to his lips then let it trace slowly down his body until it stopped right above his thick patch of curly pubic hair. I couldn't see the front of his body, but judging by the look on Gaels face he was fully and firmly erect. Hell, I would have been!

Aside from quick glances down at his crotch, Gael was still staring into his eyes and speaking to him softly. As Sarabeth went to her knees behind him, Gael spoke a little more firmly and he shifted and spread his feet shoulder width apart. I could see Gael pointing to her own eyes to keep Daniels attention fixed. Sarabeth hooked her thumbs in the cheeks of his ass, gently pulling them apart, her lips and tongue toying up and down his crack.

Sarabeth's mouth slipped lower and Daniel stiffened and arched his back a little and his arms twitched. Gael yelled and slapped at his elbows, driving his arms higher. I missed the first part of what she said but I heard '...mess everything up and it will all be over!' She shook a finger in his face and said 'And I might not be in the mood to start again even if Master does beat you!' Daniel took a deep breath and forced his body to relax. It took a few seconds to work it's way down. When his body relaxed, Sarabeth tipped her head back a little and slipped her tongue up into his ass, gently opening him up. Which was, of course, the point of this whole exercise. Daniel shivered all over and moaned aloud.

Gael softened her fierce look, put both hands on his cheeks and kissed him. She started speaking softly again and one hand slipped down to his crotch and started moving slowly. Then, as slowly as Sarabeth had gone to her knees behind him, Gael started going to her knees in front of him, her eyes and voice keeping him focused on her as she went lower and lower.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that Nathan had come out of the shower. He was sitting on the floor cleaning his gear and putting things away. He couldn't see into Daniel's shower from there, but I could tell by the smirk on his face that he was listening. That wasn't hard to do at all. Daniel was moaning pretty loudly at that point.

Looking back I saw that Gael had gone to her knees. One hand rested on his hip and I could see her head slowly bobbing back and forth.

Either the boy had some pretty good staying power or the strain from holding his arms up was hindering him a little. Either way he's already lasted longer than I thought he would. Other than the uncomfortable holding my hands above my head part, I'd been in that same situation (albeit in my own shower with more room) with those two girls myself. I hadn't lasted very long and I almost fell over on Sarabeth when I came.

It was a close thing. Daniel really had to fight to keep his hands over his head and he almost didn't make it. The skin on the nape of his neck was bright red and spreading down his back. His moans got louder and louder and he swayed on his feet and I thought he was going to collapse. But the girls grabbed him around the hips and held him upright as he finally cried out and came in Gaels hot little mouth, shaking and shivering all over.

When he had calmed down a little Sarabeth stood up behind Daniel and took his arms in her hands and brought them down until they were folded across his chest and hugged him tight. She kissed the nape of his neck, right in the center of his tattoo and he shivered again. Gael stood up and pulled his head down to hers and kissed him deep. Either the fact that he had just come in her mouth didn't register or he no longer cared. He seemed to enjoy the kiss.

After a moment or so I clapped my hands and the girls came out of the shower and left him standing under the spray, leaning weakly against the wall.

'Good work, ladies. Thank you. Go ahead and get cleaned up and get your gear put away. Daniel! Get dried off and come out. You probably need to sit down for a few minutes, boy.' Daniel turned off the water and got a towel and started drying off. The girls scampered off to their cages and their showers started running.

'Nathan! Are you finished?'

'Yes, Master.'

'Good boy. Will you come and help Daniel get his gear cleaned up and put away? Show him how it's done correctly?'

'Of course, Master. I would be happy to.'

As Nathan came out of his cage I hugged him briefly and gave him a quick kiss and said whispered into his ear 'I will leave you two alone for a little while. I'm sure Daniel has questions he'd like to ask.' Then I slapped him lightly on the butt and sent him into the cage and shut the door. The girls doors were securely shut already, as expected. I said I would be back in a few minutes and walked out of the stables.

Back at the house I flipped on the video monitor in the kitchen so I could keep an eye on the stables while I worked. Gael was brushing out her hair and Sarabeth was just trying to get hers dry. Nathan and Daniel were sitting knee to knee on the floor Indian style and Nathan was showing him how to clean the sweat off of his harness and keep it lightly oiled so it wouldn't crack. Daniel looked relaxed and happy and interested for the first time. Good.

In the meantime, I broke out my big griddle and started assembling a pile of ham and cheese sandwiches and setting them to grilling. A big pot of tomato soup was warming up on the other side of the stove. It would have gone quicker if I had brought somebody to help, but.. Oh well. Plus, it did something for their morale when I actually showed that I did some work for them now and again. We actually took turns cleaning my house and the stables and doing the piles of laundry and such. At times I could be a cruel and unrelenting bastard and a real tyrant. But once in awhile I could show that I was fair and even just and caring.

Fifteen grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and a gallon of soup later I was ready. The soup went into two big thermoses and the sandwiches into a plastic container. I tossed plastic plates, bowls and spoons into a bag with the container and hauled the whole mess out to the stables.

I set everything up on the table and started rushing back and forth, making sure everybody got fed while it was still hot. I had done this before, but it was a rarity and I caught a few grins out of the corner of my eye as I rushed to serve them. Little Miss Gael had the temerity to smirk at me when I brought her food and I looked at her sternly and said 'Since you can't keep that smirk off your face missy, you get to do cleanup duty afterwards!' She jammed a bite of sandwich into her mouth and mumbled 'Es, Aster!' around a mouthful of crumbs. I left Daniel and Nathan in together and fed them both there and I finally got to sit down myself and enjoy my meal. I sat a little back, between the two empty cages and tried my best to be invisible while I ate. Sometimes they would almost forget I was around and I would hear things I normally wouldn't.

When I polished off the last of my food I got up and left my plates on the table. Everyone else had finished eating except Sarabeth. She had eaten about half of her food, then leaned over against her bed and had fallen asleep with half a sandwich still in her hand. Entering her cage quietly, I took the sandwich and put it on the plate, then lifted her gently and laid her on her bed and covered her with the blanket. She never really woke, but mumbled sleepily then turned over and cuddled up under the covers.

When I arose I noticed Daniel giving me an odd look. Nathan leaned closer to him and said 'That first night you were here and you finally fell asleep, he covered you up, too.' Daniel frowned a little in thought. Good.

I brought out Sarabeth's dishes and shut her door quietly then opened Gaels cage and told her to finish gathering up the dirty dishes and things. As we left I pointed to Daniel and Nathan and said 'You two behave yourselves. We'll be back in a little while.'

Half an hour later I was reclining against a pile of pillows on my bed and laying on a large beach towel. Gael was astride my hips and slowly moving up and down on my prick buried in her pussy. One hand was on my chest for balance and the other was softly rubbing her backside. During the cleanup she had purposefully splashed me with soapy water. So I had pulled her over my lap on a kitchen chair and spanked her little wriggling bottom pink before letting her continue. When I let her up I made her beg my forgiveness and she had to finish washing the dishes without my help. And when she wouldn't stop whining about her butt she found herself drying the dishes and putting them away with a ball gag filling her mouth. It stopped up her sniveling and I just ignored the dark looks she kept shooting me. As I had said before, she often did things like that just for the extra attention.

When we went into the bedroom afterwards I made her get on her knees and beg for something else before I would allow her to get into bed with me. It wasn't really punishment, but it did stop her from whining about her sore bottom for a few minutes. Much more entertaining than a ball gag.

When I was nice and hard, I flipped her up on the bed on her back and ate her pussy until she screamed, then had her climb up on top of me and work my cock deep inside her. Two additional orgasms later she was much more compliant and willing to forgive and forget. Gael hadn't been mine as long as Sarabeth or Nathan had and I wasn't sure I wanted to put that fire out completely anyway. She made life more interesting at times.

While she gyrated on my crotch I pinched her hard nipples with my fingers and made her coo and sigh and shiver, which felt really good. Gael had an amazing set of internal muscles. I was thinking about bringing it to an end so we could all get some rest but then I thought I might check in on the lads and see how they were doing. I glanced over at the monitor by the side of the bed, then grabbed the remote and brought up the view from Daniels cage. He and Nathan were sitting on the edge of his bed and Nathan had his arm around Daniels shoulders and it seemed they were deep in discussion. Then, as we watched, Daniel nodded and turned towards Nathan and tentatively turned his face up to him and they kissed. It didn't last long and Daniel quickly turned his face away.

Gael paused her movement for a moment and said 'Oooo! Progress! Oh boy!' To keep her from distracting me, I reached up on the headboard and got the bottle of lube and handed it to her. She knew what that meant and shivered a little on my prick and mewled in the back of her throat in anticipation. Pouring some of the slippery lube on her fingers, she reached back between her cheeks and started lubing up her butt, first slipping one finger then two up inside her ass and getting it ready for my cock.

While she was getting herself ready, I glanced up at the monitor again. The boys were face to face again and Nathan had a hand on Daniels cheek. Slowly they moved towards each other again and kissed for the second time. This one went on a little longer. Nathan slid his hand behind Daniels neck and held him close and Daniels hand was on Nathans forearm stroking it gently.

When they broke Daniel didn't turn his head this time. I could see Nathan say something and Daniel nodded. Nathan patted him on the back and gave him a little hug and they moved slightly apart on the bed. Oh yes, things were going well.

Miss Gael was squeezing me insistently with her internal musculature and groaning in anticipation. Returning my attention to her, I patted her on the thigh and said 'Turn around.' She rose up off of my cock and shifted her way around until she was facing my feet, backing her cute little pink butt up towards my waiting prick. I shot a glob of the lubricant on the head of my cock and said 'You put it in.' Panting a little, she reached back behind her and grabbed the shaft of my prick in her warm little hand and pointed it at the entrance to her tight ass. As she slowly leaned back she made little sounds of mixed pain and pleasure and I got to watch close up as my cock split the ring of muscle guarding her ass and slowly disappear inside of her. When the head popped inside her she squeaked and paused for a moment then with a sigh moved backwards until I was buried inside her all of the way.

I sat up and plastered myself against her back and wrapped my arms around her, my hands going up to cup her small firm little tits in my palms. I nuzzled the back of her neck while she shivered. One hand went up and grabbed her chin and pulled her head back and I whispered in her ear.

'I just love feeling my cock buried in your ass, Gael.' She just shivered and moaned again.

I rotated my hips up into her, feeling my prick move in and out just a little bit. 'You are my hot little redheaded pony girl and I can fuck your hot little ass anytime I want to.' I pinched one nipple and said 'Isn't that right, pony girl?'

She moaned louder and I could feel her ass spasming, squeezing my prick buried in her channel. 'Ooooooh God. Yes, Master! You can fuck me in my ass anytime you want! I am your pony girl! Ooooo...' she shivered hard against me. Gaels whole body had turned a shade of red that almost made all of her freckles disappear. I slid my hand down between her thighs and slipped a finger between her pussy lips and stroked her. She was soaking wet with her own internal lubricant and one finger slipped up inside of her easily while the palm of my hand rubbed against her hard clit. At my touch her hips started grinding into me hard.

'Are you going to come for me, pony girl?'

'Oh god yes, Master! I'm going to come! Oh god....'

Her movements got even quicker and her hand went down over mine and pushed down hard as it stroked her pussy.

'Do you want me to come in your ass, Gael?'

'Oh god please, Master! Come inside my ass! Oh god please...'

She started bucking her hips back and forth between my stroking finger and my prick buried inside her ass. Her tight little bottom was clamping down on me hard and the sensation was almost indescribable. I gave up on the dialogue and just started slamming my cock up into her soft little ass as hard and fast as I could.

Moments later Gael gave a scream and her whole body stiffened and her channel tightened down on my cock like a wet velvet vise. She shivered and screamed again and this time I let loose with a groan and started flooding her bowels with what felt like gallons of hot sticky come. Her hand was still pressing mine up inside her hard and she shivered and shook and cried out over and over again.

We sat like that for a few minutes until we could breath again. Then I slowly laid back against the pillows, my hand slipping from between her thighs. Gael leaned forward and rested her forearms on my shins, panting. Every now and then my prick would twitch inside of her and make her gasp and squeak. After long moments my prick softened enough to pop back out of her ass and flop back on my belly. Gael squeaked again and a puddle of come leaked out of her and onto my thighs. I said 'Yuck!' and slapped her playfully on her still pink bottom. 'Roll over, girl. I want to get cleaned up. You need to as well. It's time you were getting back.' She rolled to her side and whined that she didn't want to go back to her cage, she wanted to stay with me. I snapped my fingers and said 'Get your butt up and get cleaned up girl or you won't be sitting down for quite some time to come. And I'll banish you from my bed or anybody else's for a week.'

That last threat motivated her and she got up off the bed, tossing the sticky towel in the hamper as she rose. None of my pets wanted to wait a week without sex. Especially after a training day. It always got them worked up and ready for a romp.

Once back in the stables Gael rose on her tiptoes and kissed me goodnight. She stepped back into her cage and snapped the shackle to her ankle and rolled under the covers and snuggled down. I pulled her curtain shut. Sarabeth was still blissfully asleep and I shut her curtain tightly as well.

Nathan and Daniel were at Daniels door together when I got there. I opened the door and Nathan rose and stepped out. When I started to close the door Daniel said 'Master, please!' I stopped and looked at him.

'Was there something you wanted, Daniel?'

'Can you stay for a moment?'

I just looked at him for a second. I could see he was nervous about something. But he did want to talk to me. I hoped it was a good sign. I said 'I will be right back, Daniel. Let me put Nathan to bed first and then we'll talk.'

Nathan had already returned to his cage and snapped the shackle around his ankle. I put a hand behind his neck and kissed him goodnight then looked at him and raised an eyebrow. He shrugged and gave me a hopeful look. Under his breath he said 'I tried my best, Master.' I said 'We will see, then.' and closed his cage door and his curtain.

Daniel was still kneeling in the open doorway, his eyes on the floor. I pulled a chair over in front of his cage until my knees were about two feet away from him and sat.

'Look at me, Daniel.' His eyes came up and I could see right away he was nervous. Almost scared to death but trying to cover it with bravado and it wasn't working too well. I had an inkling of what he wanted to say but wasn't exactly sure.

'What was it that you wanted to ask or say to me?'

His face flushed red and he muttered 'I-I'm ready, Master.'

I leaned in a little closer and said 'Ready for what, Daniel?'

He almost couldn't make his mouth move but tried to force the words out anyway. 'I-I.. W-w-want you t-t-o.....' He couldn't say it. I held up a hand to stop him.

'Just stop right there, Daniel. I know what you are trying to say. In a nutshell it's 'I want you to fuck me and get it over with.' Am I right?' he blushed even deeper and I could see that he was regretting saying anything at all and that I was pretty close.

I waved my hands as if wiping that all away and said 'Let's start over here. You think you have this figured out and you are completely wrong. If this was all just about me fucking you I could have done that on the first day if I had wanted to. But that is not what this is all about, Daniel. Not at all.' I got up out of the chair and moved it away and sat on the floor so our eyes could be at a level.

Leaning back a little I said 'Gael. Are you still awake, dear?' She mumbled something and then said 'Mmmmm.. What? Did you want something, Master?'

'Gael, what if I told you that in the morning I was going to open your cage and give you a bus ticket back to New York or even a free plane ticket back to Ireland, what would you say?'

There was a moment of silence and she said 'I would ask you what I had done wrong, Master.' There was another moment of silence then she asked 'Have I done something wrong?' She sounded worried.

I said 'Not at all, love. I was just asking. Go back to sleep.'


'Please don't ask me to leave, Master.' he said. I could tell that he was right by the front corner of his cage and listening.

'You wouldn't walk out of here and go back to your old life? Out in the world and free to do as you wished? Your job and your computer games and your apartment and your designer coffees? You could be a free man and never wear chains or call another man 'Master' as long as you lived. You don't want that? I offer it to you right here and now.' I kind of surprised myself by adding that last bit. It was a gamble, but I hoped I had judged correctly.

'No, Master. I don't want any of that. Well.. Except maybe for the coffee part, anyway. I want to stay here with you!'

'The offer expires in ten seconds, Nathan. Do you want to stay here in chains and be my pony boy and my sexual plaything for the rest of your life?'

There was a silence that lasted exactly ten seconds. I could almost hear him counting them off in his head. Then Nathan said 'Yes, Master. That is what I want.'

'Good boy, Nathan. Thank you. I want you to stay here, too. I would be lost without you. Go to sleep now and rest easy. I will see you in the morning.'

I turned back to Daniel and said 'That is what this is all about. All of this...' I waved my hands at the stables in general 'This stuff isn't really necessary. The cages and the chains and the whole 'Master' thing..... I could have accomplished all of this without this stuff. But it would have been much harder to pull it off that way. Sometimes people have to be pushed and forced into realizing what it is they really want. They have to realize what they can gain by giving away what they think they desire most.'

I had to stop and try and find the right words in my brain. It was running all over the place. I needed to make a connection. I leaned forward and laid my hand on his and squeezed it gently. He looked a little uncertain, but didn't pull away from my touch.

'This isn't about me fucking you, Daniel. This is about you giving yourself to me. Not just your body, but your mind and your heart as well. When I train you as a pony you will discover a world that you never knew existed and you will find strength inside you that I am sure will surprise all of us. And the first time you come to my bed you will find that it isn't as bad as you fear and that it will make you just as happy pleasing me as it would be to bed any of the girls here.'

Nathan piped up and said 'Listen to him, Daniel!'

I leaned forward and said 'I saw you and Nathan together tonight.' He flushed a flaming crimson.

'When he kissed you, did you enjoy it?' He shrugged and mumbled 'It was okay, I guess.'

'Did it make you want to wear pink and prance around like a sissy?'


'Yet Nathan prefers the company of men over women. Does that shock you? Does it make you feel any less of a man knowing that you kissed another man and liked it?'

He shook his head.

'Then you have taken the first step and passed, Daniel. There will be other tests and we will work our way into it slowly.' I looked at him and smiled. 'I haven't had to beat you once today. That's a big step. Hopefully I will never have to do it again from now on.'

I paused and said 'You said you were ready, but you aren't. As much as I would like you to be, you are not ready yet. Neither one of us would enjoy it. But we'll work on it, okay?'

He nodded and I could see some of the tension had leaked out of his body.

'Here is the first time I will ask you for something without making it a demand and without the threat of punishment behind it. Like the little ordeal in the shower, the choice is yours.' I stood up and opened the cage door and motioned for him to rise.

When he stood up I asked 'Daniel, will you kiss me goodnight?'

He hesitated and blushed again, then stepped forward and turned his face up to me. I leaned down and kissed him gently then slid a hand behind his neck and pulled his lips to mine and kissed him hard. After another hesitation I felt his arms slip around my waist and onto my back. I put all of the passion and desire that I felt for him and for all of my pets into the kiss and after a moment he started to feel it. His arms tightened around me and I could feel his lips softening and responding to mine.

When he made a little noise in the back of his throat I knew that while I could let it continue and escalate, it was time to stop. I put one hand in the center of his chest and pushed him gently back. His expression was a mix of frustration, desire and confusion. And glancing down, I could see that he was about half erect, his prick bobbing up and down as his hormones were racing through his system. I really wanted to reach down and take him in my hand, just to feel him go hard at my touch. But that would have been rushing things just a little. I had him on the hook now and had to land him just right or he'd slip away.

Keeping my hand on his chest I said 'You are not ready yet, Daniel. But you are very close. Sleep on it tonight and we will see in the morning if you feel the same way. If fortune smiles on us, by tomorrow night.... Who knows?' I smiled. I stepped back and shut the cage door softly.

'But for now.... Goodnight, Daniel.'

'Goodnight, Master.'

I started to pull the curtains shut and paused and said 'By the way, Daniel. It will take me at least five minutes to finish up and get back to the house.' I patted my pockets and said 'I seem to have left my remote on the kitchen table so you will be completely unobserved for at least that long.' That was a lie, but a useful and harmless one. I nodded towards his bobbing prick and said 'So if you would like to give yourself a little relief for your condition I think it would be all right just this once.'

'Thank you, Master.'

With that I closed the curtains and walked away, dimming the lights as I left.

Chapter Five

I arose early, as I always did, well before the sun. Nobody else was awake and I spent a few hours in my office getting some work done. Ordering supplies and answering emails from other pony owners and such. I didn't socialize much with the other pony people generally. Partly because I spent so much time with my pets it left little time for other people and partly because they kept trying to buy my stock from me and I had no interest in selling.

But I did keep up with the schedule of events and went to as many gatherings as I could. I did so love showing off my pets in front of an audience.

And there was one certain item I was keeping a special eye on, just waiting for an opening. Time would tell.

I spent several hours at my desk, cleaning up projects that I had neglected for the last couple of days. Daniel had taken up a lot of my time. I didn't begrudge it to him, it was necessary. But now I had to burn some extra time to get caught up.

When the sun peeked over the horizon you could barely tell the difference. Storm clouds had rolled in and the day was promising to be dark and stormy. Pity. I was hoping to get some quality outdoor time, but it would have to wait, I supposed.

On the monitor I saw that Sarabeth had awakened early. The others were still cuddled under their covers and sound asleep. She had gotten up and showered and dried and brushed her long beautiful hair then put it back in a tight braid. As I watched she flipped through the books idly and then paced back and forth. She looked a little restless.

I figured I could find something for her to do.

I thumbed the button for the intercom in her cage and said quietly 'Sarabeth dear. Are you busy?' Knowing she wasn't, of course.

'No, Master. What can I do for you?'

I popped open her cabinet, the shackle and her cage door simultaneously and said 'If you don't mind, dear. Soft shoes, leash, house. As soon as you can.'

'Yes, Master!' She hurried into her things and sped towards the house at a quick easy trot.

Once a month Sarabeth trimmed my hair for me. She knew a little about cutting hair when we first met and I had bought professional tools and DVD's that helped her improve her skills. Now she took care of everybody's hair when necessary.

Afterwards I laid face down on the massage table and she rubbed warm oil into my back, kneading my muscles and almost putting me back asleep. But having a beautiful naked totally submissive woman giving you a long deep massage was almost enough to make you shatter. It would get you relaxed and wound up all at the same time.

Once she had me all relaxed Sarabeth had me roll over on my back and got me all wound up again. Her soft little hand wrapped around my half hard prick and stroked me gently until I was hard as a rock. And once I stood up tall and proud she tugged back the foreskin and leaned over me, taking me deep in her mouth. One hand stoked up and down my shaft in time with the movements of her mouth and her soft tits rubbed against my thigh. I reached down and cupped one soft full ass cheek in my hand and squeezed it gently while she went down on my prick. It could have been a minute or two, It could have been eternity that I lay there while she sucked my cock. But it seemed like all too quickly I arched my back and cried out and came, feeling her swallow all of my come as it spurted in her mouth.

Not long after that she was on her back in my bed, her arms around my back and her legs wrapped around my waist as I drove my body into hers over and over again. Either I was exceptionally good or she was just wound up a little tight, as I ended up with ten long scratches on my shoulder blades and a small bruise on my tailbone from one of her heels. At times, Sarabeth tended to let loose and be a little more demonstrative and physical in her lovemaking. I didn't mind.

While we relaxed, I lay on my back and Sarabeth had her head on my chest, her small warm hand wrapped loosely around my soft prick. She toyed with it just a little, teasingly, as if she were trying to get me hard a third time. But twice in thirty minutes was about the limit for me. I would need some serious recharge time before I could go again and she knew it. She also liked teasing me now and then when she could get away with it.

As it was still only about seven in the morning on a gloomy Saturday, I wasn't in a big hurry to get up again and was seriously thinking about napping for a little while.


'Mmmmm...yes, Sarabeth?'

'Is Daniel going to get his tail today?'

'Not sure, love. I hope so. He made some good breakthroughs yesterday while you were sleeping. I left him and Nathan together for a few hours and they kissed twice. Afterwards he and I talked awhile and he came to me willingly and kissed me goodnight. And he started getting hard while I was kissing him.'

'That sounds promising. I wish I had been awake to see it. He has such a pretty cock.'

I smiled and stroked her head as it lay on my chest. 'I'm sure you will get plenty of chances to see lots of Daniels pretty cock in the future. I have no doubt he will be on the schedule next week.' I leaned down and kissed the top of her head and whispered 'I'm pretty sure you and Daniel will be scheduled together first.' She shivered a little and squeezed my prick gently.

'Thank you, Master!'

'But,' I said. 'We have to get him through this first. He's coming along quickly. More quickly than I though he would. Do you remember how long Nathan fought it? Weeks. I knew he wanted it but wouldn't admit it to himself, let alone to anybody else.' I sighed, remembering those hard weeks.

It had been a struggle. A real battle of wills. Nathan would obey me in all things except that. He had already submitted to the training and the harness and the collar and the leash but stoutly refused to give up his body to me in any way, shape or form. I had to relentlessly drive him to the edge of sexual frustration over and over again before he finally caved and submitted to me. But once that formidable wall finally crumbled, Nathan became the perfect willing pet that he is today.

'Will he take it? I don't know for sure. Last night he had convinced himself that he was ready for me to take him, or at least willing to submit to it. But he was so tense he would have shot right through the ceiling if I had touched him right. I talked him down and told him to sleep on it.' I sighed again and said 'I guess we will see.'

An hour or so later after everybody was up and fed and showered, I had Sarabeth slip into some sweats and sent her at a fast trot back to the stables with instructions. It was starting to drizzle a little bit outside and was a little chilly. It was definitely a day for staying indoors.

Ten minutes later, after Sarabeth had signaled through the intercom that they were ready, I popped open the cages and they all ran to the house, each of them carrying an armful of bedding and towels and soiled clothing. They all wore sweats, running shoes and their collars.

If Daniel had wanted to run, that gave him a perfect opportunity. For some inner reasoning of his own, he didn't take the chance.

My laundry room was large and contained two industrial sized washing machines and two equally large dryers and a big folding table. They all stripped down to their shoes and collars and added the sweats to the pile of laundry. Sarabeth and Nathan took charge of the other two and they scattered around the house to do their chores.

As my pets entered the house I could see the question in each of their eyes. 'Was Daniel going to get his tail today?' It was always kind of an important and memorable occasion, one I kept track of and that we all celebrated. Rather than birthdays, we celebrated tailing days instead. And we had a way of celebrating a tailing day that was a hell of a lot more fun than blowing out the candles on a cake.

I decided on the tactic of sidestepping the question and ignoring it completely. For now, anyway. Keep them guessing and a little more on edge and wondering. Especially Daniel.

I had a plan, though.

Nathan and Daniel were in charge of the laundry, the kitchen and the living room, while the girls cleaned my bedroom, the spare rooms and the bathrooms. The spare bedrooms were rarely used and closed up so they only needed a brief dusting now and then. But my bathrooms were rather large and took quite a bit of work. It worked out even and everybody switched around so they knew how to do everything.

I cleaned my own office. It didn't take me too long, as I tried to keep my area as tidy as I could. Sitting on top of the padded perch in front of my desk was a wooden box, about eighteen inches long by fourteen inches wide and six inches deep. It was deeply stained and varnished to a high gloss with an elegant gold plated clasp holding it shut. The others knew what the box signified. For Daniel, it would be a mystery. For a little while, anyway.

Working as a team, it only took my pets a little over an hour to get everything clean and spotless. The laundry took the longest, of course. There just wasn't much you could do to hurry that along.

Right before they got done I trotted over to the arena and turned on the lights and the heaters, giving them time to beat back the early morning chill. I spent a few minutes checking out the facilities and making sure everything was working. We needed to do a little cleanup in here too and today was a good day to get it done.

Not to say we couldn't have a little fun in the meantime, though. We could have fun and get back to the business of pony training at the same time. Busy pets were happy pets, I always said...

When I stepped back through my front door all four of them were in the foyer, kneeling in a row. Even though their eyes were on the floor, I could see that all of them were relaxed and feeling good. Daniel had a happy almost serene smile on his face. If it wasn't full acceptance it was damn close. This almost had to be a record.

Sarabeth lifted her head and said 'We're all done, Master!'

'Good job, everybody. I'm sure this will turn out to be a rewarding day for us all.' I could see four pairs of eyebrows going up.

I clapped my hands and pointed towards the door. 'Quick jog. Arena.' I pointed to Nathan and Daniel and said 'Medium sulky, bitless. No extras.' Nathan looked a little disappointed. I relented and pointed at him and said 'You only. Number four, if you want to be that way.' He smiled and nodded. I pointed at the girls and said 'Running gear. Small and medium fences. Protection.' They nodded. Daniel just looked a little confused.

It usually took awhile for a new pet to understand my verbal shorthand when giving directives. Nathan would explain to Daniel what I wanted when they got there.

I pointed at the door again and said 'Go!' They all leapt up and scrambled for the door and trotted towards the arena through the drizzle. I got to watch four pairs of naked butts wiggling as they ran. Very nice. Me, I slapped a hat on my head and followed at a more sedate pace.

When I entered the arena there was nobody in sight. The girls were in the small locker room getting into shorts, sports bras and knee and elbow pads. Nathan and Daniel were in the tack room getting into their harnesses. The sulky harness was different from the dressage harness that Daniel had already tried on so I'm sure it was going to take them a little while so Nathan could get him outfitted properly.

Really, if you wanted to do this stuff right, it was hideously expensive. I had duplicates of everything from toys to sneakers to harnesses and tails in three different places; the stables, the house and here. There were two duplicate carts in the stables. In the locker room there were sweats and running gear and piles of towels and one locker full of clothes for me. The locker room also had it's own washer and dryer so we didn't have to haul so much laundry back and forth.

I guess this is why only rich people tended to be serious about the sport. They were the only ones who could afford it.

Knowing it was going to be a few minutes until everyone was ready, I went to my little break room next to the tack room and poured myself a cup of coffee. Starting the pot was one of the details I had taken care of when I was here earlier.

Down one side of the arena was several rows of fairly comfortable wooden seats that I had bought from an old movie theater. I could seat almost a hundred people just in case I decided to host an event. But I was too jealous of my privacy and that hadn't happened yet. One box in the middle of the bleachers had a very comfortable reclining seat with a side table that was strictly mine alone. On the other side from the table was a long pad like a couple of chaise lounge cushions on the floor next to my chair in case I had a pet in attendance. There was actually room for all of them at once. After all, it was my arena and I could have all the space I wanted.

It was a status thing. At the events you could always tell who was somebody by their seating arrangement and whether or not they had a space for their pet. It took me several years to work my way up the hierarchy and have a reserved seat at the gatherings. We had all worked very hard for that privilege. And when it came my way I had rewarded my pets lavishly for their labors.

I sat in my luxury box and sipped my coffee and pondered. Wondering not only about Daniel and whether or not he would submit not only to the tail but to me as well was on the forefront of my mind. We would see, I guess. I was orchestrating everything towards that point, culminating on this evening. Things were moving in that direction smoothly so far. All it needed was a little prod here and there. But you never knew for sure about people and how they would react ahead of time. They could be surprising.

Also on my mind was an email that I had received just this morning. One of the owners from Pennsylvania had a certain item that I had been interested in for awhile. Waiting until it had been available and he was amenable to the sale had been a long process. But I was used to waiting and being patient, when it suited me.

His email had read simply:

'Next gathering. Paducah. The agreed on price. Method of collection your decision, but I would prefer discretion. Take it and be damned to you.'

It had left me with more things to consider and worry about. It was going to be a very difficult project even if things went smoothly. Ah, well. I had six months before then and other things on my plate.

While I had been lost in thought the girls had come out and were hauling out the small and medium jumping stiles and arranging them around the inside lane of the track. Made of lightweight plastic, they looked like little sections of wooden fence like the ones real horses jumped over but considerably shorter. The smallest were only a foot tall and the mediums eighteen inches. The point of the jumping competitions were not height but grace and style. I didn't much care for the jumping events as I said, but the girls did enjoy practicing them and as long as they were careful, I was willing to humor them. Besides, I had impulsively decided to tell Gael I was entering her in the steeplechase and she needed to be training hard between now and then.

The girls arranged nine of the stiles around the track and weighted their bases down with sandbags. Then they went to the little patch of artificial turf in the center of the track and started some stretching exercises.

When Nathan and Daniel emerged from the tack room, Nathan was smiling and Daniels face was flushed a deep red and both of them were sporting very firm and obvious erections. It made me wonder if there had been some unauthorized hanky panky going on in there but I decided not to ask. Nathan knew full well what his boundaries were and the consequences of going outside of them. He rarely misbehaved on purpose the way Gael did so often.

I held up one finger to Nathan, signifying cart number one, my racing rig. The cart room held, at the moment, five different vehicles. Number one was my light stripped down racing cart made for speed. Number two was my other 'road' cart, like the one in the stables. Light, but with more padding in the seat and a couple of cup holders and a small storage bin for refreshments. Number three was the pleasure sedan. It was a two-seater with a retractable roof and a trunk in the back that would fit a large picnic basket. I could either put all three of them in the traces or just two with one riding next to me if they had earned a special reward. It wouldn't be hard at all to rig it to fit all four of them. Number four was my chariot which I had just finished earlier this year and had yet to try. Like the racing rig, it was stripped down for speed, but it was made to hold two side by side in the traces and I had to stand up in the back. I had plans for that, come next gathering. Number five was a large open carriage just like the ones they used around Central Park in New York. It could hold up to six people in the bench seats and would take at least four ponies to pull it, if not more. But I had gotten a good deal on it that I couldn't pass up. Maybe someday....

The girls had started a slow jog around the track just outside of the stiles, getting warmed up and loose. The lads had pulled out my racing rig and were standing on either side of it, waiting. I sent them both on a slow jog around the track to loosen up and they started off, their harnesses jingling. I eyed their two wiggling backsides as they went, arousing pictures flitting through my mind.

When they returned I walked down to the track and waved to Nathan to indicate that he was to step between the poles. He and I hooked his harness to the poles and the reins to his bridle, explaining the process to Daniel step by step and giving him dire warnings about what could go wrong if he was hooked up incorrectly. It sobered him up a bit. The cart had holders on either side. One held a light buggy whip and the other a long crop. Snatching the crop from it's clip I used it as a pointer to explain the different stances and direction signals that I used.

Finally I pointed the crop at Daniel then slapped the seat with it and said 'You. Up here.' Wide eyed, he climbed into the seat.

'This is a rare opportunity, Daniel. You will get to see what I see. Feel a little bit of what I feel.' He looked a little overwhelmed. I walked around Nathan and re-inspected his harness and connections, then stepped in front of him and grabbed his bridle and made him look me in the eyes.

'Four laps, Nathan.' I said. 'Easy trot. No showing off and stay clear of the girls. Keep your wits about you. Nobody is going to get hurt, understand me?'

He colored a little and I knew that he had been thinking about showing off in front of his new partner. He bowed his head in acceptance. Now that he was in the traces, talking was frowned upon.

I went back to Daniel and untied the reins and put them into his hand. I said 'You heard what I told Nathan. Four laps and no showing off.' Pointing to his hand, I said 'You keep those reins slack at all times. If you try to pull on them you will pull too hard or when he isn't expecting it and you will both get hurt.' The tip of the crop flashed out and went right up under his chin, tipping his head back just a little until he looked right up into my eyes. 'If either one of you gets hurt because of your carelessness, I will beat the hide off of you, boy. Do you understand me?' He went pale and whispered 'Yes, Master!' and the reins went a little slacker in his hands.

I grabbed hold of Nathans harness from the back so he could feel my grip, since he couldn't see around the blinders very well. I said 'Daniel, do you know how to 'chuck' at a horse?' and I made the noise. He nodded and made it back at me. I said 'Very good. When you are ready, shake the reins a little and chuck. Four laps, gentlemen. Ready, Nathan?' He tossed his head. I let go of his harness and he slipped into the 'ready' stance.

I nodded at Daniel and he shook the reins and made the right noise and Nathan started off down the track, muscles flexing and his tail swishing back and forth. When they came back around I could see that Daniel was entranced watching Nathans body moving in front of him. I couldn't blame him for that. Nathan had a beautiful body.

In the meantime the girls had run three laps around the track, jumping the stiles and were now walking a cool down lap slowly, hands on their hips and panting. They waved and smiled at Daniel as he rode by a little goggle-eyed in the seat of the cart. I was sorry I had missed seeing them jump. Gael especially enjoyed it. Keeping one eye on the lads as they circled, I walked into the center of the infield and waved the girls over.

The room next to the locker room was a small glassed-in gym with a couple of weight machines and stationary exercise bikes and other equipment. I sent them in with directions put the stiles away and then to ride four miles at a medium speed and do some general cleanup in the locker room before showering. I wanted both of them to burn off as much energy as possible as I wanted them to go to sleep early tonight. After dinner tonight was going to be a boys night if all went well.

I was waiting when Nathan slowed to a stop, breathing a little quickly but not panting. He was an excellent athlete and would be good for many more laps at that pace. When I had Daniel dismount and help me unhook Nathan from the traces I could see he was still sporting a substantial hard on pushing out the pouch of his harness. And he hadn't been watching the girls that time.

I told Nathan to remove his bridle so he could see freely and I had him assist me in hooking Daniel into the traces in his place. Once he was secured, I walked around him and admired the view. As I suspected, he looked awesome in harness. Of course, he was missing one final detail. I hoped that this was the first and last time I would see him in full harness without a tail poking out from that cute tight little butt.

Nathan was giving him directions and advice on stance and pace. I said 'Nathan. Are you good for a couple of more laps?' He nodded and looked just a little insulted. 'Of course, Master.' he said.

'Good. I want you setting the pace for us. Daniel!' He lifted his head and turned it just a little, as Nathan had showed him, and didn't speak. 'Do you think you can make it four laps around the track, boy?' He tossed his head and I saw his shoulders tighten a little. Another little prod at his ego. Sometimes words cracked harder than the whip. It was good to remind him of his place now and then.

'Are we ready?' They both tossed their heads. I shook the reins and chucked and we started off down the track.

Aaahhhh.... That was almost perfect. The both of them running together in front of me, tight buns jiggling and muscles flexing smoothly. It would only take a couple of things to make it absolutely perfect, but we had time to work up to that. When we passed the gym, the girls smiled and waved from atop the exercise bikes. I grinned and gave them a thumbs up.

I rode the rest of the four laps in a small erotic fog. I was going to have to burn off a little more energy later myself before this evenings festivities got under way. I hoped Nathan wasn't too tired out...

By the time Daniel finished the laps he was red in the face and puffing and blowing hard. As we pulled to a stop Nathan put a hand on his shoulder to support him as he swayed back and forth a little. I dismounted and unhooked his harness from the traces and had Nathan walk him around a little bit to steady him up. 'Obviously,' I said 'We are going to have to work on your stamina a little, boy. But don't you worry. Six months from now you are going to be in the best shape of your life!' Hands on his knees, Daniel shot me a dubious look out of the corner of his eye as he panted.

When everybody was showered and all of the gear was cleaned and put away, they were sent at a fast trot to the house to fetch their laundry and back to the stables. I shut off the lights and the heaters and the coffee pot and waited for them at the stable door.

Once all the beds were made and the laundry put away and everybody safely back in their cages I announced 'Nap time, all! Put your little heads down and get some rest. Four hours.' and I dimmed the lights.


'Yes, Master?'

'Nap time.'

'Yes, Master!' I could hear the shiver in his voice, as always.

Gripping Nathans hips hard in my hands, I pulled him into me and held him still while he shook and panted through his second orgasm. I had to bite my lip to keep from coming myself as his rectal channel squeezed my prick in ripples like a hand inside of him. His arms shook hard and the strength went out of them and he collapsed forward, his head resting on the mattress as he murmured 'Oh my god... oh my god...' over and over.

After a few moments when he had calmed down a little and the little lights stopped popping in my eyes, I slowly slipped my cock back out of his ass. When the head popped out, Nathan squeaked and shivered again. I slapped him softly on the butt and said 'Roll over, boy.' He rolled to the side, avoiding the mess he had already made on the sheets and flipped over onto his back, his legs spread wide and lifting his knees.

I moved back between his legs and grabbed his ankles, putting them up to my shoulders. Reaching down, I grabbed the shaft of my cock and presented the head back to the opening of Nathans ass and pressed forward slowly. Even though he had already been stretched open by my prick, he took a deep breath and groaned as his channel was forced open again and I slid my meat home in his ass.

Out of the corner of my eyes I could see his toes curling and uncurling on either side of my head. His hands went down to the outsides of my thighs, pulling me into him.

'Oh my god, I love it when you are inside of me, Master. You make me feel so good when you fuck me.'

'And it feels so good to fuck you, Nathan. Better than almost anything in the world. I just love driving my hard cock up inside of your tight little pony boy ass....' His hips started moving against me and I could feel his inner muscles starting to tighten up on me again. Reaching one hand around his leg, I grabbed his half hard prick and started stroking it in time with my hips grinding into him and my cock sliding in and out of his butt.

It always amazed me how quickly Nathan could recover and get hard again. Of course having something hard in his ass and somebody talking dirty to him seemed to be Nathans biggest turn on. Other than getting tied up, anyway. I worked into a smooth rhythm, stroking his prick and driving mine into his ass over and over again.

'Come on, pony boy. Come for your Master.' I said, squeezing his prick a little harder. 'Show me how you like having your Masters cock in your ass, pony boy. Show me how much you like getting fucked in your ass.'

Nathan started groaning and squirming beneath me, his cock now completely stiff in my fist and I jacked him up and down as I fucked him.

The sweat was starting to drip down into my eyes and I was starting to see those little lights in my vision again. It felt as if my prick was swelling bigger and bigger and I could feel my own orgasm rushing down my body like a bucket of hot water was dumped on my head. I leaned forward and pounded into Nathans soft ass as hard as I could and stroked him hard and fast. His legs started tightening up on either side of my neck, pressing backwards as I leaned forwards against them.

Finally I could take no more. As I started to groan and drive all the way inside of his body, Nathan stiffened and cried out and his channel clamped down on my prick. I shuddered and cried out and started shooting my come up inside his body and I could feel his hot sticky come flooding down over my fingers wrapped around his member.

If somebody who didn't know what was going on had walked in at that moment they might have thought Nathan and I were trying to kill each other, we were straining against each other with such violence.

Keeping my pets at such a high state of sexual tension so often took a toll on us all, it seems. It was worth it.

Like last time I left Nathan to change the bed while I stepped into the shower. But unlike last time we spent a little time washing each other off and then slipped under the clean sheets together and fell asleep, with his shoulder under my arm and his head on my chest.

I awoke a couple of hours later and went into my office to make a phone call. Half an hour after that I got in my truck and drove five miles to the little gas station up the road and met the pizza delivery guy there. I figured it was time for something different. A little treat for us all.

About five in the evening found us all soaking in the hot tub in the room next to my bathroom. The room had big windows that overlooked the valley below. Some nights soaking in that tub were spent doing nothing but watching the weather. Other times we never noticed the outside at all. The tub was set into the floor and was the biggest one I could buy, able to hold eight people if they were friendly enough. It had molded seats and two person benches all the way around the edge that were very comfortable.

Everybody had a very small glass of wine sitting by their head around the edge of the tub. Alcohol and hot tubs were not a good idea, generally, but they were very small glasses. I wanted all of us relaxed and happy and comfortable.

I was starting to get hungry. I didn't know about Daniel and the girls, but Nathan and I had slept through lunch. I figured maybe another half an hour in the tub, then we would have to move on with my plans for the evening. I drifted in the water a little and speculated..

A touch on my arm and my eyes popped back open as Sarabeth slid into my lap and wrapped her arm around my neck. Her soft little bottom settled onto my thighs and trapped my prick between her hip and my belly. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her into me. Her lips brushed against the side of my neck and then she whispered in my ear 'Soon, Master?' I nodded and whispered back 'Very soon, Sarabeth.' she replied 'I can't wait!'

There was a sound and we looked. Gael was standing in the middle of the tub. Her stance suggested that her hands were on her hips but since she was up to her nipples in the water in the deepest part of the tub, it was difficult to tell. She pointed at Sarabeth and said 'Okay, it's my turn now!'

Sarabeth smiled and kissed me lazily again then drifted off and Gael climbed up into my lap and settled in, her arms tight around my neck. One hand snaked out and she picked up my wine glass and took a sip then kissed me with the tangy taste of wine on her lips. It took nothing away from her kiss, even though I preferred the taste of her without the wine. Once she put the glass down she tried to slip her hand down in my lap. I caught her hand and frowned.

'Behave yourself, girl..'

'But Master, I....'

I clapped a hand over her mouth and said 'You will behave or I will take you out and spank your little bottom right here in front of everybody.' She tried to open her mouth again and I added 'Then I will send you back to your cage before dinner and you can spend the night there alone.'

She immediately subsided and got up off of my lap. She dropped her eyes and said softly 'I'm sorry, Master.'

I leaned up and placed both hands on her cheeks and kissed her gently. 'It's all right, Gael. Go sit in Sarabeth's lap for awhile now.' Sarabeth always coddled Gael when she misbehaved. I probably shouldn't have allowed it, but I had a weakness for seeing them together.

While the little redhead slid into Sarabeth's lap, Nathan took the opportunity of the vacancy to slip into mine. While I held him and kissed him I could see Daniel looking at us both uncertainly. He was trying to make it look like he was really watching the girls cuddle and kiss, but his eyes kept tracking back to Nathan and I as we sat together. I leaned close to Nathan's ear and whispered 'We are very close now.' The lad shivered against my lap and turned to present his lips to mine and kissed me. Then, with one last squeeze, he got up off of my lap and went back over and sat beside Daniel, who was a little wide eyed and still uncertain looking.

Nathan turned and said something to him so softly I couldn't hear it over the noise of the hot tub. Even though he was flushed a bit from the heat of the water and the little bit of wine he had, I could see him get even redder and shake his head.

Time for just a little push.

Holding one hand out of the water, I beckoned to him and said 'Daniel. Come here.'

Shyly, he half rose and stepped over to me, making sure his crotch stayed well below the level of the water. He slid into my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck and buried his face in my shoulder. As he turned the head of his very erect prick grazed against my elbow under the water. I pretended not to notice it.

The boy was obviously quite turned on and a bit nervous about the whole evening. I tried to be as reassuring as I could, holding him in my arms and patting him softly. As the stress leaked out of him some and he relaxed, Daniel lifted his head and turned towards me and I kissed him. Gently at first, then with more passion as he relaxed into it. His lips opened to me and my tongue snaked into his mouth and he moaned slightly and his hips moved against mine. When I finally pulled my mouth away from his I said 'It's not so bad now, is it?' He shook his head and laid it back down on my shoulder.

Deciding that was enough, I lifted the boy off of my lap, set him aside, got up out of the tub and started drying myself off. Immediately I was surrounded by helping hands and close to a dozen towels. Even Daniel was there trying to help. I relaxed into it and let them dry me off. Somebody grabbed my silk robe from where it hung and slipped it over one arm. I slid the other arm in and my robe was pulled up over my shoulders and tied snugly around my waist.

I looked at Daniel and said 'Get dried off and meet me in the living room. We have things to discuss.' I looked at the others and said 'You know what to do.'

Moments later Daniel entered the room and knelt at my feet wearing nothing but his collar. In spite of the cool drizzly day outside it was comfortably warm in the living room with a merry blaze going in the fireplace. I saw Daniel glance up at me, then down at the floor.

He was nervous, I could tell. I assumed that the others had given him as much encouragement and inside information as they thought they could get away with. I could assume that he knew, at least intellectually, what was going to happen here tonight. I think if I was in his shoes, I would have been a bit apprehensive myself.

'Look at me, Daniel.' He raised his head and looked me in the eyes a little uneasily.

'Last night,' I said 'You told me that you were ready.'

'Yes, Master.'

'Tell me, what exactly were you ready for, Daniel?'

He blushed pink and stammered 'F-for you t-to t-take me, Master.'

'Take you where, Daniel?'

'T-to your bed, Master.'

'You wanted me to have sex with you? You wanted me to fuck you?'

He turned an even darker shade and said 'Y-yes, Master.'

I looked at him for a long moment and then said quietly 'Were you really ready for that last night, Daniel?'

He hung his head and whispered 'No, Master. I wasn't.'

'And tonight? Do you think you are ready tonight?'

After a moment he shrugged his shoulders and said 'I'm not sure, Master. I'm confused.'

I leaned back in my chair and steepled my fingers in front of me. 'Tell me, Daniel. Tell me what confuses you.'

He spread his hands, waving at me and the whole house and the grounds, seemingly. 'I-I'm not sure where to start. The whole thing. You and them, and this whole place.... I don't understand.'

I held up my hands. 'Slowly. Start from the beginning and tell me.'

'When I first woke up in the cage... with the blindfold on. I was scared to death. I thought you were going to kill me. Then you said something about how you were going to rape me...'

'I never said I was going to rape you, Daniel. I said you were going to serve me in my bed.'

'As scared as I was, it meant the same thing. It scared me even worse. Then the whip....' he absently stroked his leg where I had first striped him. 'Next thing I knew I was crying like a baby and I had peed on the floor. I was frightened and embarrassed and I thought I was going to be raped and tortured and murdered and end up buried in some field somewhere like you see on teevee all the time...'

'One of the reasons I don't have a television in my house.' I thought. I could see that he was close to tears again, remembering. I got down on the floor and gathered him into my shoulder and patted him gently and shushed him until he calmed down. I moved around with my back to the fireplace and leaned up against the tall hearth and laid the lad down with his head in my lap. The thick rug was comfortable enough to sit on, or other things. I had even slept on that rug a time or two.

'Then what happened?'

'Then I met Sarabeth.... and she... cleaned me up and kissed me on the cheek..... She was so nice to me. And I got so....confused. She was yours....your slave or whatever, I didn't know for sure at the time what she was, but you treated her like she was like me, a captive. But she didn't run away or hate you or try to escape. And she did everything you told her to and was happy about it... And she was so beautiful and she was so nice to me....' Daniel shifted a little and crossed his legs as that memory came flooding back. I patted him gently and stroked his hair as he talked.

'Then I met Gael and she was naked and in a cage too and very hot and she looked like she wanted to run over and eat me alive or something... And then there was Nathan and he was naked and looking like he wanted to beat me up until you talked to him. And they all called you 'Master' and did anything you told them to even when they weren't chained up... I didn't understand why they just did what you said and never fought back or tried to escape...'

He paused for a second then said 'When you made me beg you to let Sarabeth....go down on me..... I thought I would die of shame. Being naked in front of all of you and her doing that to me..... Then I thought I would die of something else by the time she was finished. I had never felt anything like that before in my life.'

'And then you had her put on that harness and it made her look even hotter than when she was just naked, which I didn't think was possible. And she turned away and showed me how she put that big long thing in her ass... And I could tell from her face that it hurt some but it also felt really good to her......' He squirmed around a little more with his hands down in his lap. I knew what was going on down there.

'I don't remember much else about that first night. Just bits and pieces. I remember seeing Nathan and Gael together on her bed... and I remember thinking my leg was broken or something. I think I passed out.'

I patted him gently, soothing away his tension as best I could. 'Daniel,' I said 'I would like the others to hear the rest of this story if you don't mind.' He shrugged and nodded his head in my lap, which wasn't such a good idea if we wanted this conversation to go on very much longer.

I raised my voice and said 'Do come in now, please.' Sarabeth, Nathan and Gael all entered the room as if they had been waiting just around the corner for such a request. Which I'm sure they were. All three were naked, of course, except for their collars and their tails, which swung behind each one of them as they came in and knelt down on the rug near the fireplace.

I patted him again and said 'So you were confused and angry and afraid... what made you change your mind?'

'At first I hated you. I wanted to kill you and escape and take Gael and Sarabeth with me.' Nathan raised an eyebrow. Daniel noticed and said 'I'm sorry, Nathan. The way you looked at me that first night I thought you hated me too... I was scared of you.'

Nathan smiled a little ruefully and reached out and patted Daniel on the knee and squeezed it. 'It's okay, little brother.' he said. 'As long as you are my friend now we'll call it even.' The younger man smiled back at him.

Still looking at Nathan he said 'But when I saw you in the dressage harness and saw how awesome you were dressed like that I wanted to look just like you. You went, in an instant, from being a potential enemy to somebody I was envious of and wanted to be just like. I wanted to be just like you, big brother.'

Nathan smiled and patted his leg again. 'We will get you there, little brother. I'll make sure of it.'

'Then what happened?'

Daniel frowned. 'I wanted to escape, like I said. But I couldn't find a way out. I wanted to kill you but when I tried I thought you were going to tear my arm off. Every time I tried to fight you or disobey you were right there watching me, with that horrible whip in your hand, hurting me. After a while I just wanted the pain to stop... I decided I would do what you told me to just so you wouldn't hurt me anymore.'

'And then?'

'When the pain went away and I could concentrate I started to notice things that confused me even more.'


'Like the fact that they were all the same as me. Naked and chained up and in a cage. But they were all happy. And that just blew my mind. I could see the looks on everybody's face that they were upset and felt sorry for me because you kept hurting me. But it was the same look I would get from my foster parents when I had done something bad and gotten in trouble. They weren't angry at me for doing stupid things, but they were sad and sorry for me because I wouldn't behave myself. And I felt ashamed that I was upsetting them.'

He paused for a few breaths to collect his thoughts then continued 'In between the times when I wasn't causing any trouble, everybody just seemed very happy. They were all very nice to me but they were always happy to see you coming, Master.' He glanced up at me and I smoothed away the hair from his brow.

'They would always say 'Just do what he says and he won't hurt you, Daniel!' and 'Please Daniel! Don't fight him!' and 'He's very nice when you don't make him angry, you'll see!' I didn't understand why they were all happy to see the man who had kidnapped them and kept them in cages like animals. Then Gael said something.... The morning after she spent the night with you.... She was brushing out her hair in her cage after she got back and said 'When I spend time alone with Master, he makes me feel so special. Like I was the only other person on the planet.' and she shivered in that cute little way that she does and she said ' I'll never love another man like I love him.' And right then I knew that I had to stop and think about what I was doing wrong. I had to find out why I was so miserable and they were so happy. And it didn't really take me all that long to figure it out. They are all happy because they love you. Even though or despite of the fact or even because you kept them naked and chained up and in cages.'

I had to give the young man some credit. He was more astute than I had given him credit for.

Daniel turned his head and looked up at me again and said 'Then you said it yourself. You said to me last night: 'All of this...This stuff isn't really necessary. The cages and the chains and the whole 'Master' thing..... I could have accomplished all of this without this stuff. But it would have been much harder to pull it off that way. Sometimes people have to be pushed and forced into realizing what it is they really want. They have to realize what they can gain by giving away what they think they desire most.' '

'And right then I knew that I wanted what they had, too. That I wanted you to love me like you love them. That I wanted to feel safe and secure and wanted and loved and proud of what I was. I realized that even if I was naked and chained and kept in a cage I could be part of something that was real and good and exciting.'

I wanted to kiss him but I couldn't reach. I'm not that flexible. I said 'Sarabeth, lean down here and kiss the boy. I can't reach him.' She leaned forward and kissed Daniel warmly. Then of course Gael had to do it too and even Nathan leaned in and gave him a kiss of his own. Daniel took it in stride.

When they were done, Daniel turned into me and leaned up on one elbow and turned his face up to me. I leaned down a little and kissed him hard, slipping a hand behind his neck as I felt him part his lips to me. And not long after that he was making that little noise in the back of his throat again. I held the kiss for just a few seconds longer, then pushed him gently back.

'So, Master?' Sarabeth said a little insistently. 'Is Daniel going to get his tail tonight?'

I shrugged, kind of noncommittally. 'I'm not really sure.' They all looked at me in dismay.

'He seems to want it sure enough. And after today he seems to have earned it. There just leaves one last thing he has to do.'

Daniel touched my arm and said 'What do I have to do, Master? Please tell me and I'll do it!'

I reached out and stroked his cheek gently and said 'Daniel, you have to ask for it.'

Completely ignoring the hardon that was standing up from his crotch, Daniel spun around on his knees in front of me, bowed his head with his palms on his thighs and said 'Master, may I please have my tail tonight?'

'Why certainly, Daniel.'

The box had been sitting on the fireplace hearth during this whole ordeal, covered with a cloth. Not only was it a good handy place, but the fire kept the contents warm. That was always a good idea, especially the first time. I removed the covering and set the box down on the floor, one hand resting on the smooth polished top.

'I do hope you fully understand what this means, Daniel. By taking my tail willingly and of your own free will, you are pledging yourself to me for the rest of your life. Taking it means that you are mine forever. Heart, body and soul. No more fights, no more arguments. By doing this you swear that you will obey me in all things and at all times. You give up your former life outside of here and turn your back on it forever.'

He bowed his head again and said 'I understand, Master.'

'So.' I said. 'When Gael came we established a tradition that I think we will try to continue. She was given a choice of who she wanted to help with her first tailing and she chose Sarabeth. So now you can choose. Who do you want to give you your tail, Daniel?'

Without any hesitation he said 'Nathan.' I nodded and Nathan smiled. Gael pouted and said 'Phooey.'

I turned and said 'Sarabeth?' She rose and walked behind the couch and returned carrying a small hassock covered in soft black leather and set it down on the floor in front of the hearth. Nathan grabbed the bottle of lube where it had been keeping warm and set it down beside it. Daniel looked at it and raised an eyebrow.

'The very last thing that remains' I said as I opened the lid of the box 'Is for you to pick your first tail.'

Inside of the box, which was lined with brilliant red velvet, were five straight dark brown tails matching Daniels hair color. Attached to each were butt plugs of different sizes and shapes. They were all of the same basic shape, of course. A tapered tip to ease entry, a wider body then tapering down sharply at the end to give the anus something to close on and grip, then a smaller extrusion with a slot through it for the harness and then the tail itself.

While Daniel looked in the box with a mixture of awe and trepidation on his face, Nathan leaned in and said 'Master made these for you himself, Daniel.' When he looked at me I just nodded.

'Thank you, Master.'

Reaching in, he picked out number two. It was the second to the smallest one, about four inches long and four inches around. He turned and handed it to Nathan.

The girls grabbed the hassock and set it in front of him and pulled him over the top of it so he was bent over with is butt in the air and his head and shoulders hanging off of the front. The girls each grabbed one of his hands and held onto them tight. Daniels eyes were wide open and he looked a little green. Sarabeth stroked his face and said 'It will feel a little uncomfortable at first. There's just no way around that. But once you get used to it, it will feel wonderful.'

Gael leaned in and said 'You are going to love it, Daniel.' She reached back behind her and very obviously touched the tail protruding from her own ass and shivered and added 'There's no feeling like it in the world! It's like Master is inside me all of the time!' Daniel rolled his eyes a little and whispered 'Oh god....'

Nathan had moved behind the boy's body draped over the hassock, nudging his knees wide apart with his own. He knew it was important to get him as spread open as wide as possible the first time. There was no chance outside of using drugs to get him to totally relax, so he had to use what he could.

Laying the tail across his own thighs to keep it warm, Nathan reached up and placed his palms on Daniels lower back and started massaging him there slowly and firmly, trying to get him as loosened up as possible. He slowly moved down and gripped the cheeks of the boys ass in his hands and kneading them, his thumbs inside his crack and moving up and down.

'Do you remember when we were in the shower together?' Sarabeth asked. Daniel closed his eyes and said 'I don't think I will ever forget that, Sarabeth. That was the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my whole life.' She dimpled and said 'Do you remember when I stuck my tongue in your ass?' He nodded and shivered and moaned just a little. I could see Daniels prick hanging down. It had gone a little soft with anxiety but was now firmly erect once again and twitching against the side of the hassock.

Nathan dribbled a little of the lube down onto the opening of Daniels ass and started rubbing around and around the little pink rose with his fingers. After a moment of that, he got a little more of the slippery fluid and pressed his first finger right at the opening then slowly slid it inside of him. Daniel moaned again and tensed up. Nathan stopped his forward motion and waited.

I said 'Please don't crush the girls hands, Daniel. They might need them later.' With an effort, he eased off on his death grip.

Nathan patted him on the back with his free hand and said 'Take a deep breath, Daniel.'

He took a deep shuddering breath.


He did, just a little deeper.

'One more, as deep as you can.'

It worked, as it had the other day with the strap from his harness. He loosened up and Nathan slid his finger all way up inside of his ass. Daniel moaned a little louder. Sarabeth leaned forward and pressed his face in between her breasts, hugging him to her chest. Gael fell forward and began rubbing her nipples into his shoulder and kissing up and down his back and neck. He moaned while Nathan worked his finger in and out. The girls were a good distraction.

A moment or two later Nathan got some more lube on his fingers and said 'Another deep breath, Daniel. A little bit bigger, now.' He held two fingers together and slid them up inside Daniels ass, opening him up further. He turned and twisted them inside the boys tight channel, massaging his rectal ring from the inside. Daniel was moaning constantly with his face pressed between Sarabeth's soft pale tits.

I knelt close to them and patted Sarabeth on her butt and motioned her aside. She moved her chest away from his face but kept a firm grip on his hand. Leaning down I said 'Look at me.' He turned his head as much as he could and looked up at me, a little bleary eyed.

I put one hand under his chin and asked 'Are you ready to take your tail now, Daniel?'

I could see that his hips were moving around a little bit in response to Nathans fingers in his ass. He moaned again and said 'Ohhhh god. Yes please, Master! I'm ready...... Ohhhh god....'

I got up and moved around behind the boys body draped over the hassock. I wanted to watch. Nathan held up the tail in his free hand. I grabbed the lube and dribbled a generous portion onto the toy and another bit down the crack of his butt above Nathans fingers. In one smooth motion Nathan slid his fingers out of the boys clenching tunnel and pressed the tapered tip of the plug to the opening before he could tighten up again and pressed forward. Slowly it stretched him open even wider as it slid inside him. Daniel was squeaking and gasping, going back and forth between 'Oooowww..' and 'Ooohh my god...' as it sunk deeper and deeper into his wiggling butt.

Finally, when Daniel was getting to the point where he thought he would just split in half, it passed the widest point and slid all the way home, his sore abused rectal muscles clamping down on the tapered end in relief. While he lay weakly draped over the hassock and panted we all cheered. He had finally taken his first tail.

While he rested and panted for a moment, I climbed back up into my chair and reclined comfortably. Then I nodded to the others. The girls picked Daniel up by his arms and stood him up and walked him backwards while Nathan grabbed his legs and pulled them the other way, nudging he hassock out of the way with his hip. They flipped him over backwards and laid him down on the rug, Nathan holding his hips so his butt wouldn't hit the floor first. But when he got to the floor the pressure drove the plug just a little deeper inside of him, making him arch his back a little and moan 'Ooooooh my god.' His cock stood up hard and straight from his crotch as he lay there.

At the second nod from me, the girls fell across his upper body, Gael pressing her lips to his mouth and kissing him hard while Sarabeth started sucking and gently biting his nipples. Nathan knelt between his spread legs with his hands on Daniels upper thighs looking at me expectantly. I nodded at him and he smiled and leaned forward and took Daniels hard cock in his hand, squeezing it and started stroking him.

Assaulted by sensations from all sides, Daniel writhed and moaned into Gaels mouth. One hand was behind Gaels head and the other was across Sarabeth's back and he clutched them tightly into him while his hips and legs were slowly moving in response to Nathans touch. After stroking up and down the boys shaft a few times, Nathan peeled back his foreskin and leaned forward, his tongue snaking out and covering the head of Daniels fine hard prick with saliva before his lips closed around the head and Nathan sucked him deeply into his mouth.

Whether or not Daniel was cognizant enough to do that math and figure out who was sucking his cock at that moment I do not know. But judging from his reactions he didn't seem to care all that much. His hips rolled, pushing his prick up into Nathans mouth as Nathans hand slid up and down his shaft and his head bobbed in the boys lap.

Me, I just sat back and enjoyed the show. It looked like my pets had things well in hand, so to speak, and there was nothing for me to do but relax and enjoy it.

It took no time at all seemingly, before Daniel began thrashing his legs and moving a little more frenziedly beneath the pile of bodies. As he neared his climax, Nathan reached down between the boys legs and pressed the tail more firmly up into him. Partly for the added sensation and partly to keep it firmly inside. Having your tail pop out at an inopportune moment could be messy.

Either way, the extra stimulus had the desired effect. Daniel jerked like he'd stuck his finger in a light socket. He pulled his mouth away from Gael's and cried out and if it hadn't been for the three others piled on top of him, I think he would have risen straight up off of the floor. As it was his back arched and his butt came up off the floor and his whole body froze in a spasm, all of his muscles tight and straining. Nathan had a difficult time keeping Daniels member in his mouth as the younger man thrashed and shot load after load of his come down his throat. But being the professional that he was, Nathan gulped and swallowed all that Daniel had to offer without losing a drop.

Daniel told me later that it was the hardest he had ever come in his life up to that point and he thought he might have blacked out a little there at the end. And if the thought of Nathan sucking his cock ever bothered him at all, he never mentioned it.

After he had rested on the floor panting for a minute or so, I nodded to my pets and they lifted him up off the floor and to his feet. And of course that called for another round of kisses in congratulations from everybody. Daniel was still pink all over and a little bleary eyed as the girls draped his arms over their shoulders and we all walked into the kitchen to celebrate. He walked with his legs a little rubbery but his butt cheeks clenched tightly together.

Learning to sit in a chair with a tail was an acquired talent. Any backwards pressure would push it deeper in your butt so you learned to sit up straight with your back slightly arched. It encouraged good posture and reminded you constantly not to slouch or recline in your chair. After his first attempt, Daniel had begged me to let him stand during the meal but I was adamant that he would sit with the rest of us.

'You will learn to sit properly at your Masters table, Daniel. This is an earned reward and does not come around very often. And when you are at my table you will sit properly as a good pony should out of respect for me. Now sit.'

He sat gingerly down again on the chair, squeaking just a little as his naked butt and tail came in contact with the wooden seat. Nathan leaned over and whispered and he sat a little taller then breathed out a sigh of relief. Every now and then during the meal he would squeak and sit back up again a little straighter.

It looked a little odd. We sat around the table eating pizza and drinking sodas with paper plates and styrofoam cups so there would be minimal cleanup afterwards. Yet all of my pets were sitting as straight and as formally as if they were at high tea in the palace. And everybody but me was naked except for their collars and tails. It would have made an interesting picture. I had an idea to speak to that artist about.

Pizza and soda were a rare treat indeed in my home. It had probably been at least a year since we had eaten like that here. But I had remembered from Daniels interview at the diner that he had mentioned pizza as being his favorite meal. I thought it an appropriate reward for his tailing day. Each of my pets got their favorite dinner on the anniversary of their first tailing. They all enjoyed the meal, even if I was strict about their intake of sugar. I only allowed them two glasses of soda apiece so that they would sip and savor them, rather than gulping and going for more. Since their diet was fairly low in sugars, I didn't want them all buzzed and awake all night long (not that way, anyway) and they would all be cranky in the morning when I woke them for training.

After dinner was over I set the lads to doing cleanup and escorted the girls back to the stables. Gael begged me to let her stay with Sarabeth for awhile. I looked at Sarabeth and she smiled and nodded. Taking Gael by the upper arms I made her look at me and I said 'Sarabeth got up very early this morning and she has had a busy day. If I let you stay with her for awhile you have to promise to let her go to sleep early. She needs her rest as you do yours. I'll be back with Nathan later and I will put you back in your home, dear.'

Gael crossed her heart and said 'I promise, Master. She will be sound asleep very soon!'

I kissed them both and sent them into Sarabeth's cage with the admonition 'Morning and training will come early, ladies. Have fun and enjoy yourselves. Tomorrow we go back to our regular schedule.'

Chapter Six

When I returned to the house the lads had finished cleaning up and putting the extra food away. I sent them into the bedroom with instructions to wait for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the sight of those two tight naked butts with their switching tails as they scampered off to do my bidding. When they were gone I turned out the lights and locked up and dithered about for a few minutes, giving them time to sit and wait for awhile. Nathan, I'm sure, was excited, knowing that when I got in there he was going to get to watch me give Daniel his first ass fucking, but wondering if and how he was going to get to participate. And fervently hoping that I wouldn't just make him watch. That would have been torture for him indeed.

And I'm pretty sure Daniel knew what was coming next. Was he anticipating it with a hopeful expectation? Or terror? Or a mixture of both? I didn't know. Either way, having him wait and think about it for a little while would enhance the experience no matter how he approached it. From the way my robe was poking out in the front it was pretty obvious that I was turned on by the idea. But then, having sex with my pets was my favorite pastime. Aside from watching them compete in full harnesses and tails, I could think of nothing better.

After deciding they had waited long enough, I strolled leisurely into the bedroom. On the way there I had heard soft whispering that abruptly cut off as they heard my footsteps. The curse of preferring hardwood floors. If the hallway had been carpeted I could have crept up on them and overheard what they were whispering to each other. Ah, well.

Both lads were kneeling on the thick area rug at the foot of the bed, pretending that they had been waiting quietly and patiently the whole time. And I pretended I didn't hear the whispering. I stepped into the bathroom and took my time brushing my teeth and getting a glass of water and hanging my robe up on the hook. Every extra bit of anticipation was worth the extra time. For all of us involved. The first time I took a pet into my bed was always sweet and memorable. Even though the first few times were usually a bit awkward, they were no less sweet.

And this time was going to be no less memorable with both Nathan and Daniel there. Daniel had reportedly never been to bed with one man before, let alone two. And neither Nathan nor I had ever been with two men before, so it was going to be an experience for us all.

Before I had taken Nathan my only sexual experience with another man had been with Randy, one of the ponies I had purchased at a gathering several years ago. Randy and his mate Amanda had indentured themselves to Lord IX (pronounced 'Nine') with the express agreement that they be kept together and sold only as a breeding pair. I had honored that arrangement and after keeping them for a few years, sold them together at another gathering for almost twice my investment. Randy was bisexual, as almost any pony worth his salt should be, as was Amanda. They were entertaining in bed but merely mediocre in competition. My rigorous training had increased their worth considerably, but I wanted champions as well as bed mates and so had let them go and formulated my new plan.

After overcoming Nathan's initial resistance, he had become both an eager and exciting bedmate as well as a champion. I had as high a hope for Daniel.

Even though their heads were down, I caught both lads peeking through their eyebrows as I crossed the room and crawled into the middle of the bed. It was extremely obvious that I was excited. I was still rock hard. After nonchalantly taking my time arranging the pillows and piling them up so I could recline as if I was going to read a book or something mundane, I patted the mattress on either side of me and said casually 'Come on up, lads.'

Both pairs of eyes were on my prick as they crawled up the end of the bed and settled in on both sides. Nathan was smiling and Daniel looked a little pale. I gathered each of them under an arm and laid their heads on my chest. Two soft warm hands lay on my belly. And two tumescent pricks lay across my upper thighs. It was warm and cuddly and comfy and if I wasn't so horny I could have fallen blissfully asleep.

But I had other things on my mind than sleep.

I hugged Nathan and patted him and kissed the top of his head. 'Been an interesting day eh, Nathan?'

He threw one leg over mine and leaned over and kissed the skin of my chest and said 'Yes Master, it has! It's been a wonderful day and it just keeps getting better! I'm so happy Daniel got his tail. Now he's one of us forever!' Nathan lifted his head and looked at me and said 'Master? Can I be on the first rotation with him?'

I smiled and shook my head. 'Sorry, Nathan. Sarabeth gets first dibs with him this month. You will have to wait until week... five, I believe.'

'Five weeks! Oh no....' he cried. 'That's horrible! Can't we rearrange.....' He faltered to a stop when I raised my eyebrow. He knew that when I made schedule we stuck to it religiously. In my mind I was already picturing the wide red stripes all over his butt for suggesting I change things around to suit him.

He dropped his eyes and said 'Master, I'm sorry! Please forgive me.' he said humbly.

One of my hands curled into the hair on the back of Nathans head and tilted it back until he looked at me again. I stared at him for a moment until he began to look both really nervous and really sorry, then I leaned down and kissed him.

'Forgiven and forgotten, Nathan. You need to practice patience. Good things come to those who wait, remember. Besides, you don't even know for sure that Daniel likes men. Although,' I said, looking down at the pair of hard cocks laying against my legs 'It does look like he is considering the notion favorably.' The top of Daniels scalp turned a little pink.

I leaned the other way and kissed the top of Daniels head. 'And what about you? Have you enjoyed yourself today?' he nodded against my chest then lifted his head.

'Yes, Master. It's been mostly fun.'

'Just mostly?'

'It's been a bit nerve wracking as well, Master. They told me what I could expect, pretty much. I..... I have been nervous about this all day. I've..... Never been with a man before. I.... don't know what to do and I'm a little scared.' He glanced meaningfully at my hard prick standing up between them. 'The tail hurt going in and that is quite a bit bigger than the tail. I'm afraid you'll kill me.'

I slipped my arm from around Nathans shoulders and tipped Daniels chin up and kissed him gently. Then a little harder as he softened and responded to my lips. Daniels lips parted and I slipped my tongue into his mouth and he moaned softly in the back of his throat. I could feel his cock twitch against my leg.

When I broke the kiss I kept my face close to his with one hand on his cheek. 'Your body wants it, Daniel. Even if your mind isn't sure. We will proceed softly and gently. It will be a little painful at first and there's no way around that and I'm sorry. But it won't kill you, I promise.' I leaned back and wrapped my arm back around Nathan and nodded towards him. 'Nathan fought it for weeks. Flat refused to give himself to me. Then after the first time I took him to my bed he complained about the time he had wasted. Said I should have forced him to take it.' I shook my head. 'Imagine that.'

Nathan squirmed against me and actually had the sense to blush. He shook his head too and said 'I was a fool.' He looked over at Daniel and said 'In my heart I wanted Master to take me, but I couldn't fight my ego and that male machismo 'fag' thing. I was afraid it would make me a sissy, letting another man have sex with me. It was how I was raised. I fought him and fought him....' He looked up at me and smiled and said 'And now.... I want to be here all of the time. I could spend the rest of my life in bed with Master and be happy. I.....' he dropped his eyes and blushed again. 'I get a little jealous when the girls are here with him.' He looked over at Daniel and said 'And now I'll be even more jealous when you are here and not me.' he looked a little miserable and added 'I'm sorry, Daniel. I don't mean to be such a pig.'

Raising himself up, Daniel leaned over me and kissed Nathan fully on the lips and said 'It's okay, big brother. At least you are here with me now. I think I'll feel better having someone to hold my hand.'

I patted Nathan on the back and said 'Now that we have that out of the way, why don't you give Daniel a lesson in 'Pleasing Master 101'?' He smiled and wiggled and said 'Of course, Master! I'd be happy to!'

Nathan shifted his body and slid down a little and wrapped his hand around the shaft of my prick and gripped it tightly, slipping up and down just a little.

'You are going to love Masters cock, Daniel. It's a source of great happiness. And when you please him he returns it tenfold. Pleasing Master is a joy. Have you ever even touched another man's cock before?'


'Here, then.' Nathan released his hold on me and grabbed Daniels hand and wrapped it around my shaft.

'Oh my god. It feels huge! I can't wrap my hand all of the way around it! That will never....'

'It will, trust me. Besides, look....' He leaned over and grabbed the other lads prick in his hand. Daniel shivered at the touch. 'See? It's not that much bigger than yours! And you do have a very nice cock, Daniel.'

'Uhh... Thank you.'

Nathan moved his hand back and covered Daniels as it slipped slowly up and down on my prick.

'Feel how it's hard and soft at the same time? And so hot, like it should be burning your skin. Just wait until you feel it inside you, Daniel. It's something you will never forget. And believe me, after the first time you will want it again and again... Come down here...' He slid even further down and Daniel followed him until their heads were together leaning over my crotch. I couldn't see much more than the backs of their heads but the sensations were doing just fine. Two strong firm hands gripping me and their combined breath wafting over the head as Nathan pulled back the foreskin.

He said 'First, like this...' He turned his head and I felt his hot wet tongue laving saliva all over the head. I took a deep breath and sighed happily.

Nathan lifted his head and said 'Now you try it.'

A little hesitantly, Daniel mirrored his movements. He was a little clumsy, but he would learn. I didn't mind being a teaching aid.

'Now like this.' Nathan turned his head the other way and wrapped his lips around the side of my shaft and ran it up and down. Daniel leaned down to the other side and it felt like they were trying to kiss each other through my prick. It felt really good.

'And then like this.' Nathans lips wrapped around the head of my prick and took me deep in his mouth, his tongue slipping around and around the head as he bobbed slowly in my lap.

'Now you try it.' I sighed happily again as Daniel sucked me into his mouth, a little hesitantly again, afraid he would choke himself. I kept still until he got used to the feeling of my prick filling his mouth.

'Move your hand up and down in time with your head. And suck in on your cheeks on the outstroke.' said Nathan. 'Here, like this.' They switched places. Nathan knew only too well how I liked my cock sucked. He had done it a few hundred times by now. He hummed a little in the back of his throat and threw all of his expertise in one shot. My hips rotated slowly and I sighed again and said 'Mmmmm.... Yes....'

The next time It was Daniels turn he was a little more relaxed and fluent and it felt much better. The sight and feel of them switching back and forth on my prick was delightful. It was starting to get to me and I could feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead. My hips were rolling of their own accord and little groans were escaping my lips.

After the fourth or fifth time they switched off, I patted Nathan on the back and when he looked back at me I nodded. He smiled and leaned back to talk softly in Daniels ear.

'You are doing great, Daniel. You should see the happy smile on Masters face. He's going to come in your mouth, Daniel. Any moment now.' The boy paused his motion on my prick for just a second as if he was going to pull away, then shrugged and continued his up and down sucking on my prick.

Nathan leaned in and kissed him on the back of the neck and sent shivers down his spine which transferred right to mine. I put my hands softly on the backs of both of their heads, not pushing or guiding, just reminding them I was there.

'He's going to come in your mouth, Daniel. And when he does, all you need to do is start swallowing and don't stop until he's done. You're going to love it. It tastes so sweet. I love the taste of Masters come. Go a little bit faster now and squeeze him tightly with your lips..' Nathans hand wrapped around Daniels wrapped around my shaft and guided him to a little faster pace.

I found that I had my fists clenched tightly in two handfuls of hair and had to concentrate to get my fingers to relax and let go. That was my last coherent thought as I groaned and cried out, lifted my hips and started shooting my come into Daniels mouth. I heard him squeak and felt him jerk then Nathan was whispering 'Swallow! Swallow! Keep swallowing! Get it all down! Good boy, Daniel! Just hang on and ride it out.....'

I tried not to buck too hard and choke him accidentally, but I wasn't really in control of my body at that moment. But Daniel stayed in place and kept from gagging and swallowed all of my come like a trouper, with Nathan whispering encouragement in his ear.

Daniel kept softly sucking on my prick as I shivered and panted and the flow of come finally slowed to a last trickle and then stopped. My body finally began to unwrap itself again and relax. The sensations of his soft lips and tongue were sending little jolts up and down my spine that very slowly faded away.

With a final sigh, I felt my body relax and I patted them both on the back. Daniel released my prick and when he did, Nathan leaned in and kissed him deep, savoring the taste of my come on his lips and tongue. I ran my fingers through Daniels hair and said 'That was wonderful, Daniel. Thank you. You have made your Master very happy.' Then I patted Nathan and said 'Nathan, why don't you go get us all something to drink?' he rolled off the bed and said 'Yes, Master! I'll be right back!' and scampered out of the room, his tail flouncing behind him.

I laid back on the bed and caressed the back of Daniels head as it lay on my belly. His hand was still loosely wrapped around my softening cock as it lay inches from his lips.

While I waited for Nathan to return I glanced over at the monitor by the side of the bed, then grabbed the remote and pulled up the view of Sarabeth's cage. They were tightly intertwined on her bed. I could see the nylon webbing holding the strap-on tightly to Sarabeth's waist. Gael was on her back with her arms and legs wrapped around the other girl's back and Sarabeth's butt pistoned in and out as she fucked the little redhead long and hard. Either Gael was feeling a little more submissive than usual or Sarabeth more dominant, for they usually were reversed.

'It looks like the ladies are having as much fun as we are!'

Daniel rolled over to look. His eyes goggled and he asked 'Can I watch, Master?'

'Certainly, Daniel. Come up here.' I held out an arm and he slid up and spooned his back into my chest. My arm slipped across his chest and snuggled him tight into me.

'Oh my god, that is so hot!' he exclaimed and I saw his hand reach down and stroke his cock a few times.

'You better save that, boy. We are going to find a use for it later.'

His hand went from his prick up to my arm. Looking slightly over his shoulder he asked 'Are... Are you going to fuck me like that, Master?'

'Yes I am, Daniel.'

I felt his body shiver against mine and he clutched my arm tight as it lay across his chest.

Nathan came in bearing a tray with three glasses if ice water and set it down on the nightstand. He handed out them out then sat on the side of the bed so he could view the action without blocking our view. Its seemed we were all pretty dry, as three full glasses became three half empty glasses in mere seconds.

'I just love watching them play.' Nathan said as he started at the video monitor. 'It drives me crazy when I can hear them together and the curtains are closed. But then, sometimes it's worse when they are open. All I can do is lay there and hope that maybe you'll come by and want me....' He turned and I saw that his prick was fully hard again and standing straight up. 'And sometimes I know that you are up here and watching and I know you leave me alone on purpose. And in my mind I'm weighing the risks of getting a shock or a spanking or both against the chance of getting myself off watching them fuck.'

In a moment of surprising honesty he said 'Sometimes you are a very evil and cruel man, Master.'

I reached out my hand and slowly drug my fingernails down Nathans back. Not enough to actually leave a mark, just enough to let him feel it. He shivered and arched his back and goose bumps popped up all over his body.

'And after I am done being evil and cruel to you, poor thing,' I said 'You always appreciate me so much more. It energizes your batteries. And don't even try to pretend it doesn't turn you on when I take the strap to your backside, boy. You are always hard and moaning by the time I'm done punishing you and all it takes is a touch to make you come hard.' Nathan turned a little pink and Daniel squirmed against me.

'If I were truly such an evil and cruel bastard as you say Nathan.... I wouldn't punish you at all. If you want me to be really evil, I'll just bind your hands to the cage bars and make you watch the girls play for hours and hours.... Then I would take them away up here and leave you down there all alone. Bound tight and unable to move and just imagining....' I paused and said 'Perhaps we could try a little experiment tonight.' I caressed the side of Daniels head and kissed his hair and said 'Maybe I'll have you stand in the corner with your hands behind your back while I fuck young Daniel here for the first time. And if you close your eyes or turn away or touch yourself then I'll banish you to your cage alone for a week. How does that sound?'

Nathan shivered hard and he moaned then he turned and slipped down to the floor on his knees and bowed his head.

'Please don't do that, Master.' he begged. 'Please! I don't think I could take it. I'm sorry I called you cruel. I was wrong. I love you more than anything in the world and I live to feel your touch. You are the kindest and most generous Master any man could ask for.' He turned those big brown eyes up at me and I could see that they were brimming with tears. 'Please forgive me, Master.' he begged.

Nathan knew full well that I had a soft spot for those big puppy dog eyes of his and that I couldn't refuse him for long. And that even if he wasn't a loyal and loving pet I couldn't stay away from that hot little body if I wanted to. In the three years since he had submitted his body to me I don't think I had gone more than three days without him in my bed at least once.

I growled 'Get your sorry ass up here, boy.' and held out one arm. Nathan practically flew up onto the bed and we crushed Daniel between us and made him a little sandwich. I put a hand behind Nathan's head and kissed him hard. He was rubbing against Daniel who was squirming into my crotch while making muffled noises into Nathan's chest and the hairs on his tail were tickling my leg.

I was getting horny again and it was time to do something about it. It was difficult pulling away from those soft lips, but I had other things on my mind. I slapped both boys on the butt one after another and said 'It's time to get those tails out and clean. They've been in there long enough. Nathan, assist Daniel and show him how it's done properly.'

They both leapt up from the bed and said 'Yes, Master!' in stereo and rushed off to the bathroom. I leaned back and looked at the monitor again. Gael was now face down on the bed and Sarabeth was pounding into her from behind. I couldn't tell which hole she was using, but from the way Gaels legs were kicking it looked like it didn't matter all that much. Sarabeths pale creamy skin was all pink from exertion and Gael was just a darker shade of pink all over. I was willing to bet that both of them would be sleeping good tonight.

There was some low moaning coming from the bathroom. It got a little louder then I heard an 'Oh! Oh! Oh my god.....' After all of that I expected to hear a pop like a champagne cork. But all there was after that was some soft voices and the water running in the sink.

Nathan was all smiles and still quite erect and Daniel was a bit pale and walking stiffly and about half hard when they returned from the bathroom. There had been a bit of difficulty, it seemed, in getting him to open up enough to take his tail back out. The first month or so were always a trial. But I was pretty sure we would have that little virgin asshole of his used to being stretched open in no time. It would be quite the pleasurable undertaking.

While they were gone I spread out one of the big thick towels I used when I didn't want to change my sheets so often. Sometimes I didn't bother and sometimes I just couldn't wait. But this one was taking some planning and I didn't want to be bothered with the sheets. I was kneeling on the bed off to the side.

When the boys returned I patted the towel and said 'Nathan. Right here. On your back. Quickly.' When he was in place I took a small coil of black rope from the headboard which had a loop tied permanently in one end. I quickly bound Nathans wrists together then pulled them up over his head and tied them securely to a metal eye attached to the headboard. Daniels eyes were wide and Nathan got a little pink and his prick got even harder, which you would have thought was impossible given the state it was already in.

It was funny. Of my first three pets, the two that had the strongest personalities, Gael and Nathan, were the ones that were excited by being tied up and forced into submissive positions the most. Sarabeth submitted to it docilely and reacted like I wanted her to because she knew I enjoyed it. She would have done anything I wanted her to anyway. That's just the kind of person she was. Gael whined and complained and, after she was bound up tightly, would physically struggle against the bonds. She put on a good show of trying to fight back and get free. But after a few minutes of being tied up (or down) her juices were flowing and she was ready for my cock in any hole and would come very quickly and more often than usual. All I had to do was suggest to Nathan that I was going to tie him to the bed (or any handy bit of furniture) and he became like a lit firecracker, ready to pop at any second.

Daniel would learn to either like it or submit to it, one or the other.

Even though I kept my pets in bondage all of the time, I liked to use a little extracurricular rope and shackle play to break things up a little.

Besides, if I wasn't into bondage, I probably would be in this business in the first place. It was a tool of the trade.

I looked at the wide eyed lad standing on the other side of the bed. I pointed to a spot across Nathans bound body from me and said 'You. Up here.' He crawled up and knelt across from me, his eyes sweeping up and down the nude body in front of him with uncertainty.

'You like what you see, Daniel?'

He shrugged. 'I-I guess so, Master.'

One of my hands reached out and patted Nathan on the chest, then ran my fingernails lightly down his belly, making his stomach muscles ripple and jump.

'Big, strong Nathan. Big scary Nathan. My powerful warrior pony. Tied up and helpless. The other night he was mad and jealous and you thought he wanted to beat you up. And now he's helpless and a little nervous because he's not exactly sure what I am going to do to him. But he's also pretty turned on, as you can plainly see.'

Looking into Daniels eyes I asked 'What should I do to him, Daniel? Should I be mean to him or should I be nice to him?' I folded my arms and leaned back a little and said 'You decide, Daniel. It's up to you. Mean or nice?'

Daniel and Nathan shared a look and Daniel said 'Please be nice to him, Master. I don't want you to hurt him.'

'A wise choice, Daniel. Maybe Nathan will have the chance to repay you for that one day. Who knows?' I shrugged. 'Since you two are going to be partners you need to learn to start watching each others backs. And other things.... There's no better time to start then right now. So!' I rubbed my palms together briskly. 'Now it's time for a the second phase of 'Pleasing Master 101'. Audience participation.' I waved at the video monitor. 'It's pretty obvious that I keep an eye on you for more reason than one. Other than the fact that I want to make sure that everyone is safe and secure and behaving themselves, I also like to watch my pets when they play. And not just the girls. You can be damned sure that when you two are together I'll be watching. I saw it when you kissed, remember?'

Daniels face colored. He dropped his eyes and nodded.

'Did Nathan force you to kiss him, Daniel? Twice?' He shook his head.

'Just a little while ago, did I hold you down and force you to suck my cock?' He shook his head again.

'And did I force you to suck my cock until I came in your mouth, Daniel? And did I hold a gun to your head and make you swallow my come?'

'No, Master. I did it because I wanted to.' he lifted his eyes and looked at me. 'Because you wanted me to and I wanted to please you.'

I leaned over and hooked a hand behind his head and pulled him close and kissed him. He opened his lips to mine immediately, letting my tongue slip into his mouth and he moaned a little.

Pulling my lips away, I patted his cheek softly. 'You learn so quickly. You and Nathan are going to be a wonderful combination. Both in and out of bed.' He blushed again.

I grabbed a pillow and bunched it up under my armpit and lay on my side with my hand supporting my head.

'So, do you like Nathans cock, Daniel?'

'I-I suppose so, Master. It's-It's pretty big.' he paused a second and said 'It's not as nice as yours, though.'

'Don't try to make me blush, junior. It can't be done. I demand respect, not flattery. It doesn't hurt now and then. Just don't overdo it.'

'Yes, Master. Sorry, Master.'

I waved a hand. 'Don't worry about it. You'll learn. Take his cock in your hand, Daniel.' He wrapped his hand around that upstanding shaft and Nathan groaned. 'Stroke him. Watch how he reacts. Try different things and watch and feel and listen to his reactions. Just like you have to do with me, you need to learn what makes Nathan react... what gets him excited. You'll have to learn the same thing with the girls as well. Everybody likes different things, Daniel. You will need to learn and remember these things. Play with his prick a little and see how he likes it. Play with his balls and pinch his nipples. Don't try to make him come just yet. If he starts getting too wound up, stop and let him cool down a little.' I pointed a finger at Nathan and added 'If you come too soon I will be severely disappointed in you, Nathan.'

'I'll do my best, Master. You'll be proud, I promise!'

Daniel stroked him up and down a little and Nathan groaned and rolled his hips against the mattress.

After watching Daniel play with Nathans body for a few minutes I rolled over and checked out the action with the girls. Sarabeth had tossed her strap-on aside and was laying on her back on the bed and Gael was kneeling between her thighs face down in the other girls crotch. Sarabeths legs were wrapped around Gaels shoulders and her feet were crossed behind the mop of red hair and she was using the muscles in her legs to pull her deeper into her pussy as Gael ate her. Sarabeths head rolled back and forth and her pelvis was rocking up and down and her face was a study in bliss.

There were times when I suspected the girls preferred each other's company over mine but I didn't let it bother me.

One of the blondes hands whipped down and grabbed a big handful of red hair in her fist. She shouted something and then arched her back up hard and her toes curled up as she shook all over and came against Gaels mouth. The sound was turned way down on the monitor but I could still hear her cry out in ecstasy.

'Are you doing okay over there, Daniel?' I asked over my shoulder.

'Yes, Master. I'm learning lots.' I could hear Nathan moaning.

'Nathan, are you getting close?'

'I'm fighting it, Master. But his hands feel really good! Oooo....'

'Give him a little bit more, Daniel. Then take him in your mouth and see how hard you can make him come. If you make his toes curl up so hard they crackle you get breakfast in bed.'

'Yes, Master! Mmmm....' he made a little yummy sound and I wasn't sure if it was about having Nathans prick in his mouth or the thought of breakfast in bed. Either way worked for me.

Sarabeth had relaxed back against the mattress but she was still shaking and shuddering and Gaels head still moved between her thighs as she busily lapped the girls pussy and extending her orgasm as long as she could. Gael especially prided herself in making whoever she was with come as many times as possible. And she was very good at making Sarabeth come.

I heard Nathan moan louder and I rolled over. Daniel was leaning over and had the boys prick between his lips and was stroking him up and down as he sucked on him. Nathans legs were thrashing around and his pelvis was thrusting up into Daniels mouth. Suddenly he cried out and arched his back and his legs drew up and his toes curled up hard and I could hear the distinctive crackle as the joints popped. He shook and pulled against the ropes holding his hands hard enough he was going to end up with marks even if it was a soft rope. I could hear Daniel gulping as he swallowed all of Nathans come.

The boy was going to be full of come at both ends by the time the night was over. And he was going to get breakfast in bed in the morning.

Rolling back over, I could see that Sarabeth had pulled Gael up onto her chest and into her arms and they lay there and panted together, her legs still loosely wrapped around the little redheads legs. Sarabeth patted the girls back gently and whispered unheard things as her body relaxed. I could see that they were both about to drop off into a post-coital sleep entwined together there in her bed. So far, it had been a good night for everybody.

And it was about to get even better.

Daniel gave Nathans prick one last soft suck and let it fall from his lips back down on Nathans belly. He sat up and licked his lips and smiled and said 'Breakfast in bed!' I leaned over and grabbed Nathans chin and turned his face towards me and kissed him. He stretched like a cat and purred.

'How was it?'

He stretched again and smiled and said 'It was very nice, Master. I think Daniel and I are going to get along very well.'

'Good. How are your hands? Do you need to stretch?'

Nathan wiggled up a little, loosening the pull of the rope and flexed his hands and fingers. 'I'm okay, Master. It's not too tight and my hands aren't cold or anything. I'm fine.'

'Good. Daniel? Do you need a break?' he moved his legs around a little and said 'I'm a little tense, but I think I'm okay, Master. I'm not used to being in that position for so long.'

I reached up and untied Nathans hands. He looked a little disappointed. 'Both of you get up and walk around a little. Twice up to the library and back. Get limbered back up. We aint through here yet. Not by a long shot. Chop chop!' Both lads rolled off of the bed and walked out of the room, swinging their arms and stretching their backs.

I checked the little electric warmer on my headboard and made sure the bottle of lube in it was nice and warm. We were going to need it in a few minutes.

The girls had dozed off together, now sleeping side by side with Gael spooned up into Sarabeths belly. They had managed to work the blanket out from underneath their bodies and were now covered up and asleep, smiling happily. Miss Gael was going to whine when I rousted her out to put her to bed later.

After their second trip up the hall and back, the boys came in looking more at ease and relaxed. I was glad they didn't dither because I was eager to bring this evening to a climax. In more ways than one, naturally.

I patted the middle of the towel and Nathan laid himself back down and stretched his hands back up over his head, wrists crossed. Wrapping the rope back around them, I tied him to the bed once more. He wiggled around and got himself comfortable with his legs slightly spread apart. The other boy crawled back up and knelt beside him, on hand laying lightly on Nathans thigh.

'Lesson three.' I said 'Learning new things. Now we're going to discover another thing that makes young Nathan here come like a firecracker.' I slid a hand down and wrapped it around Nathans limp prick. 'Other than getting tied up and getting his dick sucked, that is.' I stroked him a few times and I could feel it start to slowly respond.

'Once again, I saw you the other night, Daniel. When I was fucking Nathan in the cage right next door to you. You were watching.' He blushed again.

'Did you like what you saw?' He shrugged.

'It looked.....painful, Master. I couldn't understand why he seemed to like it so much when it hurt. I saw the look on his face. It looked like it really hurt. Then his face changed and he looked happy. After you were all the way inside of him he looked like it was the best thing on earth.'

Nathan moaned softly and rolled his hips at my touch and said 'It is the best thing on earth, Daniel. Mmmm... Sure, it hurts a little at first, being stretched open like that. But then... Mmmm.... It feels like heaven.'

I reached up with my other hand and got the bottle of lube out of the warmer and laid it on the bed. Nathan saw it and moaned aloud. He looked at Daniel again and said, somewhat breathlessly 'You have had a taste of it already. When I stuck my finger in your ass. It was uncomfortable at first, then when you relaxed into it, I saw your prick get hard. You were hard as a rock by the time I was done. Then after we put your tail in and gave you a little time to get used to it, you were turned on like crazy. I barely had time to get your prick in my mouth before you started coming like a geyser.'

I released my hold on his prick and said 'Turn over. Up on your knees.'

Nathan looked at me and said 'Please let me watch, Master. I want to see it. I want to see his face.' I stared at him for a moment and he repeated 'Please?'

Finally I nodded and said 'When the time comes, you'll be able to watch, Nathan. Now turn over.'

'Yes, Master! Thank you!' He rolled over with a little difficulty as his hands were still bound over his head. But finally he positioned himself face down in the middle of the towel up on his knees with his legs spread wide apart. I pointed to Daniel and then to the spot between Nathans legs and he moved into position and put his hands on Nathans hips, his hard cock was stiff in front of him.

'Not so fast, junior.' I said. 'You have to get him opened up and lubed up first. Otherwise it will hurt both of you.' I raised an eyebrow. 'How would it have felt if Nathan had just jammed that tail up your ass without any preparation?'

Daniel blanched and dropped back until his butt was sitting on his feet. 'I'm sorry, Master.'

I patted his hand gently then took it in mine and held it up. Turning his hand over, I grabbed the lube bottle and squirted a generous portion of it on his first two fingers. Then, with my hand still guiding his, I pressed his fingers between Nathans upturned buttocks and showed him how to start getting his partner ready.

'Slowly and gently at first. Feel the ring of muscle there? That's your target. Just around and around, working them and loosening them up. Spread the lube around. Get it all nice and slippery. Like this.'

With my other hand I worked the pump on the bottle and got some more lube on my fingers. Slipping up behind Daniel, I pressed them between his ass cheeks and started lubing him up the same way. He started and clenched up and then relaxed a little and sighed.

'Around and around.... Get him nice and loosened up....' I worked my fingers around his opening while he got Nathan ready. I pulled my hand away from his and grabbed the lube and shot a little more down the crack of Nathans ass right above his fingers then put a little more between his own ass cheeks.

'And when you think he's ready, use your first finger and gently push it inside of him. Go slowly and let him relax to the feeling.' Daniel pushed his finger into Nathans tight ass and Nathan moaned and rolled his hips at the sensation. I pressed my own into the tight semi virginal opening of Daniels ass and slipped it inside of him. He cried out and tightened up hard.

'Relax... relax.... Let yourself open up. It's just a finger and it won't hurt you. Relax..... Concentrate on Nathan. Move your finger in and out and listen to how much he likes it.....'

He moved in and out of Nathans butt a few times and listened to him moan and sigh. After a few seconds he relaxed enough the I was able to slide all the way up inside and started working in and out. He rolled his hips and sighed in time with Nathan. Daniel shifted and moved his legs back and rose up on his haunches, spreading his knees apart. He was alternately clenching and relaxing as my finger invaded his body. He knew what was coming and was trying his best to get used to the idea but he was still frightened.

'Can you tell how much he likes it? Experience the whole thing. Use all of your senses, Daniel. Watch his body and see how it reacts. Look and see how hard he is. He knows what's going to happen and he wants it so badly. Listen to him moan and sigh. Feel him squeeze you inside, like he never wants to let you go. Smell the sweat forming on his skin. The subtle hint of male musk. He wants it. He wants you, Daniel. He wants you inside of him.'

Using Nathan as a mirror for the things he was experiencing kept Daniel distracted and more likely to accept what was happening and about to happen to him. Psychology was a tricky business, but it paid off if you studied hard enough.

Another shot of lube on his fingers. 'Now that he's used to one, try two fingers. Get him opened up and ready for you....'

Nathan gave a low moan and arched his back a little as Daniels two fingers slid up into his ass, stretching him. Pressing a hand on Daniels back, I leaned him forward just a little more and likewise slipped a second finger up into his rectal channel and opened him up even more. He took a deep breath as I entered him and moaned 'Oh my god.....' through his clenched teeth.

'Don't just move them in and out.' I said 'Turn them back and forth and wiggle them inside of him.' While I was doing exactly that in his own backside. Both of the lads were groaning and wiggling their hips.

It was also helping to keep me distracted from what was about to happen. I was so turned on by the though of sinking my cock into Daniels virgin butt that I was pretty hard and close to popping myself. I wasn't that turned on by virginity in itself, but the first time was always magical. And I knew that it would only get better from there.

Reaching between Nathans legs I grabbed the shaft of his prick and gave it a squeeze. He arched his back again and moaned. Daniel whispered 'Oh my god!' again as he could feel the muscles inside Nathans ass gripping his fingers.

'Do you want Daniel to fuck you, Nathan?'

'Oooohhh god yes, Master!' he looked over his shoulder the best he could and panted 'Please fuck me, little brother. I want you inside me.'

Moving my hand back, I grabbed Daniels prick. It was hard and twitching in my grasp. He too, moaned and thrust his hips towards my hand. I gripped him tightly around the base of his cock to hold him still. It wouldn't do for him to come just yet.

'Do you want to fuck Nathan, boy?'

'Yes, Master!' he gasped.

'You want to fuck another man in the ass?'

'Oooo yes Master, I do! Please let me fuck him!'

'And do you want me to fuck you, Daniel?'

He moaned again and his sphincter tightened down around my fingers in spasms. His butt cheeks clenched around my hand and I could see the muscles in his back ripple up and down. Daniel made some inarticulate sounds in the back of his throat as if trying to speak, then finally managed to gasp 'Yes Master! Please fuck me! Ooohh god.....'

I released my hold on his prick and laid my hand on his arm. 'Okay. Slowly pull your fingers out. That's it... easy.' One he had removed his fingers from Nathans butt I said 'Nathan. On your back. Legs up high.' And I pulled Daniel back out of the way a little so Nathan wouldn't kick him in the face while he was rearranging his body. It would have been easier if his hands weren't tied, but it wouldn't have been anywhere near as fun. Or as sexy. There's just something about having your partner tied down to the bed....

When Nathan had turned over and raised his legs, I scooted Daniel forward, keeping my fingers deeply buried in his backside. Nathan planted his feet against the boys shoulders, knees bent and his pelvis rocked upwards invitingly. He just loved getting fucked and, while he preferred it was me doing it, if I was otherwise occupied he'd take anything he could get. And getting to watch the expressions on Daniels face while he experience two firsts at once had Nathans prick waving like a flagpole.

Once I had Daniel in place I squirted a gob of the lube into Nathans ass, then another on my fingers and spread it liberally over Daniels prick, making him shiver. Then I grabbed his prick and guided him towards Nathans waiting ass and placed the head right at the opening. Between my hand on his cock and my fingers in his ass I was going to make sure he was going to move exactly the way I wanted him to!

'Now press forward slowly. Very slowly, Daniel. Let him open up to you. Slowly.... Yes, that's it!' I pushed and guided his body as the head of his prick split Nathans ring while they both moaned at the feeling. 'Once it gets past the opening you'll feel him clamp down around your shaft. Just pause and give him time to loosen back up.... There.... Now slowly..... All the way in......' I was torn between watching his meat slide up inside that familiar and exciting ass and looking at their faces. Especially Daniels. He wore such a look of surprise and wonder. I imagine he thought it was going to feel gross or disgusting and instead found something that felt sensational.

Releasing my hold on his shaft, I wiped my hand on the towel and pressed it into the boys back until he lay down on top of Nathans body with his prick buried all the way up his ass. Nathan was bent almost completely in half with his feet on the boys shoulders. But he was flexible and frankly loved being the bottom in any position. Both of them were moaning aloud and I could feel Daniel trying to move his hips and thrust into Nathan but my fingers inside him held him still.

'You'll get to fuck him soon enough, junior. But not until I get to join the fun.'

'Oh god' he breathed.

I nudged his legs wider apart as I moved behind him and shot more lube on his ass and moved my fingers in and out to spread it around. I touched him on the arm and said 'Give me your hand.' Daniel reached back behind him the best he could and I shot a glob of lube on his fingers then laid my cock in his hand.

'Lube me up, boy. Get me nice and slippery for your ass.'

He made a little worried noise in the back of his throat like an animal caught in a trap as his fingers closed around the head of my prick and spread the lube around. As he got a little louder I could hear him saying 'Oh god oh god oh god......' His channel started spasming around my buried fingers again.

'Daniel.' Nathan said. 'Look at me.' Their faces were only inches away from each other. Nathan moved his hips beneath Daniel the best he could and tried his best to distract his attention.

'You feel so good inside me, little brother. Your cock is so big and so hard..... Mmmm..... You feel good. I love the way you stretch me open and it's so deep inside me....'

I gently removed his hand from my prick and moved up behind him, slipping my fingers out of his butt and placing the head of my cock at his opening before it could tighten up again. Slowly and steadily I pressed forward, entering him a fraction of an inch at a time.

I heard Nathan say 'Kiss me, little brother.' Daniel lowered his head and I could her him making mixed muffled pain and pleasure noises into Nathans mouth as their lips met and my prick levered open his virgin asshole.

It felt like an eternity until the head of my prick slipped past the ring of muscle guarding his virginity and popped inside him. I held still for a moment while he cried out and his ribs heaved. He pulled his mouth away and panted. 'Oh... Owww.... Oh my god.... Ooohh.... Oh my god.... Oh shit that hurts..... Oooohhh.... Oh my god....'

Nathan moved beneath us again. 'The hard part is over, little brother. It just gets better from here. And your cock just got harder inside me. Mmmm.... It feels sooooo good..... I love feeling you fuck me..... Ooohh, yes....'

Daniels ass tightened up and released in waves and as it relaxed, I slipped a little deeper inside of him until his soft butt pressed into my belly and I was buried all the way up his ass. I held still, both to get him used to the feeling of having his ass stretched open like that and to get me used to the feeling of his channel gripping me so tightly. I had almost forgotten how tight the first time always was and he was squeezing me so hard it was almost as painful for me as it was for him.


'Yes, Master?'

'Show Daniel some of that pony boy muscle control that you are so proud of.'

'Yes, Master! Of course!'

I couldn't directly feel Nathans inner muscles when they started rhythmically squeezing Daniels prick buried in his ass, but I could feel the effect they were having. And I knew from first hand experience how good it felt. It was like there was a hand in there, trying to milk the come out of your prick. Nathan slid his feet from Daniels shoulders down to the crooks of his elbows to give himself more use of his legs as he started squeezing and rolling his hips up and down beneath us. After a moment or two of that treatment Daniels moans went from 'Owww...' to 'Oooohhh... Oooo...' and I could feel his pelvis start to rock a little in response to the movements. I just stayed still and let him get used to it, enjoying the feeling of being the first one to fuck this young man in the ass.

Not only did it feel really good, it gave me such a sense of accomplishment. The act of taking them for the first time this way was a major milestone in their conversion. The next big milestone will be when he asks for it voluntarily. To me, the sight of a hot bodied young pony with their head down and their butt up in the air begging me to fuck him or her in the ass was the greatest aphrodisiac ever. The only thing I found comparable was one on their knees begging to suck my cock.

You might think that my priorities in life are a little twisted or bizarre. Personally, I think they are just perfect. To have total control over my stock physically, mentally and emotionally is my ultimate goal.

Well, that and enjoying myself as often as possible, of course. That just went without saying.

I observed the muscles in Daniels back as they loosened up and started to enjoy the sensations that were bombarding him. The initial pain and discomfort were beginning to be overcome by the pleasure of fucking Nathan. And I knew what a pleasure that could be.

When he started to moan and sigh and wiggle beneath me, I withdrew my prick a couple of inches and slid it slowly back up inside him. Daniel sighed again and I took it as a good sign. Each time I slid out I went a little further until I was withdrawing almost all the way to the head before driving back home up his ass. As he got used to that, I started shortening my strokes a little, then placed my hands on his shoulders and pulling him back into me and driving him forward, alternately pulling and pushing his prick in and out of Nathans ass as well.

It didn't take Daniel long to catch on to what I was doing and he moved his body back and forth on his own between my prick and Nathans butt. It only took a couple of seconds of that for Nathan to gasp and cry out and I saw his toes curl up hard and I could feel him shaking beneath us. Daniel gasped as the other lads sphincter clamped down on his prick. And his tightened down on mine in response. I knew that the first of at least two sticky puddles of jism had just erupted where Nathans prick was trapped between their bellies. Nathan had already come once before in Daniels mouth and I knew he was good for at least one, if not two more times. I had never before seen a man who had the capacity for orgasms that Nathan did.

In the manner of an experiment, I had once made him come eight times in one night. But it nearly killed both of us and we walked funny for a couple of days afterwards.

Slowing down the pace a little, we waited until he had finished gasping and his toes uncurled a little, then started up again. I could feel my own orgasm building deep down in my balls and rushing up my spine. I knew that when it reached my brain I was going to come hard and long. One hand went from Daniels shoulder down to his waist and I pulled and pushed his body back and forth between us, building up momentum. My hands gripped his body tightly as I fucked into him harder and harder.

'I'm going to come in your ass, Daniel. Your Master is going to fill your little pony boy ass up with his come.'

'Ooohh god' he moaned. 'Please come in me, Master. Ooohh god... please come in my ass....'

Daniels ass cheeks and his already tight channel were tightening up on me even more and I could feel that he was tensing towards his own orgasm. Nathan was moaning inarticulately and his feet were clenching up again. I suspect that even trying to hold back any longer was useless. Short of whacking me upside the head with a baseball bat, nothing was going to keep me from shooting my load real soon.

Heedless of anything other than my own climax at that point, I battered Daniels ass with my prick, driving into him over and over as fast and as hard as I could. Moans coming from all of our throats and the frantic slap slap slap of flesh against flesh echoed off of the walls. Just as I could not stand it any longer, I heard cries from both of the lads. Nathans body heaved so hard against us that he almost threw us all off of the bed and Daniels ass clamped down on my cock like a vise and his ass cheeks became two fists of muscle as he trapped my prick inside of him. The pressure and the extra sensation pushed me right over the edge and I pushed into his body as far as I could and started spewing my come into his bowels, howling as I came.

All three of us stayed locked together, panting and shivering with delight, afraid to move and spoil the moment. Finally, after long moments, my prick softened enough to pop back out of Daniels asshole. He was so tight it forced me out hard enough that it was almost painful. Daniel cried out and shivered again.

I rolled to the side and fell back on the bed. After a moments thought I wearily reached up and untied Nathans hands. They were looking a little white from the strain of him pulling on the rope. He immediately wrapped his arms around Daniels back and kicked his legs until Daniel moved and released them from his arms. Nathan wrapped his legs around the younger mans back, trying to keep him inside his body as long as he could. I could hear him whispering into Daniels ear but couldn't make out the words. I had a pretty good idea what he was saying, though.

A moment or so later I hear another set of moans and knew that Daniels prick had finally slipped out of Nathans warm sweet ass. That promoted another round of shivers and trembling and moans of 'Oh my god.....' Daniel raised himself up on his arms and looked down between their bodies and said 'Oh...yuck.' he was covered with Nathans sperm all over his belly and down into his pubes.

I reached over and patted Nathans thigh and said 'You boys go in and get cleaned up. I'll be in there in a moment.'

'Yes, Master.' they chorused tiredly. Daniel groaned and walked with his knees together and one hand on his butt cheeks trying to keep the mess from dripping down his thighs. Nathan put an arm around his shoulders and helped him into the bathroom. I heard a few more painful groans and then the water started running in the shower. I allowed them a couple of minutes alone before stepping into the bathroom.

When I entered the bathroom I could see that Nathan had Daniel covered in soap suds and was scrubbing him all over, being especially careful of his poor abused ass. Just enjoying the view, I stood and watched. He guided the younger man under the spray and rinsed him off thoroughly, then pulled him into his arms for a kiss before laying Daniels head on his shoulder and holding him in a tight hug.

Sliding open the door I stepped in and held out my arms. Both lads came to me and wrapped their arms around my chest. I kissed the tops of their heads and walked us back under the spray of hot water. Each turned their faces up for a kiss, then Nathan released his hold on me and grabbed the soap and washcloths. He spent the next five minutes instructing Daniel in the art of Washing Master.

I was perfectly capable of taking care of myself in the shower and frequently did bathe alone. On the other hand, having one or two attractive and attentive naked ponies scrubbing me all over was an interesting diversion, to say the least. Greedy Nathan paid extra attention to my prick in hopes of getting me hard enough at least for a blow job, but I pushed his hands away and patted his head. It had been a long night and I think we all needed some rest.

I stepped out of the shower and the boys fell to with towels, drying me off first, then themselves. I got into sweats and a t-shirt and my shoes while they tidied up the bathroom.

Moments later they were kneeling by the side of the bed where I sat, leashes held up for my hand.

'Daniel.' I said. 'I promised you breakfast in bed. If you would like, you can stay here tonight and get your breakfast when I arise. But be forewarned: If you stay here in my bed tonight I will want you again in the morning.'

His eyes went wide and he blanched a little. 'Can.... Can I take a rain check, Master? I don't mean any disrespect..... I'm.... I'm just a little sore.'

I leaned down and patted his head gently. 'Of course, boy. I understand.' I reached over to my night stand and handed him a tube of ointment. 'Here. This will help ease the discomfort some. The first few times are always a bit..... uncomfortable. We will save breakfast for another time, then. All right. Let's go boys.'

I took their proffered leashes and led them back to the stables and put them and Miss Gael safely back in their cages.

Chapter Seven

Luckily for me I had the presence of mind to video record the conversation. It was a not unheard of thing among the owners, since having legal contracts was not really possible. Amongst us a recorded deal was just as binding. But since it was a sensitive subject, it was tacitly agreed that I would keep this one as confidential as possible out of respect.

'Something needs to be done, Sergei. How many more will you lose? How many more can you afford to lose?'

'I am aware of this, Max.'

'Do you have a plan?'

'Nyet.' He shook his head slowly. 'When it comes to this I am.... Understandably reticent. Surely you understand.'

'Have any of the others....?'

He shook his head firmly. 'No. None but you have dared, my friend.'

I shrugged noncommittally. 'I can be bold when it suits my purposes.'

'But I agree that something must be done.'

'It will be expensive and difficult. My own stock might suffer from the intrusion and the expenditures of my time and resources. It would irritate me if I took a drop in the standings.'


'Money means nothing compared to my standings. Surely you know this.'

'Nevertheless you would be fairly compensated. It's the least I could do. The blow to my own reputation however...'

I waved a hand. 'Nobody will know. When and if the time comes you will not recognize it yourself. You can introduce any sort of cover story you like.'

He was silent for a long time. Then he muttered 'Next year.'

'Eighteen.' He nodded again, then rose from his seat.

'We will discuss this further. If no other options arise before then.... I will agree to your plan.'

He fled the room with a guilty air to his step.

I knew he would agree. He had no choice, really. And I had already set my plans in motion.

After clicking off the video I turned to my pets as they knelt in a semicircle on the floor of my office. I had pushed the perch up to the front of my desk and reclined against it as we talked.

'Daniel,' I said. 'Bear with us for a few minutes. You don't know these people but we need to have a discussion. It effects all of us. In time you will understand. We will explain the details later as chance permits.' He bowed his head and nodded.

Hooking a thumb over my shoulder at the screen I said 'That was last year at the gathering in Boulder. A month after the last.... Incident. I'm sure you heard about at least some of it. And I'm sure you three know who we were talking about.'

Sarabeth, Nathan and Gael nodded.

'I have been in contact with Sergei since then and he has agreed finally that my solution is the only viable one. This whole thing has hurt him deeply and wounded his pride. He is in a corner and can see no way out. Short of murder, that is. And I am pretty sure that has crossed his mind at least once.'

Nathan raised an eyebrow and nodded firmly. I could tell from his expression that the same solution had occurred to him as well. I couldn't really blame him.

'So three months from now, at the gathering in Paducah, I am going to take her.'

Nathan and Gael rose up on their haunches and cried out 'No!!!' and 'Master, please!!!' Sarabeth blanched white and looked worried but said nothing.

Fully up on his knees and tense as a bowstring, Nathan stared angrily at the floor with his fists clenched hard on his thighs. 'With all due respect to you, Master...' he said between clenched teeth. 'I will never.... I could never...' He raised his eyes and looked at me as angry as he had ever been. Angrier than the first day I had taken him.

'You can beat me for saying it, Master. But I will never submit to that... horrible little bitch. Never!' Daniel looked frightened by Nathans outburst.

I raised my hands. 'Easy, Nathan. Calm down, all of you. I'm not asking anybody here to submit to her. You are mine and serve nobody but me. Period. Apparently I didn't make myself as clear as I should have. Please do sit down.' I paused again and waited for them to settle back down.

'I didn't say I was going to take her on. I didn't say I was going to take her in. I said I was going to take her.'

Three sets of eyes went wide and three jaws dropped open as the implications sunk in.

Sarabeth sputtered and said 'Lord Krazny's.....?'

I nodded.

'As your.....?' I nodded again.

'But how....?'

'She will have to be completely remade, of course. Changed so much that she will never be recognized. Broken down to zero, stripped down to the wires and rebuilt. Kind of a witness protection program in reverse.'

'Why you, Master?' Nathan asked. 'Why us?'

'I am the only one who dared a solution, Nathan. I am the only one who had the nerve to stand up to Sergei and suggest it and I'm the only one with the skills and morals to pull it off. And you four are all proud examples of my abilities in this matter.'

Which was pretty much true. Of all of the other owners in the circuit, I was the only one who didn't buy my stock on the open market or go out on recruiting campaigns. As far as I knew, I was the only one who stalked and took what I wanted. And of all the owners I think Sergei was the only one who suspected the truth.

'Daniel.' I pointed at him. 'A little background.' I hit a button on my remote and a picture of a big man with an obviously Slavic face came up on the screen. 'Sergei Ivanovich Cherenko. Also known as 'Lord Krazny'. Made a fortune in oil and natural gas and precious metals after the fall of the Soviet Union. Became a billionaire practically over night. And when other companies started moving in, he sold all of his holdings for cash, left the country and moved to the United States. Bought one of the biggest thoroughbred horse farms in Pennsylvania. He also started another farm to indulge in his passion for human ponies, completely separate from his more legitimate business interests. Two years later he met and married a wonderful woman named Anne. He also adopted her two year old daughter Katie and vowed to raise her as his own.' Another picture of Sergei and a pretty woman and a smiling little girl. 'They had plans of making a large family, but Anne was killed in a car accident later that very same year. Sergei was devastated. He sold all of his stock, human and equine, and devoted his time to raising Katie. Unfortunately,' I sighed 'The task proved more difficult than anyone had foreseen. Either Katie was predisposed to certain traits or Sergei sucked at parenting, one or the other. When they reemerged on the scene five years ago, when Katie was thirteen, she was completely out of control. The little girl who seemed to cute and pleasant was now completely spoiled rotten with a cruel streak that couldn't be curbed.'

Another picture of Katie. Much older with a sneer on her face that showed disdain of everything she saw.

'Being born in poor circumstances, Sergei was under the impression that money could buy anything at all, including peace for his adopted daughter. He has spent the last five years hiring therapists and doctors and sending her to the finest schools in the country. And she has systematically driven away anybody who her father has hired and has not managed to last six months in any school. Even two 'boot camp' type academies designed for the hardest of cases. Now Katie, or 'Katharine' as she demands to be called, is eighteen years old.'

Another picture of her in expensive riding clothes. Tall leather boots, jodhpurs, a tight jacket and helmet. You could call her a classic beauty, like Hepburn, except for the expression on her face. Blond hair peeked out from under the riding helmet and clear big blue eyes and a perfectly sculpted face with little cupid lips were her good features. But that face looked like it had never once worn a smile of actual happiness. Instead the eyes were narrowed and those pretty lips had a cruel twist in one corner.

Daniel said 'She'd be hot if it weren't for that expression on her face.'

Nathan looked at him and said 'Her nasty expression is the nicest thing about that bitch.' Then he looked at me hastily and said 'Pardon me, Master. I meant no disrespect.'

'None taken, Nathan. I feel much the same way. And I agree with you completely. Sergei has opened both of his farms back up in hopes that interacting with his stock might make an impression on her. Sadly, this was not the case. In the last two years she has lamed four of her father's finest horses. Three of them bad enough that they had to be put down. She has also damaged two of his prized ponies.'

They all paled at the thought.

'Sergei had to retire both of them and pay for medical expenses. He has spent five million dollars in the last five years paying off former staff members and other people who have filed assault charges against her. But now.... Now he's in a real jam and can't see a way out of it.'

'Nine months ago she beat one of his ponies to death.'

The room got so quiet and they all went so pale it looked like I had a room full of kneeling statues.

'He has managed to keep it quiet, at the cost of several more millions of dollars to the family and payments to certain officials to have it listed as an accident. But things cannot continue and he knows it. The local prosecutors won't cover up for her anymore and one more incident and she goes to jail. Then to prison, most likely for life. Which, in my opinion, would be the best place for her.'

All of my pets nodded in unison.

'Unfortunately, Sergei is a proud and stubborn man and cannot stand the thought of his daughter being a criminal. Once she gets arrested and tried, the world will know what a vile monster his child has become. His pride won't tolerate that.'

'So I offered him a possible solution. If his daughter were to just disappear and never be seen again, everybody would just heave a sigh of relief and the problem would go away. He could say she was in school in Europe or traveling abroad. I told him to make up any cover story he liked.'

I looked down at my hands in thought for a moment. This was going to be one of my most difficult projects ever. I briefly wondered, not for the first time, if I was completely insane for even thinking about it, let alone putting it into action.

'As I said earlier, at the gathering in Paducah Katharine will become one of my ponies. Katharine Cherenko will cease to exist as a person from that moment onwards. The next time she is seen by anybody outside of this farm she will have a new look, a new name and a completely new attitude. She will be polite and submissive and at peace with herself and the world around her.'

'How, Master?' Daniel asked.

I shook my head. 'It won't be easy. It's going to be hard on all of us. That is why I am explaining to you now. I am going to need all of your help to pull this off.'

'We will help you, Master.' said Nathan.

'Of course we will, Master.' said Sarabeth. 'We are yours.' Gael and Daniel both just nodded.

I smiled.

'As to how, it's going to be a variation of what I have done to all of you when I first took you. I suspect, however, that it's going to be just a little more difficult. I might be wrong, but I think it's going to be a trial. She seems to be very strong willed. I have ordered some special equipment that might come in handy.' I shrugged. 'We will see, I suppose.'

I pointed at the screen and said 'You heard what I said to Sergei. I'm afraid that it will disrupt our training schedule. Even though we only compete once a year I don't want us falling being and losing our place in the standings. But I am going to push and push hard. I'm going to push you hard and I am going to push her hard. By the next gathering our newest pony will be ready. If I am going to be stuck with her she is going to be of some use to me somehow. Even if she is nothing more than a comfort beast sucking my dick while I watch the competition.'

Sarabeth flinched a little at that. Even though I was free with showing off my fine stock at the gatherings I was never easy with public displays of sex in front of the crowd. There were a few of the other owners who had their pets service them openly but I considered such behavior to be crass and of low taste. My private life was strictly private and of nobody's business but my own. And I was only a voyeur when it came to my own. Others sex lives interested me not at all.

I had said that merely for the shock value, anyway. Even if nobody else would know who she was, Sergei would know and it would wound him seeing her used in that manner. I had promised him I would make her into a champion, not just another sex slave. And she would be a contender, at least, if not a champion by the following year.

'So.' I folded my arms across my chest. 'That is the plan. In three months, unless something drastic happens, I will take her at the next gathering and her conversion will begin. I might possibly be insane for doing this but at this point I am committed. Under the terms of my agreement with Sergei I cannot sell her or give her away. I have agreed to take her on for the rest of her life, like it or not. I.... We... are going to be stuck with her so we will have to make the best of it. Any questions?'

I could tell there were some but nobody raised their voice. I was sure I would hear their concerns as the next three months passed.

Looking at the clock I raised my hands for them to rise and said 'It's getting late and I know it's been a long day. Let's turn in early. Tomorrow is dressage day and I want everybody ready to work first thing. Up you go.'

We all started to walk out of the room and I said 'Daniel.'

'Yes, Master?'

'Wait for me in my room. I find I'm a little on edge. I think you can assist me with that. I'll try not to keep you up too late.'

'Yes, Master!'

Two hours later I sat on the edge of the bed and drank a big glass of water down in three gulps. I was going to have to untie Daniel and get him to bed. He was still face down on the bed spread eagled with a rolled up blanket under his hips and his arms and legs tied to the bed posts. I had come once in his sweet mouth before I tied him down and twice in his ass afterwards. There was quite a large puddle of our combined fluids soaking into the towel beneath his body. Although he wasn't as multi-orgasmic as Nathan was when I fucked him, Daniel had learned to really enjoy being a bottom for me. And he had discovered that being restrained turned him on. It was humorous to listen to both boys when they played together, bargaining for who was going to be the top.

Last week they both came to me and asked me to add their own rotation to the calendar so there wouldn't be any more arguments. I was happy to assist them.

Chapter Eight

Normally when we went to the gatherings, we drove in my big RV pulling the trailer loaded with the carts and things. It was a custom model with a kind sized bed for me and fold out bunks here and there. We treated it like a vacation. All my pets were allowed to wear clothes during the trip (just in case) and we cooked outdoors and enjoyed ourselves there and back again.

It would have taken several days to drive to Paducah. That would have been no problem on the way there but the trip back would have been problematic, as we were going to be transporting an unconscious pet that wouldn't stay that way for the entire trip. My cocktail was only good for about six to eight hours at best and I didn't want to use it too many times. I couldn't use it more than twice in a row in 24 hours or the combination of drugs would turn toxic.

But knowing a billionaire and having him in my debt was a very handy thing. Sergei sent one of his personal aircraft for us. It was a refurbished C-23B Sherpa built by the Short Brothers back in the 80's. I don't know where Sergei got it and I didn't ask. I had connections, but I didn't move in the same circles he did.

The carts and our gear were broken down and crated up along with my luggage. We used the cargo van with the tinted windows and the small trailer and drove it to the local airstrip. There was an extra crate broken about five foot square and four feet tall broken down and strapped in with the others. We'd put it together when we got there.

Sergei's ground crew pushed our gear up the slanted loading ramp in the back of the twin prop aircraft and strapped everything down securely in the cargo bay under my watchful eye. I need'nt have worried as they were very professional, working quickly and professionally like a military crew. Which they once were. The fall of the Soviet Union had left thousands of their ex-military without jobs. Sergei had taken advantage of the sudden influx of skilled workers and had many of them on his payroll.

The cabin of the plane was quite lavish, suiting Sergei's style. Comfortable leather seats with side tables and small flat screen teevee sets with headphones at each place, along with power connections and wireless internet for laptops. Two pretty slim little stewardesses dressed in smart looking uniforms with very short skirts brought us aboard and got everybody strapped in securely. Both of them, I noticed, wore Sergei's collar around their necks. The collars were slim and decorative and could be taken for a necklace by the uninitiated. But each one bore a small metal tag with Sergei's red 'R' emblazoned on it. You had to admit, the man had style.

Only Nathan and Gael had ever flown on an airplane before and Gael openly admitted that flying made her nervous. So an hour before the flight I had Gael and Daniel and Sarabeth take a light sedative to calm their nerves and settle their stomachs. It was only a four hour flight and I didn't want anybody doped up when we arrived, but conversely I didn't want any of my stock getting sick during the flight either. It was just something mild to take the edge off and hopefully allow them to enjoy themselves.

Sarabeth sat next to me and when the engines revved up and we took off down the runway she grabbed my hand and held it tight. I squeezed her fingers reassuringly and once we were actually in the air she relaxed enough to let go. Daniel grinned like a kid and watched out the window excitedly and chattered with Nathan. Gael curled up in the seat next to the boys and tried not to look nervous. But I noticed that when we took off she clutched Nathans leg while he patted her hand and whispered softly to her.

The cabin of the aircraft was remodeled to hold a dozen people in supreme comfort, so our little group of five was no stress at all on it's capacity. Unlike a commercial flight, the pilot made no announcements whatsoever, limiting himself to turning the seatbelt lights on and off when necessary.

Once we were airborne and flying level, the two stewardesses came back out and offered drinks and snacks, directing their inquiries at me, as was only proper. I ordered coffee and declined anything to eat and directed them that my pets were allowed one cup of coffee or soda each if they desired it, otherwise they were to drink water. Nathan got a cup of coffee and Daniel got a soda and the girls got water. They brought around a small cart loaded with sandwiches and chips and everybody got something to snack on during the flight. The coffee was Brazilian. Strong and thick and black, just the way I liked it.

When the food service was done for the moment, both stewardesses came back out of the small galley and knelt down in the aisle by my seat. They lowered their pretty blue eyes to the floor and chorused 'And how may we serve you, Master Max?'

If they weren't twins, they could have been mistaken for them. Their nametags said 'Natasha' and 'Natalia'. Both were very petite, with blonde hair and stunning blue eyes and their uniforms were professional but tight enough to show off the curves of their lithe little bodies. Just a hint of that Slavic accent gave away their origins. Besides their names, of course. Either one of them could have been professional models.

I just sat and enjoyed the view for a second. All of my pets eyed them as well, wondering if they were going to have some extracurricular fun on the way there.

Leaning down from my seat, I cupped a smooth cheek in each hand and turned their faces up to mine.

'So pretty. So very beautiful.' I said. 'Lord Krazny must be very proud of you two.'

'Thank you, Master Max.' the said in unison, their cheeks dimpling in smiles.

I leaned back in my seat and said 'I'm sorely tempted, of course. But at the moment I have other things on my mind. I believe that for now I have all that I need.' I waved a hand and indicated my pets seated around me. Everybody looked a little disappointed.

Natasha said 'Lord Krazny instructed me to tell you that if you were interested, he would make a gift of us to you.'

'And the airplane and it's crew as well.' said Natalia.

'We would all be yours, Master Max, if you wished it.' said Natasha.

'With Lord Krazny's compliments.' Natalia concluded.

I raised an eyebrow. That was quite a gift indeed. Of course I had no real use for my own private airplane as I preferred my RV and only traveled once a year. And housing and hanger fees for the crew.... No. Not something I needed. But I eyed the two girls in a different light and thought. Greedy and salacious thoughts whirled through my head. I did still have two empty cages...... If I put them in one together and Katharine in the last one....

No. I had enough on my plate already and my life was preparing to get even more complicated. I couldn't afford to stretch my attention any thinner. With the new project I was already undertaking we were all going to be running short on hours. Besides, I had told myself years ago that I would only take ponies. I had no need for either airline hostesses or just sex slaves. I'm sure the girls would have gotten bored staying in one place, anyway. I sighed.

'Tell Lord Krazny that his offer is sorely tempting and that I am overwhelmed with his generosity. However I have things pressing that I must attend to and that I would not be able to accept his offer at this time.'

They both looked at the floor again in disappointment. I imagine that as busy as Sergei was they didn't get a whole lot of his attention. I hoped they weren't going to waste.

'However,' I raised a hand 'If you will relay to Lord Krazny that while I cannot accept his most generous gift at this time I will keep it in my closest considerations for the near future. I assume, of course, that you ladies will be available during the entire gathering? Do you have other duties to attend to before the end of the festivities?'

'No, Master Max.' they chorused. Then Natalia said 'Our only duty is to attend to you and yours, Master Max.' and Natasha said 'Until we see you safely home again.'

I smiled. 'Then also tell Lord Krazny that if you ladies would be available in my suite, say Wednesday evening, I would be most grateful and completely in his debt.'

'Of course, Master Max! Thank you, Master Max!'

They had to be twins, the way they spoke together and finished each others sentences. And they had identical dimples. I'd never had twins before. I was sure it would be an interesting and probably exhausting evening.

'Now come up here and give me a kiss, girls. Then tend to your duties. I have things to think about.'

They each rose and gave me a warm deep kiss that had many promises for later in it and returned to the galley. I'm sure that one of them was going to be on the phone or internet relaying my message to Sergei within seconds.

Daniel swiveled his head up over the back of his seat and watched those two pairs of slim legs and bewitching derrieres as they made their way back into the galley. Right before they both disappeared behind the curtain, Natalia turned and gave Daniel a slow seductive wink and a smile.

'You're.... You're not going to take his offer, Master?'

'What?' I said 'Are we not enough for you, Daniel?'

Gael piped up and said 'Be careful how you answer that, mister! I'll come over there and beat the crap out of you!' And she gave him a wicked frown.

He sat back down, his eyes wide and said 'No! I mean yes! I mean...' he shot another look up the aisle where Natalia was standing just outside the galley again in case she was needed.

'I just mean... wow.' He rolled his eyes in their direction and said 'I don't think I could have passed on that no matter what!'

'Sometimes you have to give up what you think you need in order to get what you really desire, Daniel. Remember?' I waved a hand up the aisle. 'Sure, they are quite attractive. And probably well trained in pleasing a man.... Or a woman. Sergei wouldn't have offered them to me if they weren't. But right now I have my hands full with you four and I am going to be taking on a fifth. With those two it would be seven. Too many for one man to handle and attend to.' I shook my head. 'And I certainly don't need my own airplane. Even one as nice as this.' I leaned back and steepled my fingers together.

'When I first remodeled the stables years ago, I had in mind to put in a dozen cages. I thought 'A dozen ponies! That would be perfect!' Luckily my good sense overcame my greediness. I looked at the other owners who had multiple stock and when I looked at their operation I came to realize that they also had hired hands, sort of sub-Masters, to tend to things when they were busy. Only a very few had as many as a dozen ponies and those that did weren't able to spend much personal time with their pets. That's not what I was after. I wanted to be able to run this by myself and spend as much time having fun, and sex, as I did with training and work.' I sighed again. I reached out with one finger and stroked the smooth creamy skin of Sarabeth's cheek.

'I could have stopped after I took Sarabeth and been content. She was so beautiful and submissive and willing and a perfect pony. I would have been happy with just her in my stable.'

Sarabeth blushed a little and smiled.

'Then I met Nathan. I could tell right away that he was yearning to be taken control of. A skinny little computer geek with dreams of grandeur who, deep in his heart, desired to be somebody's sex slave. And, since he was talking about killing himself anyway, I figured it was best to take him my way and not let him go to waste. Besides, he was pretty and I couldn't walk away from him. It was a wise choice on my part. Now I had one of each, both champions, and I could have been happy with that.'

Nathan hid his face in his coffee cup, a little abashed at my profile of his personality, but knowing it was true.

'Then I came along.' Gael said. 'I was an accident.'

'I wouldn't say you were an accident, dear. Just unexpected. I could have just stood by and called Mistress Violetta's security guards to take care of you. But they don't really care for girls all that much, not on the receiving end of it anyway. Her bruisers aren't quite as gentle with abductions as I am. You might have ended up in a hospital with a case of drug or brain damage induced amnesia, or in a brothel in Thailand or Tokyo or in an unmarked grave out in the desert somewhere.'

Gael turned white.

'But you are so cute and once again my greed got the best of me. I took you on impulse and while your conversion has been trying at times, I haven't regretted a moment of it. Even if you never become a champion pony, dear, I'll always treasure you.'

Gael slid off of her seat and knelt on the floor at my feet. 'Thank you for saving me, Master. I'll never be bad for you again, I swear!' I reached down and patted her head and she wrapped her arms around my leg and laid her cheek on my knee. It could have been the vibration of the airplane engines, but I thought I felt her shiver a little.

'I don't mind it when you're bad now and then, Gael. It adds spice to my life. Besides, I love it when you cute little bottom turns all pink after a good spanking.' I patted her again and said 'Now do get back in your seat, love.'

'That reminds me. I know I say this every year, but I'll say it again. When we are at the gathering, you are representing me. Make sure that you remain polite and professional at all times. And do not run afoul of Mistress Violetta's guards. Stay as far away from them as possible, but if one of them gives you an order, make sure that you obey him. Within reason, of course. If anything, make sure that they know right away that you belong to me. Mistress Violetta knows me and owes me and she will make sure that you are safe.'

'So, where were we?'

'Me, Master. Why did you take me? I'm not complaining of course. Not now anyway. But I am curious.'

'Of course, Daniel. Well, I now had two women and one man. I had it in my mind that I needed to keep things even. And Nathan needed someone to help him shoulder the load. Didn't want him to burn out from overwork.'

'I didn't mind, Master. Not that I'm complaining, either.' Nathan smiled over at Daniel.

'So I started looking for one more. I had set out several inquiries in several different directions. One of them was the 'Stable hand' ad that you answered. I had about a dozen other things running at the same time. By the time I found you I had talked to and interviewed close to two hundred other young men and all of them were found wanting in one way or another. But you, Daniel,' I said 'Were perfect. I could tell right away that you would fit in with my pets and that you had the spirit to make a champion pony, as well as an exciting bedmate.'

The boy blushed and murmured 'Thank you, Master. But...' he asked 'How was I considered perfect? If you don't mind me asking.'

'Some of the things were very subtle. You called me 'Sir' and every time you did so, you lowered your eyes. You didn't sit down until I told you to. You asked questions, but all of them were weighted in the direction of how you might make me happy with you. It was obvious to me in the first five minutes that you deeply wanted somebody in authority to take charge of your life and that winning the approval of said authority figure was large in your thoughts.'

'I also watched you even before I sat down. I saw how you interacted with others. You deferred to other people and stepped out of their way even if you were there first. There was a deep rooted submissiveness in you that I could see from a mile away.'

'And I looked at how you walked and carried yourself. You are young and in reasonably good shape. You have good balance and dexterity and were always aware of your surroundings. You moved like you would be a good dancer. Even if, as you claimed, you didn't know how.'

'And to top it all off, you are very cute and your body is very hot. I always have a soft spot for the pretty ones. Plus, you have an awesome prick and a tight plump little butt that is beyond compare. I didn't find that out until later, of course. But that was an added bonus.'

He blushed again and smiled and squirmed around in his seat. Nathan reached out and patted his hand and said 'I agree with everything Master said. You are perfect.'

Sarabeth added 'I have no complaints.' and smiled warmly at Daniel.

Gael said 'I guess he's not too awful.' And when Daniel looked at her incredulously, she laughed and stuck her tongue out at him.

'So now I had a matched set and I thought I was done. With you four I figured I could spend the rest of my days happy and content. I could see lots of fun and lots of trophies in our future. In a few years I had planned on us all retiring from competition and opening a training academy. Taking in a few novice ponies from other owners and making them into the next generation of champions. I have considered remodeling the house some at that point. Moving you all inside into better quarters and leaving the cages for the newcomers.'

Four sets of eyes went wide at that last statement. I shrugged.

'This new.... acquisition... will not alter those plans. Period. I will remold her into a champion pony. She will learn to be submissive and polite and obedient. I have no choice at this point and neither does she, though she doesn't know it yet. Now...' I said as I rose from my seat, 'I want to rest and think. Relax and behave yourselves.' I walked to the front of the cabin and fell into a seat by myself, reclined it all the way back and closed my eyes.

I rested, but apparently didn't get a whole lot of thinking done. The next thing I knew a change in the angle of our flight and a soft touch on my arm brought my eyes open.

'I am sorry to disturb you, Master Max. We are on our approach and the pilot requests that you put your seatbelt on.' Natasha said. I patted her hand and said 'It's okay, dear. I'll go back to my seat.'

Chapter Nine

There were gatherings, and there were Gatherings. Each one was hosted by one of the wealthier owners and they always tried to outdo one another with events and lavishness. Sergei himself was hosting this one and it was going to be quite the event. This was going to prove to be a Grand Gathering. A hundred and fifty owners and over three hundred ponies were going to be in the competition this year.

The schedule covered the next seven days. Four actual days of competition and three days of relaxation, if you could call it that. The schedule went like this:

Monday- The opening parade, where everybody showed off their stock to the crowd with two laps around the arena dressed in their finest. After that there were classes and symposiums and lectures and demonstrations in the great hall. You could learn anything from simple knot tying to making your own custom saddles. That evening was the Owners Banquet. A time for speeches and networking among the owners from all over the world. No ponies or personal servants were allowed inside. Sergei had hired subs and slaves from a dozen different Masters and Mistresses who weren't in the human pony world to attend to our needs.

Tuesday- The Fair, where folk who made handcrafted items of pony and BDSM gear got to show off their wares. I always looked forward to perusing the goods. It amused me to see my pets getting excited over a new shiny bit of gear. That afternoon was the Workhorse competitions. Feats of strength and endurance. Tuesday evening was the pony auction. I wouldn't be buying or selling, of course, but I always attended.

Wednesday- Opening Dressage. The competition would take all day and well into the evening, as there were many ponies entered. The first day would dwindle the number of entrants down to the final dozen.

Thursday- Final Dressage, where the winners would be chosen. That afternoon was the single and tandem sulky races.

Friday- Chariot races and the Steeplechase. That evening was the closing parade and then the Ponys Ball. In reverse of the Owners Banquet, no owners were allowed to attend, but it would all be available for live viewing via closed circuit cameras. It gave them all a chance to eat good food and kick up their heels a little. No alcohol was served, of course, but it seemed like a good time would be had by all.

Saturday and Sunday were set aside for some exhibition events and time for more owner networking. If all went to plan we would be leaving early Saturday evening with a very special bit of extra cargo loaded aboard the aircraft.

Of course there were several other events on the schedule, such as the fetish pony races and the team drills and the rideable races which I didn't mention because they had no bearing on my team and our plans. There were only so many things you could train for at one time, after all.

Sergei was on the tarmac when our plane landed. I made sure that my pets and my cargo were loaded onto the special shuttle bus before I would accompany him to his limo. I told all my pets that I would be seeing them soon and to behave themselves.

The big Russian was unusually pensive and his driver went unusually slowly down the access road.

'Don't tell me you are having second thoughts, Sergei.'

He shook his head silently. Then he shook it again and reached inside his coat and handed me an envelope.

A quick glance inside the envelope made one of my eyebrows rise. 'This is more than we agreed.'

'Expenses....' He shrugged.

'This need not be painful, Sergei.' I waved the envelope. 'At least not this painful.'

He waved his hand at me. 'Pfagh.' he was silent for another moment then muttered 'It must be done. The alternatives are.... Unacceptable.'

I put one hand on his shoulder. 'It will no longer be your problem. Trust me, old friend. You make sure the package is in place and I will handle it from there.'

'Very well, Max, my friend. I trust you.'

He was silent the rest of the trip until we pulled up at the entrance to the hotel where the owners were staying.

'You did not like my gift?'

'It wouldn't fit in my garage.'

'I did not mean the airplane.'

'I run a small operation, Sergei. It's just me. I don't have dozens of employees like you. And there's only so many hours in the day.'

'Or the night.' he agreed.

'I have to sleep sometime. Are you trying to kill me or just drive me out of the competition? Are you that desperate for a win?'

He laughed for the first time that evening. 'Wait!' he said 'Wait until you see my Serena! She will give your precious Sarabeth a run for her money!' Sergei grabbed my hand and pulled me in for a rough hug, his fist hammering against my back in that over jubilant way of his.

'I will see you in the morning, my friend.'

The ponies dormitories were less lavish than the owners suites. Rooms were varying sizes, occupancy from two to six, since no one was allowed to enter more than six ponies at any one time. Plus, with an entrance fee of twenty five thousand dollars per pony, it got costly rather quick. All of my pets were in one room with two sets of bunkbeds and a single bathroom. At least they didn't have to share with anybody else.

We had been assigned a roped off area inside the arena for our carts. We would be out there assembling our gear and checking everything out first thing in the morning. Nathan and I could put the sulky cart together in under five minutes, we had done it so many times.

The whole place was teeming with ponies milling around and security guards, checking ID badges. For many of the ponies it was their first gathering, so they were curious and wanted to see the sights. You could tell who the veterans were by the way they went to their dorm rooms and kept to themselves.

And you could tell the status of the owners by the placement of their stock. My pets were in room nine. That was pretty high up. Last year we had been in fifteen. Lord Krazny's stock was in room number one, of course. Their door was flanked by a pair of his own private security.

The gatherings had always been the ultimate test for my pets. Since security was only meant to keep the curious out and not the ponies in, someone who wanted to just walk out could do so at any time. And I would be busy with other things so if one of them wanted to walk out and call the police, I wouldn't know about it until they came to arrest me.

Plus, they were all going to be sleeping in the same room. No cages, no shackles. Nothing but their collars to remind them of who they belonged to. And who they had to answer to if they broke the rules.

Hopefully my intuition wouldn't fail me this time.

By the time I reached their room, my pets had all of their gear stowed and had their sleeping arrangements squared away. Sometimes they were like kids at summer camp, arguing good naturedly and playing 'rock paper scissors' for the bottom bunk. The girls were on one side of the room and the boys on the other.

The rooms were simple. Bunkbeds, bathroom, a small table and chairs and two big wardrobes for clothes and gear. We had packed jogging suits and harnesses and everyone had picked out one set of 'formal' clothes for the ponies ball. I'd had to go get something for Daniel myself, as he had arrived with nothing but 'work' clothes. He'd never had anything real fancy before.

As it was late in the evening, I limited myself to a quick pep talk, a reminder to behave themselves and four sweet goodnight kisses. I left Nathan in charge of a cell phone that could only dial my number in case of emergencies.

Satisfied that everything was well under control, I retired to my suite. My luggage had been delivered and unpacked into the dresser and my suits hung in the closet. My laptop had been unpacked and placed on the table, plugged in and turned on, awaiting only my password. Next to it was a small glass with two fingers of scotch and two ice cubes sitting on a coaster.

Such amenities! I almost missed the biggest one of them all. But that would have been hard to miss indeed.

Kneeling in the middle of the room was a small oriental girl. She was nearly naked, except for a small French-maid style apron and a little frilly cap. And nothing else, except for the thin collar with Sergei's sigil on it around her neck.

'And who are you, girl?'

She lifted her head and showed me her big dark eyes and a warm inviting smile. 'I am called Jun, Master Max.'

'Well, I am very pleased to meet you, Jun. You are quite beautiful and quite unexpected. When you next see Lord Krazny you must tell him of my gratitude.'

She smiled again. 'Thank you, Master Max. I do hope that I will meet all of your needs this evening.'

'Oh, I have no doubt about that, Jun. No doubt at all.'

About five hours later I sat at the desk going through some files on my laptop. Sergei had given me copies of all of the reports on his adopted daughter and I was reading through them, trying to get the best handle on her as I could in advance.

Jun, a little weary and worn around the edges despite the three hour nap I had allowed her, knelt between my thighs with my prick in her mouth, attending to me slowly and skillfully. She had a wonderfully talented mouth as I had found out early in the evening while she was giving me a bath. And the rest of her was just as talented as I had found out after that.

There was a discreet knock on the door. 'Room service!' Jun looked up at me with her mouth still full of my prick. I nodded and she rose and slipped into a robe and went to the door to retrieve my breakfast. She knelt by my chair while I ate and I amused myself feeding her tidbits from my plate. Jun had never eaten steak and eggs together before and hash browns were a complete mystery to her that she found she enjoyed. She was also a new fan of biscuits and gravy. For dessert I allowed her to kneel back between my legs and swallow a large portion of my come as a reward for good service.

If you have never seen a grand pony parade, you have missed one of the most awesome sights in the world. Every single pony there was an athlete in his or her own right and they showed it off the best way they could. The workhorses tended to be overly muscled and dressed in little more than harnesses that showed off their fine physiques. On the other end of the spectrum some of the dressage and more fetish types wore elaborate costumes. Some of them were dressed in lycra or even latex full body suits that must be stiflingly hot and large helmets that looked like real horses heads.

One set of workhorses pulled a low flat wagon that carried four rideable ponies with helmets and manes and tails who bore fancy saddles on their backs. There was no way they could have kept up with the parade walking on all fours.

Some pulled carts with their owners riding behind. Me, I preferred to watch from the stands. This was about them, not me. Even though I got the credit in the standings, I made sure everybody knew it was my pony's hard work that made it possible.

Nathan and Sarabeth wore their dressage harnesses and boots. Marching side by side they looked like an elven king and queen. Nathan was proud and powerful and fierce and Sarabeth was lithe and shiny and exuded a sexuality you could feel like waves of heat up into the stands. She deeply loved showing off in front of an audience. I couldn't wait to see her again after the parade to give her the release she would so desperately need.

Right behind those two was Daniel and Gael. They wore matching parade harnesses with big ostrich plumes and shiny patent leather and bells. Since they were both wearing blinders, they walked hand in hand to keep their pace together.

It had been Daniels first experience with the bells and quite amusing when I was getting them prepared. He had watched while I pinched Gaels nipples hard and applied the clips, his eyes wide. Gael was quite pink and panting by the time I was done and when I turned to Daniel I could well see that his nipples weren't the only thing that had gotten hard. I gave him a quick affectionate squeeze down there that made him moan and shiver all over and even though his little nipples were already hard, I pinched them again anyway just for fun before applying the clips that held the bells. I think that I had brought him as close as possible to orgasm without taking him over the edge as I could.

I could see.... Hell, everybody in the audience could see that Daniel was sporting a large and very firm erection pushing out the front of the little leather pouch as he marched alongside Gael, who was also still a little pink.

Since it was only Monday morning and none of my pets were in competition until Wednesday at the earliest, I didn't see why they might suffer from some personal attention between now and then. Besides, just seeing them all in harness and tails always got my blood working and ready for a romp.

What was the point in doing this at all if I couldn't have fun now and then?

Chapter Ten

Daniel was still bound spread eagle to the bed, panting and sweaty. Gael and I had devised a competition, taking turns sucking his fine hard prick to see who could make him come first while he moaned and bucked beneath us. Gael had won but I suspected her of cheating. I accused her of slipping a finger into his ass while I wasn't looking. When she implied that my skills were lacking instead, I pulled her over my lap and spanked her bottom until she howled. It was a good thing the suites were sound proofed.

Afterwards I stood her in the corner with her hands on her head while she sniveled and shifted her weight from one foot to the other trying to ease the pain in her stinging butt. Daniel, I saw, had lifted his head and watched the whole thing, his prick twitching around on his thigh trying to get hard again. He wasn't too keen on receiving spankings, not like Nathan was anyway, but it always got him wound up watching someone else getting one.

Slipping the rope off one of his ankles, I said 'You ready for round two, boy?'

'Yes, Master!'

'I made her little ass all hot and pink on the outside. Let's see if you can make it the same way on the inside.'

'Mmmm!' his hips squirmed on the mattress. 'I think I can do that, Master.'

I finished untying him and took one of the pieces of rope and bound Gaels wrists behind her back. Of course she had heard the conversation between Daniel and myself. She couldn't be exactly sure what was going to happen, but it sounded an awful lot like I was going to have Daniel fuck her in her ass and that, combined with having her hands tied behind her back, already had her juices flowing. I put one hand on the back of her head and leaned her all the way into the corner while my feet pulled her feet back and apart so she was leaning a little uncomfortably forward with her legs spread wide.

Seeing that Daniel had stretched the kinks out of his arms and legs and sat up, I went back to the bed and handed him the lube, nodding towards the girl standing in the corner.

'Get her ready and make it quick.'

'Yes, Master!'

He flew to the corner and knelt down behind her. Getting a generous portion of lube on two of his fingers, he quickly pressed them in between the cheeks of her red butt and started lubing up her tight little rosette. Gael squeaked and rose up on her toes and her ass cheeks clamped down on his fingers, the squeaked again as one of them worked it's way up into her ass. She gasped and moaned and tried to force her body to relax enough to get ready for what she wanted so very badly.

He worked his finger in and out while she squirmed and moaned and then slipped it out and slid two fingers quickly up into her tight hole, stretching her open even further. Gael rose up on her toes again, her bound hands clenched tight together behind her back and she moaned and cried out 'Oh my god.... Oh my god..... Oh Daniel... Oh my god...' over and over again.

While they were so engaged I made a pile of the pillows in the middle of the bed. Just the perfect height...

Stalking over to the corner I stepped up beside Daniels kneeling form and grabbed a handful of red hair and tipped her head back away from the corner.

'Do you want Daniel to fuck you, girl?'

'Oh god, yes Master!'

'You want him to fuck you in your ass?'

'Oh god yes please, Master! Please let Daniel fuck me in my ass! Oooohhh... god....' She squirmed and thrust backwards against his fingers buried in her butt.

'And what will you do for me?'

'Anything you want, Master! Anything always... Oooohhh god... I am yours, Master. I'll do anything..... Oooohhh...'

'Do you admit you cheated?'

'Yes!' she almost screamed it. 'Oooohhh god, yes! I stuck my finger in his ass when you weren't looking! Oh god..... I wanted to taste his come.... I cheated.... Oooohhh.....'

I nudged Daniel with my leg and nodded towards the bed. He slipped his fingers out of her ass while she moaned in dismay. Still holding her firmly (but not too roughly) by the hair, I put one hand on her shoulder and pulled her out of the corner and quick marched her towards the bed and up onto it, leaning her over the pile of pillows so that her upper chest was supported on them and her ass stuck invitingly up on the other side. Grabbing both sides of her face, I tilted her head back and stuck my cock into her mouth. Daniel grabbed up the lube and slathered it on his stiff prick and moved into position between her thighs.

When Gael felt the head of Daniels prick pressing between her cheeks, she moaned around her mouthful of my cock and when he started pushing through the little ring of muscle she opened her mouth wider and cried out 'Aggghhhh...'

Knowing she wouldn't purposefully bite me, but fearing she might do it inadvertently, I slipped my cock out of her mouth. Gael began alternately panting and holding her breath like she was in labor as the boys big hard prick slid deeper and deeper into her upturned ass.

'Oh my god, she is so tight!' Daniel panted. 'I don't think I could ever get tired of this....' He pulled on her wide hips and slid the last of his prick home in her ass. Letting out a deep breath, he looked at me and said 'It's no wonder you love this so much...'

Once his cock was all the way up inside of her, I slipped mine back into her mouth and grabbed Daniel by the side of his face and we met over her quivering body and kissed, my tongue chasing into his mouth as we slowly pumped into her from both ends. Gael sucked on my cock frenziedly, her lips tight and her hot tongue sliding around the head of my cock as it pumped in and out of her mouth. I had to be cautious not to push too far in my excitement and choke her. It was difficult. The vibrations from her moaning around my prick was electric.

The combination of the three things that turned her on the most, a good hard spanking, getting tied up and being fucked in her ass had Gael so tightly wrapped that it only took a few strokes of Daniels cock to make her come the first time. She stiffened and her bound hands clenched and her toes curled up hard and she howled around the mouthful of meat and came hard, her jaws aching with the effort not to clench her teeth. Fearing for my safety, I slid my cock out of her mouth and decided on a different plan. Putting one hand beneath her, I lifted Gaels body and moved the pillows out of the way and let her head rest down on the mattress while Daniel pumped into her plump little butt. Then I slipped a hand behind the boys head and pulled his face down until my prick slid into his mouth. I held still and let the motion of his body as he fucked into her move him back and forth on my prick. Beneath us, Gael stiffened and screamed again as she was overcome with her second orgasm. And each time she came her ass clamped down on Daniels prick and in reaction his lips tightened on mine and he shivered and moaned.

It didn't take too long for me, either. The feel of Daniels hot mouth sucking on my cock and the sounds of both of them moaning and her little screams of ecstasy combined with the slap slap slap of flesh against hot sweaty flesh drove me to the edge and beyond and I groaned and started shooting my come into his tight sucking mouth. Daniel didn't miss a beat as he fucked hard into her and swallowed down the streams of my come. The sensation of him alternately swallowing and moaning around my prick made me feel like there were little sparks jumping around on the top of my head.

Just another one of those feelings I don't imagine I would ever get tired of.

As he had been breathing through his nose the whole time, Daniel gasped a deep breath when my prick finally slipped out from between his lips. I rolled to the side and collapsed down on the bed and watched as he pumped himself harder and harder into her prone body and panted like he was running a marathon. Gael was now face down on the bed, her legs kicking and her hips bucking up and down and from the cries she was making it sounded like she was in the grip of one continuous orgasm.

I'd always been impressed by his stamina. But even that had it's limits. The boy began groaning inarticulate noises and his strokes became shorter and shorter until his whole body stiffened, bent backwards like a bow and he growled deep in his throat and came inside her. Every muscle and vein in his beautiful body stood out in sharp relief as he froze, his eyes tightly shut and his teeth clenched hard while she wiggled and squeaked beneath him. One more little scream from her and another hard shiver announced her final orgasm as she went completely limp beneath him.

Daniel finally relaxed enough to breathe and he collapsed across her back, panting and shivering. He had just enough consciousness to leave some of his weight on his elbows as he panted and kissed the back of her neck, making her shiver and squeak again. Moments later they both shivered hard as his prick finally softened enough to slide backwards out of her ass. Groaning like a much older man, Daniel rolled to the side and lay there panting for breath.

I rolled over and untied Gaels hands then patted her still bright pink ass and said 'Good girl.' She murmured something unintelligible into the mattress.

After I had showered and dressed, I got them up out of the bed despite their moans of protest. I directed them both to shower and get dressed, then change my sheets and go back to the dorms for a nap.

'Play time is over for you two.' I said. 'That will have to last you until we get home again. From now on, think of nothing but the competition.'

Sarabeth, of course, had come hard and repeatedly at my touch after the parade and was already in her bunk sound asleep. Nathan had wanted to attend a couple of the classes being given and I had given him my permission. At odds with myself and completely alone for the first time in whenever, I was at a loss for what to do with myself. It was nice in one way and very weird in another.

It had been awhile since breakfast so I wandered down to the restaurant for a light lunch. As an owner, I got a nice table by the window and a choice of a full menu and a wine list. The ponies got to eat in a cafeteria with a limited buffet and absolutely no alcohol. Ponies were allowed in the restaurant if accompanied by their owners and of course I could have gone down and eaten in the cafeteria if I had wanted to, but without my pets it would have felt awkward.

After lunch I went down to the convention floor and perused the classes and demonstrations being offered. Most of the stuff was pretty basic. Things I either had no interest in or had already figured out for myself. But I did sit in on one lecture called 'Fetish Psychology' that was pretty interesting. The man had some good points, even if he was wrong about almost everything else.

I was thinking about going up for a nap myself afterwards when I heard Nathans voice from the crowd in the hallway. In a place like this it was hard to discern one voice from another crying 'Master!' but I knew Nathans voice like I knew my own. His arms were full of bags and bundles and he gave me an abbreviated bow and tried not to drop things.

'I bought some things, Master.' he said. 'On your account. I hope you don't mind...' Both Nathan and Sarabeth had access to my drawing account during the gatherings. I placed strict limitations on them but was generous most of the time given prior warning.

We found a bench to sit on and he placed his stuff on the floor and reached into one of the bags and handed me a small square of leather.

'Feel this!' It was fairly thin leather, dyed black. Very soft and very supple and it almost felt like silk against my skin, it was so smooth. 'It's deer skin. Very soft and durable! I've been in a leather working class all morning. It's cool! Master, I...' he trailed off then suddenly got up and knelt at my feet, his eyes on the floor.

'What is it, Nathan?'

'Master.... I.... I spent two hundred dollars of your money. I... I'm sorry! I know I should have asked for your permission first!'

I raised an eyebrow. 'Yes, you should have. But I may forgive you, even so. What did we spend my money on?'

Two hundred dollars was nothing, but it was over his agreed upon limit.

He reached into another bag and brought out a small satchel with some tools in it. 'Leather working tools, Master. I bought the cheapest set they had. I got so caught up in the idea of making our own things.... I have ideas for collars and harnesses and other things... I... I would really like to do this, Master. And I would love to come to a gathering in a harness that I had made myself.' he paused and lowered his eyes again. 'I should have asked your permission, Master. I'm sorry. I will take them back if you wish me to.'

With Nathans tastes I could only imagine the ideas he had in his head. And I thought coming to the next gathering in original gear was a pretty neat idea myself. There were only a few people who made tack for human ponies and a lot of the racing and training harnesses were exactly the same. We could use some new ideas.

I laid a hand on the satchel and said 'Of course you will return these, Nathan.'

His shoulders drooped a little. 'Yes, Master.'

'And in return you will get the best set they have. And if they do not have what you want, we will order the correct things you need. Make sure you get some supplies as well. More of this deer skin, too. I like the feel of it. If you are going to make us things I want you to have the correct tools to do it with.'

Nathan gasped and wrapped his arms around my legs and laid his head on my knees. 'Thank you, Master! Thank you! I'll make you proud of me, I swear!'

'I'm always proud of you, Nathan.' I unwrapped his arms from my legs and pulled him up to his knees and in for a deep kiss.

It was one of the few places in the world where a man could kiss another man like that in the middle of a crowded throng of people and not even get spared a glance. Hell, I'd have kissed him and any of my pets like that in the middle of the Vatican. Anybody who got ruffled feathers could just get over it.

When I pulled my lips away from his, I slid one hand down inside his sweat pants and wrapped my hand around his prick and felt it start to get immediately hard in my hand. He made a noise halfway between a gasp and a groan and his skin flushed a little red. Leaning in by his ear I whispered 'Get your tools and supplies and have the big stuff delivered to our staging area. Then come up to my suite and show me what you have bought. Then we can discuss your ideas for new things and we can talk about your....penance... for taking liberties with my credit.'

Nathan shivered and groaned again, his hard prick filling my grip. I could feel his hips roll a little, moving his member in my hand.

'I will happily accept any punishment you feel necessary, Master! Ooohh... Thank you...'

I gave him another quick squeeze and pulled my hand back out of his pants, then leaned in and kissed him again and patted his cheek.

'Go get your things, Nathan. Then come see me.'

'Yes, Master!'

Chapter Eleven

It had taken two text messages and two phone calls to finally get Nathan all of the things he wanted. Owners tended to spend lavishly at these events but people were often leery of a pony being so free with his Masters account. It was understandable and reasonable. I told the dealer that Nathan had carte blanche to get whatever he needed. He ended up spending two thousand dollars of my money.

The smile on Nathans face when he got to my door was worth every penny of it.

And he got to show his appreciation in a way that only a passionate and extremely penitent bottom pony boy could.

Sometimes being me was exhausting.

When the alarm on my watch started chiming, I woke up long enough to rouse him out of my bed and send him off to get the others to dinner and a couple of additional instructions as well as kisses for Daniel, Gael and Sarabeth. When he was gone I slid back under the covers and went back to sleep.

A soft knock at my door about an hour and a half later roused me once again. Sarabeth was carrying a small gym bag which she dropped by the door as she curtseyed to me and came into my arms for a kiss. Her body was so soft and comfortable it always felt like I was at home when she was in my arms. Even though I was the Master, Sarabeth was the pivot around which my world turned. She was always a great source of comfort for me.

Her head against my chest she said 'And how was your day, Master?'

I kissed the top of her head. 'Exhausting, but entertaining. You know how I get when I have free time on my hands.'

She smiled and looked up at me. 'I could tell by the frazzled looks everybody else had how your day went.' She reached up and put a hand softly against my cheek. 'Sometimes you push yourself too hard. You need to relax too, once in awhile, you know.'

I grinned down at her. 'It's just work, work, work! All the time!' She started to say something and I put a finger against her lips. 'I know love. You worry. But there's too much going on right now for me to stop. When we get this newest pony broken and trained I promise...' I leaned down and kissed her quickly. 'I promise that we will take a month off and have picnics every day. I'm thinking about putting in a pool. That might be an interesting diversion...'

Sarabeth sighed, shook her head and said 'Shall we get you ready then?'

We took a little longer in the shower than I had intended, but it was worth it. I couldn't resist her hot little body, especially when she was all wet and slippery with soap suds. We ended up with her bent over while I crouched behind her and fucked into her hard. It was difficult because of the differences in our heights but I managed to make her come twice. Sensing my discomfort was hindering my performance, Sarabeth pulled away from me and turned to take my cock in her mouth. Her warm lips and soft tongue brought me over the edge in no time flat, as usual.

She left me in the shower to shave and brush my teeth and when I stepped out she was there with a towel to dry me off. I was so spoiled sometimes.

Still naked except for a towel wrapped around her still damp hair, Sarabeth reached up and gave my shirt collar one last tug to straighten it. I was never comfortable in a suit and refused to wear a tie unless I was forced to. But I wore good slacks, a dress shirt and an expensive silk blazer that even I had to admit looked good on me. It was the concession to looking classy.

'You will be here when I return?'

'Do you wish me to be, Master?'

'I always want you here, Sarabeth.'

'Then it will be so, Master. Go and enjoy yourself.'

The Owners Banquet was interesting and tedious at the same time. The food was good and rich and plentiful and the serving staff that Sergei had acquired went from the plain to the exotic. A few of them wore nothing but collars. Some wore differing fetish outfits, many a variation on the French maid costume. One young lady (I assumed she was female from her curves, anyway) wore a skin tight latex bodysuit that covered everything but her eyes and nose and the cheeks of her ass. Outlandishly tall stiletto heels made her look impossibly tall and stork like and she moved with exaggerated care through the crowd. Her arms were bound tightly behind her in a lace-up sleeve and a serving tray hung around her waist by clips and chains connected to her collar. On the tray was a small box of cigars, several snifters of brandy and a leather cat of nine tails. A hand lettered sign hung around her neck on a string that said 'Feel Free To Punish Me For Any Spillage.' Her full bottom was already criss-crossed with red stripes. More than once during the night I heard the sharp smack of leather on flesh.

After I had eaten I motioned her over to my table. She knelt down very slowly so I might reach her tray without rising from my seat. I had to admit she had excellent balance. Once I helped myself to a cigar and brandy I told her to stand up and turn around. I ran one hand gently over her striped skin then patted her lightly on the butt and told her she could consider herself punished. She lowered her eyes and bowed her head slightly in acknowledgement. Whether the gesture was in disappointment or relief I never knew.

There was one pair of little subbies that did catch my eye enough that I considered approaching their Master to check on their availability. A matched set. Either twins or brother and sister or they just looked enough alike to pass. Naked except for their collars, which were joined together by a short length of chain, they carried a platter of meat from table to table and they walked in perfect unison. They were both small, which always caught my eye anyway. Brown curly hair and large soft brown eyes and nice compact little bodies. Not only did they stir things in my libido, I could imagine they would have made an awesome tandem pony pair.

Like a kid in a candy store. It was the same thing when I went to the Pony Auction. I always enjoyed looking, but it was a constant strain on my self control.

I enjoyed the food and the sights and was bored with the speeches. It was getting about the time that I was considering going back to my suite and Sarabeth when I felt a touch on my shoulder. A small delicate hand with bone white almost translucent skin and elegant black lacquered nails lay on my shoulder. Violetta. Mistress Violetta, if you wanted to be formal.

After meeting her for the first time I always imagined that if Lewis Carroll had taken stronger drugs and wasn't afraid of women, he would have thought up someone like Violetta. A tiny slip of a girl dressed in tight leather and fine lace. If you didn't look into her eyes, you might assume she was twelve or thirteen. But her eyes had the weight of ages, as if she'd been alive for centuries. The kind of eyes Anne Rice would describe for one of her vampires. Hell, if I had found out she was one, I wouldn't have been surprised.

Her thralls were all large and violent looking men. They all looked like cops or prison guards or professional wrestlers. They towered over her like giants. And they were, to a man, scared to death of her. I'd seen her in action once or twice. I was a bit scared of her myself, though I'd never admit it.

I patted her hand then turned in my seat. Sitting down, I was almost at eye level with her. Those disturbing feral grey eyes. I repressed a shudder and smiled, completely ignoring the two thugs that stood at her back, hands on their hips with their eyes scanning the room. I had to hand it to her. Even if I didn't care for her taste in men, they were all professionals.

'Violetta. So nice to see you.'

'Max.' she purred in her warm contralto voice. That was the warmest thing about her. She ran a fingernail lightly across my cheek, ending up under my chin. Leaning down, she gave me a small cold peck on the cheek. Then she leaned towards my ear and whispered 'We have a situation that I believe needs your attention.'

'But of course.' I rose and followed her. The bodyguards fell in step behind me and we made our way out to the rear hallway. There I saw Daniel standing between two more of her men, looking white and dejected and frightened. Each of her bruisers had a firm grip on his upper arms.

'My men found this creature wandering the outer perimeter. He declined to say what he was doing out there, but he claimed he was yours and bears your mark. They did not harm him in any way and he came with them without a struggle. Does this animal belong to you?'

Frowning, I said 'Yes, he is mine.'

'Then we will leave this to you. I assume,' she laid her hand on my arm again 'That we can consider ourselves even, then?'

'Of course. Even.'

'Excellent. My thralls will be so relieved.' One quick motion of her hand and her men released their hold on Daniel and they all filed out of the hallway and were gone.

Standing where he had been left, Daniel was still pale and looked as if he might be sick on the floor right there.

'Master, I....' I held up a hand.

'Be quiet, Daniel. Do not speak.' I stared at him for another long moment, then turned and said 'Follow me.'

Not looking to see if he followed or not, I stalked up the hall and found one of the smaller meeting rooms that wasn't in use. I sat slowly down on the couch and said 'Shut the door.' He closed the door silently and just stood there in indecision. With one hand I indicated a spot on the floor at my feet. He hurriedly scrambled over and knelt, eyes on the floor and still gulping like he might be sick.

'If you are going to throw up, get the trash can.' He just shook his head.

'Were you leaving us, Daniel?'

'Master, I... I.....' he shook his head again as he sputtered.

'Perhaps I was hasty in allowing you so much freedom. Do I need to have you caged during the rest of the gathering, Daniel? Or should I just escort you to the front gate and give you directions to the nearest police station?'

'No! Master, please! Let me explain!' he looked a little desperate and if anything, even more frightened.

'Explain, Daniel. Amuse me.'

Refusing to look me in the eyes he said 'I was in the room. Just hanging out after dinner. A little bored, because Nathan and Gael were both asleep and Sarabeth was gone. I was thinking about maybe going to bed myself when a voice in my head said 'Nobody is looking! Now you can get away!' I just got up and left the dorm and started walking.'

He paused and sighed and touched his collar. 'When I got outside I tried to take this off and I...... couldn't. I couldn't bring myself to take it off and just throw it away. I stood there for awhile arguing with myself. Then I got scared that somebody would see me so I just started walking.'

He sighed again and his hands went back down to his thighs. 'I wandered around a little, then I saw the patch of woods off across the field and thought if nothing else, I could hide there for a little while and think. I walked into the woods and when I got to the other side, I could see the highway down below. All I had to do was walk down the hill and stick out my thumb and I could be gone. I could go home and back to my old life or even off to a new life if I wanted to.'

He glanced up at me for the first time and then quickly back down to the floor.

'But when I tried to step out of the woods and down the hill...... I couldn't. I just couldn't. Just like taking off my collar. I just couldn't make myself do it.'

'Then I sat down on the ground and cried.' His arms crossed over each other and he turned a little red with the admission. 'I cried and I was mad at myself for crying and being so weak. I.... I sat there for awhile and then I started to get cold. I....'

He looked up at me, his eyes large and brimming with tears once again. He blinked hard and sighed and shivered, one large tear tracking down his cheek. 'I know you have to punish me, Master. I.... I accept whatever you decide. If.... If you want to beat me or cage me or chain me up I won't complain or fight it. But... If it matters, I was on my way back here when they grabbed me. I was cold and alone and I wanted to come back..... home. Back to you and Nathan and Gael and Sarabeth. Back to the people who love and care about me.'

Leaning forward, I held out my hands to him and said 'Come here, Daniel.' He dove into my arms, laying his head in my lap and wrapping his arms around my waist. I patted his back and he started sobbing uncontrollably, letting it all out again. In between sobs he cried 'I'm sorry, Master!' I held him and patted his back and shushed him softly, saying 'It's okay Daniel. It's okay.'

Finally his sobs subsided and he released his grip on my waist and sat back on his haunches, sniffling. I removed the handkerchief from my pocket and, after dabbing at the damp spots on my trouser leg, I handed it to him. Daniel wiped at his eyes then blew his nose.

'It sounds like you learned a painful lesson. Even more painful than any lesson taught by the whip.' He nodded.

'Do you have any doubt now about where you belong?'

'N-no, Master. I know where I belong now. I'll never run away again, I swear!'

'Then I think we can consider this incident over.'

'My punishment?' he looked a little green.

'For your punishment you will be leashed and harnessed for the remainder of the time we are here. Constantly. The only time you will be allowed off the leash is if you are actually in a competition. When you are in bed the leash will be tied to the bed frame. And if you are outside of your dorm room the handle of the leash must be in somebody else's hand. When the others are performing you will be at my side. And,' I added 'You will not be allowed to wear the pouch on your harness except for during competition.'

He blushed deeply and started to speak but I waved my hand. 'Also, you will not be allowed to use any furniture except for your bed and the toilet. Out of bed you will be on your feet or on your knees. You are not allowed to sit on the bed, except for when you are getting your harness and shoes on in the morning or taking them off at night. When you get back to your room tonight, you will put your sweats away. You will not wear them again until we leave here. Everybody who sees you will know that you are a pony in disgrace.'

'Does that seem enough punishment for you?'

He nodded and gulped again, coloring a little more as he imagined moving through the throngs of people there wearing nothing but his harness with his prick hanging out for anybody to look at.

'Yes, Master. Thank you, Master!' Then he looked up at me again and asked 'The others?'

'As the final part of your penance, you must tell them yourself. Tell them exactly the way you told me, Daniel.' His face fell.

'Nathan and Gael are going to be angry with me. And Sarabeth will be so disappointed. I.... I don't want her to be disappointed in me.'

I leaned forward and placed a hand under his chin and lifted it until he looked at me. 'They will be angry and disappointed, I agree. And they will be secretly proud that your love for them brought you back to us. Just as I am, Daniel.'

'I....' his chin quivered as if he might burst into tears again.

'I love you, Master.'

'And your Master loves you, Daniel. Nathan and Gael and Sarabeth love you too. Don't ever forget that.' I kissed him gently.

To forestall and further incidents with security, I escorted him back to the door of their dorm room. Nathan and Gael were sitting at the table and jumped up when he entered, worried looks on their faces. Nathan had the cell phone in his hand, as if he was debating on calling me.

'Master! Daniel!' I waved a hand and they stopped.

With a miserable look on his face, Daniel stripped out of his sweats and put them away in the wardrobe. He pulled out his harness, remove the pouch and then slipped into it, tightening the buckles and straps himself in silence. Clipping the leash to his collar, he went and knelt down by the table in between the other two.

'Daniel has something to tell you. Listen to him with your ears and your heart open. I will see you in the morning.'

Chapter Twelve

What with the lateness of the hour, I fully expected to find Sarabeth asleep in my bed when I returned. I knew it was late, though now exactly what time it was, as I had neglected to wear a watch to the banquet. There were occasions when I didn't wish to be ruled by the hour hand. But already this night seemed to have gone on forever. I was emotionally drained.

Therefore I was totally unprepared for the sight of Sarabeth kneeling in the middle of my room in her full parade harness including the halter with the blinders and the bells hanging from her nipples. I could see the blonde tresses of her tail curling across the floor behind her.

How long had she been there like that? Had someone warned her I was coming? Those questions flew through my mind and back out again as my breath caught in my throat at her beauty. Seeing any fine pony in harness was always a wondrous thing for me and seeing Sarabeth so arrayed was an exceptionally stunning sight. I just stood there in the doorway, stunned and unmoving for several long heartbeats before I collected my wits enough to step inside and close the door.

She looked up at me through her lashes and smiled.

'Hello, Master.'

'Hello, Sarabeth. Sorry to have kept you waiting.'

She smiled again, her breath making the bells tinkle. 'I don't mind waiting for you, Master. Here,' she rose to her feet and walked over to me, the bells tinkling even louder. 'Let me help you get comfortable.' Sarabeth walked behind me and slipped the jacket from my shoulders. With quick practiced moves, she took all of the things out of the pockets of the blazer and laid them out on the table then flipped it over a hanger and hung it in the closet. My shoes and slacks follow it into the closet pretty quickly after that, leaving me standing there in only a shirt. Watching her switching tail and listening to the jingle of the bells was arousing me pretty quickly.

As I was undoing the buttons on my sleeves, Sarabeth stepped close and her slim nimble fingers began unbuttoning my shirt. She tried a couple of times to kiss my chest as my shirt came open, but the blinders on either side of her face stopped her just short of her lips being able to reach my skin.

'Maybe we should just take the halter off.'

She shook her head and look up at me as she pushed my shirt back off of my shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

'There's something I can reach.' Her small hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock which sprang to full life at her touch. Keeping her eyes locked on mine the whole time, she sunk to her knees, tugged back the foreskin and slipped the head of my prick into her mouth. Her warm lips and soft talented tongue worked their magic on my prick, making me shiver.

'I wish I could tell you how sexy that looks, Sarabeth. And how good it feels. But words are inadequate. Oooohhh.....' she applied an extra bit of suction that made my blood pressure rise about fifteen points. One hand gripped the shaft of my prick and slid back and forth with the motion of her head as it bobbed back and forth. The other hand slipped between my thighs and gently cupped my balls, just holding them in her palm as she sucked on me.

The tinkling of the bells got louder and faster and my breathing got louder and faster the longer it went on. One of my hands rested on the top of her head and the other went to the edge of the dresser to keep myself from falling over. My legs started shaking and finally I gulped a huge lungful of air, held it for a split second, then let it out noisily in a moan as I started coming in Sarabeths mouth. And the feeling of her swallowing around my prick in her mouth made my eyes roll up in my head in pleasure.

I'd almost swear that I had passed out but I was still standing when my vision cleared again. Sarabeth still knelt there smiling at me around the mouthful of softening cock. I reached down and pulled her to her feet and into my arms, my hands sliding down her back and cupping the full soft moons of her bottom in my palms. I kneaded her warm flesh in my hands, then I brought one hand up and grabbed the base of her braid and held her head still as I kissed her.

'You always make me feel so good, Sarabeth. You always know the right thing to do to make me happy. What would I ever do without you?'

She shook her head slightly and whispered 'I hope you never have to find out.'

Her bells were poking me in the chest so I leaned back and tickled the tip of one nipple and made the bell chime. She shivered and her nails dug into my ribs.

'As much as I appreciate this, you didn't have to get all dressed up.' I said. 'I also appreciate when you are just Sarabeth.'

'Sometimes you need to be reminded, Master.'

'Reminded of what?'

'Of how much I love you and how much I love being your pony.'

'Well, I hope you never need to be reminded of how much I love you and how much I love being your Master, little pony girl.'

Sarabeth leaned up and kissed me again. 'No, I don't.' She took me by the hand and led me over to the bed and had me lay down. I lay on my side and looked at her exquisite body. She took one of the bells in her hand and said 'You don't mind, do you?'

I shook my head and she unclipped the bell from her nipple with a little shiver and lay it on the nightstand. After she had removed the second one she grasped both of her breasts in her hands and squeezed her own nipples and rolled them around a little and sighed. 'That's better!' she said. 'Those feel good, but they feel even better when they come off.'

She pointed at her halter and said 'And this?'

I shrugged. 'The choice is yours, love.'

She removed the halter and set it in the chair. Sarabeth looked down at her body and ran her hands down her sides, her fingers bumping over the straps.

'This looks good and feels better, but I think it might get in the way, don't you, Master?'

I smiled. 'You do look awesome in your harness, true. Nobody has ever looked better. But all I want in my hands right now is pure Sarabeth. Take it off, please.'

'Of course, Master.' She stripped out of her harness and set it down in the chair with the halter. Then she turned her back to me so I could clearly see her tail poking out from between the cheeks of her ass. She looked over her shoulder at me, then ran one hand down to the base of the tail and gave it a little pat.

'I think I'll keep this for the moment. If you don't mind?'

'Not at all.'

She crawled up into the bed and lay down next to me, face to face. I got another kiss without the halter and it was very sweet. Sarabeth laid a hand on my chest and looked into my eyes.

'I could tell something was bothering you when you came in. I thought if I could distract you for a time, then you might feel better. Did something happen at the banquet?'

I sighed. 'Daniel decided to go for a little walk and got picked up by Violetta's security boys.'

She gasped. 'Did they hurt him?'

'No. No. He's fine. They brought him back without a scratch.'

'He... He... wasn't trying to run away, was he?'

I lay back on the bed and started at the ceiling for a moment. Sarabeth rolled over onto my chest and looked at me.

'He was trying to run away?'

I shrugged. 'Yes and no. Apparently he thought about it but changed his mind and came back. That's when they picked him up.'

'Did you punish him?'

'In a way. He'll tell you about it in the morning.'

Sarabeth looked worried and I stroked the back of her head and she lay it down on my chest.

'He's fine, Sarabeth. Unmarked. Back in the dorm with Nathan and Gael and I don't think he's going to be going anywhere for awhile. Gael is probably still giving him hell right now.'

'You told them?'

'They noticed he was missing and were about to call me when I brought him back. Part of his punishment is to tell all of you what happened. Make sure you listen to him. He'll want to talk to you first thing in the morning.'

'Of course, Master.' She shook her head against my skin. 'I never thought he would do that.' Raising her head, she looked at me again. 'He loves you, you know.'

'I know. And I love him. And you and Gael and Nathan. But then, you know that. Better than anybody, I imagine.' I stroked the back of her head again as she lay it back down on my chest and snuggled her warm body up next to mine. 'The boy has a special place in his heart for you, Sarabeth. Even more than the threat of a beating he was worried that you would be disappointed in him. Try to go easy on him in the morning. He looks up to you more than the others.'

'I think he's had a crush on me from the first day.'

'I know he did. For the record, so did I. And so did Nathan. And Gael, too, even if she won't come out and admit it.' I stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head again. 'You are such a beautiful and gentle soul, Sarabeth. Everybody loves you. I was just lucky enough that I saw you first.'

'And you are the kindest and gentlest Master a pony could ever have. I consider myself the luckiest pony in the world.'

She brought her lips up to mine and I kissed her deep, my tongue slipping between those perfect lips and into her mouth. I wrapped my arms around her ribs and reveled in the feel of her warm body pressed against mine. She was like an emotional battery, charging me back up again. Not only my emotions, but my body too. I could feel my prick stirring around on my thigh and getting hard for another round.

Sarabeth shifted her weight and climbed up on top of my body, her knees straddling my ribs and the strands of her tail brushing over my prick and falling in between my legs. My hands went back down to her marvelous ass, one hand alternately tugging and pushing gently on her tail. Sarabeth moaned into my mouth and rubbed her pussy up against my belly. I could feel her natural lubricants wetting my skin.

'Mmmm....' she moaned against my lips then pulled back a little.

'Take it out please, Master. I want you inside me..... I.... I want you in my ass.'

How could I refuse such a request? Sarabeth rarely asked for anything, instead she usually deferred to my wishes, taking what she could get. Of course I took her in the ass just as often as I did the others. It was my favorite act. She just didn't ask for it like they did. Hearing her asking me to fuck her in her tight little butt made my prick spring up and get immediately hard and ready.

Grabbing the base of her tail firmly, I pulled on it slowly. Sarabeth took a deep breath and rose up on her hands, forcing herself to relax enough for the tail to slip out. Alternately gasping and groaning, she shivered as the toy stretched her open then she sighed as it passed it widest point and slid back out of her butt. Her slim body broke out in goose bumps all over.

As I laid her tail on the night stand, Sarabeth was reaching past me for the bottle of lube. Squirting some on her fingers she reached behind her and grabbed the head of my prick, making a small appreciative noise as she felt how hard I was. Her small warm fingers spread the slippery lube over the head and shaft of my cock quickly then she got some more lube and slipped two fingers up into her butt, shivering while she did so.

'I want you so bad, Master.'

'And I want you, Sarabeth. I always want you.'

'Love you, Master.'

'And your Master loves you, Sarabeth.' My hands slipped up to cup her breasts and thumbed her hard nipples. 'My pocket sized blond goddess. You always make me so hard for you.'

'Can I put it in now, Master?'

'Not yet, love. Keep your fingers moving.'

Kneeling above my body, Sarabeth mewled in the back of her throat and her hips rolled back and forth, her wet pussy spreading it's juice into my patch of pubic hair. I could hear the slippery sound of her fingers as they worked in and out of her ass.

When I felt her legs start to tighten around my waist I said 'Now, Sarabeth.'

She gasped lightly and whispered 'Ooohh god. Thank you, Master!' her hand slipped out of her hole and grasped the shaft of my prick and pulled it between her ass cheeks. She quickly presented the head of my prick to her clenching hole and leaned backwards, gasping and groaning as it slowly opened her up and slid inside. I watched the smooth muscles of her belly and thighs flex as she rocked her hips and worked my cock deeper and deeper inside her tightest hole.

Finally, as she gave a long slow sigh, her pussy came back in contact with my belly and my prick was all the way up inside her ass. Sarabeth gave a shudder and I felt her inner muscles rippling up and down the length of my prick. It felt so good having that tight ring squeezing my prick. And the way her channel gripped my shaft it was like she was giving me a hand job from inside her body.

We held still for just a moment, each of us reveling in the feeling of my cock buried all the way up her fine tight ass. My hands were still cupping her firm warm mounds and I slowly kneaded them like fresh bread dough, feeling her hard nipples pressing into my palms.

There was a slight movement of her hips, just straightening her back a little and letting it relax as she began to move on top of me. Sarabeth's sweet lips parted and she began making small sounds in the back of her throat. I could feel goose bumps popping up on the fine porcelain skin of her breasts and her nipples got even harder, which I would have thought impossible. My thumbs and forefingers closed gently on each hard little nub, pinching them lightly. Sarabeth gasped and cried out 'Oh!' Her thighs clamped down on my hips and her muscled ring squeezed my prick hard and she shivered and came for the first time.

When the waves of the first orgasm started to ebb, I slid my hands down to her hips.

'Let's go for a ride, little pony girl.'

'Oh! Yes, Master!'

I reclined against the pillows, much more relaxed than when I had first entered the room. Sarabeth curled up under my arm with her head laid back on my chest and we both basked in the afterglow that only multiple orgasms can bring. It was like the whole room was covered in a soft warm golden haze.

Sarabeth's warm slim fingers toyed with the line of hair that ran from my crotch up to my navel. It tickled a little bit but I didn't let on. Some weak points in my armor were jealously guarded. I patted her smoothly muscled back as I sipped a glass of ice water.



'What will you do when I get too old?'

'Whatever are you talking about, Sarabeth?'

She turned and rolled over, draping her arm across my belly and looked up at me her breasts pressed into my ribs.

'What will become of me when I'm old, Master? When I can't compete anymore? When my body is old and broken down and not sexy anymore. Will you just put me in a retirement home somewhere? Will you sell me to someone who likes old ladies?'

I could tell by her face that she was half kidding, but also half serious. She was a natural worrier. I had half a mind to promote her out of the stables and make her my financial manager. Things would never go wrong if Sarabeth was in charge.

'For one thing, young lady, you will never be too old to be sexy to me. I'll always want you. For another thing, I'm twenty years older than you. The question you should be asking is what are you going to do when I'm too old? I'm not immortal, you know.'

I patted her back again and set my glass down on the night stand and sighed.

'I have made some.....provisions....for all of you. Just in case anything should happen to me. If the worst happens and I'm no longer there, you will be taken care of financially, if nothing else. We'll discuss it when we get back to the farm.'

'But as far as continuing on without disaster, I told you of my ideas about starting a training camp. I'm sure people would pay good money to get their ponies trained by champions like you. And Nathan. And hopefully Gael and Daniel as well by that time.'

'And if that doesn't work out, maybe we'll just retire. Relax and enjoy ourselves. Take long rides out in the woods and have picnics and make love under the trees. Or load up the RV and travel around. Go to all the gatherings all over the country instead of just once a year.'

I shrugged. 'Who knows?' I looked down at her and said 'What would you like to happen?'

She shook her head and laid it down on my chest again, snuggling in tight against my side. 'As long as I'm with you it doesn't matter. I'll be happy.'

And with that we drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Thirteen

My original plan had been to take Sarabeth down to breakfast with me in the morning. She had a thin backless sundress that showed off her superb body without being too provocative and I loved seeing her in it. My own rules about not allowing my pets clothes often worked against me. This one time a year made it worth the wait, though.

But the situation with Daniel the night before made me change my plans with regret. I needed to get Sarabeth down to the dorms early enough that she could have a long talk with him and he could unburden himself. I had a feeling that it was going to be along discussion.

I told her to get down there and get him taken care of then take him and the others to breakfast in the cafeteria. I reserved a table for all of us in the dining room for lunch.

Daniels eyes were a bit red and still puffy when I went to pick up my pets for the mornings activities. He also spent a good amount of time with his hands in front of his crotch in embarrassment until I threatened to cuff them behind his back. He got many appreciative stares from both men and women throughout the day. I also got several lucrative offers from different owners which both embarrassed and frightened him. After the second or third such offer, he clutched my hand in panic and begged 'Please don't sell me, Master! Please!' It took several minutes of coaxing and soothing and promises that I wasn't intending to sell him to anybody else before he could calm down again.

But all in all, we enjoyed the fair immensely. Being in a generous mood, I spent quite a bit of money on different things because it caught my eye of that of one of my pets. I had to send Nathan back to the dorms a couple of times to drop off armloads of new treasures. The artist who had done the portrait in my office was there and I ended up buying a few more of his paintings, throwing in an extra commission to have them crated and delivered to my staging area. I also discussed an idea I had with him to which end he pulled out a camera and took several dozen digital pictures of my pets in various poses. Gael in particular liked his work and would have been happy sitting there discussing painting techniques the rest of the afternoon. I had to be firm with her.

'Gael, do you want me to sell you to him?'

The question caught her by surprise. 'Why, no Master!'

'Then come along, dear. He can't afford you, anyway. Not on what I'm paying him.'

'Yes, Master.' she looked a little wistful and said 'Goodbye, Andrew.'

'Goodbye, Miss Gael. I look forward to seeing you again.'

We walked along a little while in silence. Daniel was trying his best to hide behind me at the end of his leash as we made our way through the crowds. I could see that the little redhead had things on her mind.

'Would you like to paint again, Gael?' She'd been on break after her second year in art school when she had been taken. In her cage she kept lots of notebooks full of sketches that she did in her spare time. They were all very good and ranged from mundane nature and figure studies to the outright erotic.

'I would like that, Master. If you would allow it. I would like that very much.'

I slipped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her in for a quick hug. 'Perhaps when we get back home we can discuss it. Between now and then show me how bad you want it. Show me what puts a fire in your belly, Miss Gael. Show me your passion for things outside of my bed. Then I'll see how generous I can be.'

'Yes, Master! You'll see! I promise!'

Of course one of the things that there was the most of there was BDSM gear. Lots of leather and steel and latex and rubber. Masks and hoods and shackles and chains and whips and crops. Harnesses and saddles, carts and wagons. Most of the stuff that interested me were things I already owned. I spent long enough in a stall full of whips and paddles and floggers that all of my pets started looking a little nervous. Picking up on wooden paddle with holes drilled in it, I whipped it through the air a few times, listening to the whistle as I smiled. Gael went a bit white and edged away from me. I laughed and put it back on the shelf.

Another large stall had what was advertised as 'Bondage Furniture'. It was quite interesting. He had several different sets of wooden stocks that went from plain to fancy, all trimmed out in shiny leather with tons of metal studs. There were a few chairs that looked just like chairs at first glance until you looked closer and saw that they were fitted with many metal eyelets for attaching ropes to and a removable panel in the seat for easy access. He also carried lots of horses and frames and kneelers and other things that sparked my interests mightily.

I left that stall a bit poorer by the tune of a couple of thousand dollars with fun ideas swimming in my head. I'd been meaning to do something with my basement anyway....

There was also the normal fair type food available from many different booths. Pizza and corn dogs and snow cones and the like. I cautioned my pets not to eat too much as we had a table for lunch, but something about watching a pony boy in harness eating a corn dog was too rich to resist. Daniels face was red as a beet by the time he was done eating.

Lunch in the Owners dining room was relaxing and fun. Daniel knelt on the floor on a small rug between Sarabeth and I and we fed him bites off of our plates. Our waitress was tall and pretty and at one point looked down at Daniel and said 'Mmmm... Is this dessert?' He blushed furiously and we all laughed.

I wasn't important enough to have a large luxury box in the stands that would hold all of my pets. There was only room for myself and one other so I kept Daniel with me and told the others they could find seats or stand down in the front as they wished. He spent most of the time kneeling on the little pad next to my chair with his head laying against my leg while I tousled his hair.

The ponies in the workhorse competition were almost all big bruisers with corded muscles and popping veins. Bodybuilders. Even the women were too cut for my tastes. But it was fun watching them pull the big sledges loaded with weights and carrying immense loads across the field. They were all supreme athletes and fierce competitors and I applauded each of them for their efforts.

Daniel eyed the ponies and looked down at himself. 'I don't think I could ever look that good.'

I squeezed his shoulder and said 'I don't want a bodybuilder, Daniel. I just want you and I think you look perfect. Perfect yummy.'

He smiled at me and laid his head back down against my leg.

After the awards ceremony I led my half naked little pony back down the steps to where the others waited in a group. The novelty of being harnessed in front of strangers was starting to wear off and I thought he might need a small lesson to remember that he was being punished. Slipping a finger through Daniels collar, I pulled him in for a deep kiss. As the departing crowd moved around us, I reached down and grabbed Daniels prick in my hand and stroked and squeezed him until he was rock hard. He moaned against my mouth and when I released him and pulled away his eyes were wide and his face was flushed. We heard a few more appreciative remarks from the crowd as they passed and many eyes were on his hard upstanding cock.

I handed the end of his leash to Nathan and said 'You guys go get some dinner.' Tilting my head towards the highly embarrassed boy I added 'Make sure he gets well fed. I'll meet you in the dorm right before the auction.' Glancing off to the side I said 'Hands behind your back, Daniel.' He almost looked like he was going to cry again as he was led away trying as best as he could to hide behind Nathan.

None of my pets had ever accompanied me to the pony auction before. They all claimed that the thought of it made them uncomfortable. In a visceral way, I could understand that. Taking Daniel there with me was the final step in his punishment. Even though I would keep him in his harness and leash until we left because I had decreed it would be so, I wouldn't go out of my way to make him feel self conscious after this.

Even though his eyes were drawn to the ponies up on the stage, Daniel knelt by my chair and clutched my leg and trembled. Thirty different ponies were auctioned off that night. All were led up on the stage wearing nothing but their collars and the auctioneers turned them around and displayed their best features as well as reciting their accomplishments and talents. The ponies wore a mixed bag of expressions on stage. Some were defiant or excited and a few of them looked half scared to death. Bidding was brisk and spirited. As usual, there were several that I was interested in for one reason or another. It was difficult to restrain myself.

One young lad who would have looked perfect between Nathan and Daniel came up to the block. He was small and well built with black hair, pale skin and dark eyes. A good sized thick cock hung between his legs and he had a very cute tight little ass. His eyes were wide and he trembled while the auctioneer stated that he was a novice pony who hadn't been broken yet.

'Look at him, Daniel.'

'He's... he's beautiful, Master.' He clutched my leg a little tighter.

'Would you like to fuck him?' He trembled harder and nodded.

'So would I, Daniel. So would I.'

Crap. What was I thinking? I had one empty cage left. Six. That would take me to six. If things went as planned with Katherine then this boy would be the last pony I would ever acquire. Of course, it would even out my numbers.

'Should I buy him, Daniel? Should I get this beautiful boy for us to play with?'

He trembled harder and squeezed my leg. 'I... I don't know, Master. I.... I don't like this. Can we leave now?'

I petted him gently. 'Not yet, Daniel. Now hush. I'm thinking.'

The bidding opened at twenty five thousand. I raised my hand and Daniel gasped.

'Twenty five thousand dollars? Oh my god!'

Novices generally started out fairly cheap. You never knew what you would be getting. Many owners lost money on their investments when they were looking for champions. Just like real horse auctions. You just had to gamble sometimes. While I was explaining that to Daniel the price had jumped up to forty thousand. Daniel gasped again when I raised my hand.

I hadn't caught his name, other than 'Lot #22.' I knew that he couldn't see very well from the block with the lights in his eyes. All there was to see was lost in a glare of the bright lights. The auctioneer was off to one side and closer to the front so he had a clear view of the bidders. The boy stood on a small raised block in the center of the stage trying desperately to see who was bidding on him, looking more nervous by the moment.

After sixty thousand the bidding went down to myself and Lady Ariel. She was a spoiled rich girl who had a harem of young pretty boys and grew quickly bored with them and sold them off after a year or two. Her stock were never serious contenders. More bedmates and bits of arm candy than anything else. I intended a better future for this boy.

'Sixty five thousand to Master Max.'

'Seventy thousand to Lady Ariel.'

At ninety thousand I grew bored and impatient. I demurred for a moment, letting Ariel think she had won. I let that smug little smirk linger on her face for just a moment then raised my hand and said 'One fifty!'

There were some murmurs from the crowd. I hadn't bid on a pony in close to seven years even though I always attended the auctions. Now I had bid an unheard of price for a young untried novice.

'One hundred and fifty thousand dollars from Master Max.' said the somewhat flustered auctioneer. 'Lady Ariel? Do I hear one fifty five?'

Ariel stood up across the room. She stared at me in a fit of pique then turned and stormed out of the room in a huff, her small crowd of pretty boys behind her.

'Going once... Going twice.... Sold to Master Max for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars!'

It seems I had just made a legitimate purchase for the first time in years. What was I thinking?

With Daniel in tow at the end of his leash I made my way to the back room to finalize my purchase. On the way there I dialed the cell phone I had given Nathan. I told him to have another bed put in the room and linens put on it for a new arrival. He was confused but told me all would be ready when I arrived.

The new boy's name was David and he was twenty one years old. He'd been picked up by one of Lord IX's recruiters just six months ago. But IX was in poor health and had suffered a mild heart attack earlier in the year and was now letting go of most of his stock with an eye towards retirement. David had gotten some basic training but hadn't gotten very far. What with IX being in the hospital and all they had mostly ignored him. He was given the choice of being freed of his indenture or going up for auction. The boy had chosen the auction of his own free will.

I was given a copy of the contract he had signed with IX and the one he had signed with the auction house before they put him up for sale. Since my credit was pretty solid, I didn't have to worry about trying to make a bank transfer at this time of night. Just a signature would do for now. I'd wire them the money in the morning.

I borrowed one of their small meeting rooms in the back and had the boy brought to me there. One of the assistant auctioneers brought him in on a leash, then removed the collar from his neck and turned around and left. I was sitting in the only chair in the room with Daniel kneeling beside me, the end of his leash dangling from my hand. David's eye went a little wide when he saw us, then he walked forward and knelt in front of me, bowing his head to the floor.

'My Lord.' he said.

'Not Lord, David. I am Master Max Rambeaux. You will address me as 'Master'. And get your head up off of the floor.'

'Yes, Master.'

I shuffled through the big sheaf of contracts I had been given. I had already read them once, but I wanted to see how he reacted to a bit of stress. And being ignored and treated like a piece of property was a big stress inducer. He sat calmly through the ordeal while I read.

'You want to be a pony boy, David?'

'Yes, Master. I do.'

'It says here that you signed a five year contract with IX. He would have settled for two. Why did you sign up for the whole five?'

'They wouldn't offer me a lifetime contract, Master. It's what I want to be. I'm sure of it.'

'You're sure of it.'

'Yes, Master. I'm sure. It was what I wanted since the first time I saw one. I waited five years until I was old enough that someone would take me.'

I settled back in the chair and petted the back of Daniels head for a moment and looked at him. Damn he was cute. And he had such an earnest look on his face when he spoke about wanting to be a pony.

'As you must have heard if you were paying attention, I have purchased not only your contract but you yourself for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That is quite a bit of money, David.'

He gulped. 'Yes, Master.'

'I fully intend on making good on that investment one way or another.'

He gulped again, his eyes wide. 'I won't let you down, Master.'

I waved the stack of contracts. 'As far as I'm concerned, these contracts mean nothing. I will not sign a lease. When I take a pet, I take them for life.'

'Here's the deal, David. I train champion ponies. It's what I do and I'm damn good at it. By this time next year you will be at least a serious contender if not a prize winner. I will work and train your ass off. You look to be in pretty good shape now. By next gathering you will be a serious athlete. I will work you harder than you have ever worked in your life.'

'When we get back to the farm you will live in the stables with the rest of my stock. You will be in a cage. That cage will be your home for the rest of your days. It will be comfortable but not luxurious. You will do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it or I will punish you. I will control every single aspect of your life. Do you understand that, David?'

'Y-yes, Master.'

'There are two things that must be on the forefront of your mind at all times, David. The second is training and making yourself stronger and faster. The first is pleasing me in any way you can. My happiness will be your number one goal.'

'Have you ever had sex with a another man, David?'

He blushed furiously and his eyes went down to the floor and he said nothing. I leaned forward.

'Answer me, boy.'

'Y-yes, Master. J-just once. O-one of Lord IX's trainers took me right after I got here.'

'Did you like it?'

He shook his head. 'N-no, Master.'

'Why not?'

'He... he was too rough, Master. He hurt me. I... I wasn't ready and I told him so, but he took me anyway.'

'He raped you?'

Davids eyes were firmly on the floor and he looked miserable. 'I... guess you could call it that, yes.'

I had half a mind to find the man (and I was pretty sure I knew which one it was) and beat the skin off of him. If IX were in better physical shape I'd just call him and have him take care of it personally. No matter. I'd see that he was suitably punished for his malfeasance. That sort of thing just wasn't done.

'I am sorry that happened, David. It should not have. I will do what I can to make sure justice is done on that matter.'

'Th-thank you, Master.'

'I am not a rapist. I will not take you by force. But I will demand that you give yourself to me. And you will serve me both on the training grounds and in my bed willingly. One way or another. You will find that I can be both harsh and demanding and a kind and gentle Master when you please me. Isn't that right, Daniel?'

The boy at my knee wrapped his arms around my leg and laid his head against my thigh and nodded. 'Master is wonderful!'

I tousled his hair gently. 'Daniel here is my newest acquisition. He had never been a pony before or even thought about it. Nor had he ever been with another man. Now he is a aficionado of both. Right, Daniel?'

He turned and looked up at me with a wide smile. 'I never want to be anything other than your pony, Master.' he said serenely. I leaned down and kissed him.

'So here is my final offer, David. You can come with me willingly. Be my pony and my bedmate willingly and eagerly. You will become one of my loved and cherished pets and live out your days in my stables with the rest of my pets and be fairly happy and content. Or I can spend the next couple of days trying to sell you to somebody who might not be so nice. I'm sure that Ariel would be happy to take you, but she would just use you up and throw you out on the streets in a year or two. Sure, she's beautiful and you'd get to sleep with her. But from what I have heard, that is not such a good thing. She is a vain and vicious woman who goes through lovers like other people go through Kleenex.'

'Or I could find somebody else who might want you. There are plenty of other owners out there.'

Daniel sat up straighter and said 'Come with us, David. You won't regret it, I promise! There's nobody better than Master!'

Once again Daniel made me secretly proud of him. I would have to let him know when I got the chance.

David thought about it for a moment then nodded. 'I will come with you, Master.' he said. 'I will s-serve you any way that I can.' and he bowed his head to the floor again.

I'd have to break him of that.

'Excellent. There's only one thing left to do then. But I find I'm unprepared. Daniel, will you do me a great favor?'

'Anything, Master!'

'Will you loan me the use of your collar until we can find another one for David?'

'Certainly, Master! I...' Daniels hands went up to his collar and he hesitated and looked at me with his hands at the buckle. It was just the night before when he had tried to take my collar off and found that he couldn't. Now I was asking him to do it willingly. I could almost see the thoughts running through his mind.

Here was one of those decision points. I'd like to say that I had crafted events to lead up to this on purpose, but I hadn't. It just came along by happenstance. But here I was, forcing Daniel to make a choice between his own personal comfort; the feeling of being owned and loved and cared for exemplified by wearing my collar; and doing my bidding and pleasing me by removing it himself.

Would he do the right thing? We would see.

Slowly, his hands unbuckled the leather from around his neck and removed it. He held it out to me and lowered his eyes and said softly 'All that I am is yours, Master.'

I took the proffered collar and the hand both in mine and brought his hand to my lips and kissed his fingers. 'You do make me proud, Daniel.'

'Thank you, Master.' he whispered. I squeezed his fingers then laid his hand back on my leg.

Holding out the collar to David I said 'By taking my collar you are pledging yourself to me. Putting it on signifies that your life and your mind and your body belong to me and nobody else and you swear that you will obey me and belong to me for the rest of your life.'

The boy looked at Daniel as he took the collar from my hands and buckled it around his neck. Then, eyes on the floor, he said 'All that I am is yours, Master.'

The two young men smiled at each other.

Chapter Fourteen

It was a good thing we always packed extra gear when we traveled. You never knew when something was going to break at the last moment so we always brought spares of what we could. Since I was going to have to keep both of them with me for the next couple of days, I dressed David in nothing but a harness and collar, just like Daniel. He wasn't technically being punished like Daniel was, but it was a good introduction to what his new life was going to be like.

To keep him busy and make him feel important, I loaded Daniel with the task of telling David all of the rules that come along with belonging to me. He was also charged with making sure the bandage on the back of David's neck covering the fresh tattoo stayed in place. That was the first time I had witnesses to that particular part of my ritual and also the first time I had done it on a conscious subject. He had twitched a bit, but stayed still the best he could. I'd forestalled drawing his blood until we got back to the ranch. He was going to remain untouched until we got there, anyway.

The space next to my seat in the stands was only meant to hold one pet but I made them crowd together on the small mat. They had to kneel so closely together it forced them to put an arm around each other's shoulders or waists to stay comfortable. They looked quite fetching together and it seemed like they were becoming fast friends. Plus it gave David a chance to get used to being in close physical contact with another man. That was something he was really going to have to get used to and quickly.

It was good that they had somebody to keep them entertained, as I had my eye on the competition.

There were two different heats in the dressage event. Guided and freestyle. In the guided event an owner, trainer or handler was down in the arena with the pony at the end of an eight foot lead rope. He or she gave directions and guidance to the pony who only had a small circle to perform in. I found the guided events too boring and limiting and I didn't care much for being in front of the crowd anyway.

In the freestyle competition the pony was alone in the ring with the whole arena to work in. The judges were spaced evenly around the seating area so that the performer was encouraged to cover as much ground as possible. This was the venue where my pets shone. All three of them would be competing this morning. They alternate between the men and the women's events to keep things interesting and the audience's attention.

The lads and I sat through the guided events and I sipped an Irish coffee and fretted. Sarabeth, Nathan and Gael were down in the green room, dressed in everything but their boots, readying themselves for the competition. I had discovered early on that my presence right before an event made them nervous so I stayed away, but made sure that I was there to greet each of them afterwards as they left the grounds.

As Sarabeth and Nathan were the reigning champions they were scheduled to go first. Gael was twelfth, which was still a respectable position. Each performance was three minutes long. That doesn't seem like a long time, but try dancing for three minutes with boots weighing three pounds on each foot!

'Our first competitor in the freestyle women's dressage event...' the voice intoned over the loudspeaker. 'Our reigning champion for three years running..... Master Max's Sarabeth!'

We all stood up and cheered and clapped as she walked slowly into the middle of the arena, looking proud and serene. Turning to face where I was sitting, she put on foot forward and bowed her head towards me, then straightened with her hands to her side waiting to begin.

Once again, words cannot describe adequately Sarabeth's routine. All I can really say is that, aside from her music, you could have heard a pin drop in that arena while she performed. The entire audience sat rapt and spellbound while she trotted and cantered and leapt and danced in the dirt floor of the arena. You could feel the sensuality like waves of heat. It felt like the whole building got twenty degrees warmer in three minutes. It always surprised me when the audience didn't break out in a spontaneous orgy after Sarabeth finished.

When she finally came to a stop and bowed to me once again, the entire place erupted into loud applause and cheers. Glancing down I saw that both boys were up on their knees, gripping the rail in front of them tightly, eyes wide and pricks firmly erect. Yeah, she had that effect on me, too.

Grabbing their leashes, I said 'Come along, boys.' and pulled them to their feet. We trotted quickly down to the tunnel leading out of the arena. Sarabeth was there waiting, panting and pink with her need. I flipped the boy's leashes over a hook on the wall and held my arms out. She leapt into my arms, her lips meeting mine hard and her arms wrapped tightly around my neck. I kissed her hard and walked her backwards until her back pressed against the tunnel wall. I could feel her hips grinding against mine and I slipped one hand between her thighs, covering her pussy and my fingers slipping up between her cheeks and pressing her tail deeper into her ass. She gasped and her whole body tightened and her legs came up and wrapped around my waist, trapping my hand between our bodies as she made a small scream against my mouth and came. I held her there, my lips and fingers moving against her as she shook and shivered over and over again until her legs finally relaxed enough to slide back down to the floor. Sarabeth laid her head on my shoulder and panted and shivered, sagging in my arms.

'That was beautiful, Sarabeth. Absolutely amazing.' I turned my head and nodded to the two boys who stood there open mouthed with their pricks hard and straining at the air. 'It looks like the lads enjoyed it as well.' She smiled and blew them both a kiss over my shoulder.

Nathan clomped his way down the tunnel, the steel of his horse shoes ringing against the wooden floor. David was wide-eyed and Daniel smiled proudly. 'And here's big brother! Doesn't he look awesome?' David stared openly at Nathan and said 'Oh my god!' He had not yet seen everybody in their dressage gear.

Nathan nodded to the boys and bowed to me, one foot forward. He gave Sarabeth a thumbs up and a grin. There was a closed circuit television screen in the green room and he'd seen Sarabeths routine from there. And I could see that it had the predicted effect on him as well.

Sarabeth said 'Go watch, Master. I'll see it from the green room. I need to change.' I kissed her again, then took the boys by the leash and led them back to my seat to watch Nathans performance.

I certainly could get used to the idea of walking around with two half naked pony boys in attendance. We got quite a few envious and appreciative looks on the trip back to my box. And frankly those two hard bobbing pricks and jiggling little asses were getting to me too. If I didn't have other things on my plate at the moment we'd all be back in my suite giving the new boy an introduction into being one of my pets and the fringe benefits that came along with it. But, sadly, that was going to probably have to wait until we got home again.

Nathans routine was flawless and awe inspiring, as usual. He stomped at the ground and leapt and flew, stirring the ground with his hooves. Many an invisible monster was slain and any potential enemies were roared at and cowed in silence broken only by his music and the striking of his hooves against the earth. I suspect even Mistress Violetta's goons would think twice about approaching him after seeing that performance.

Even though Daniel had seen it before, he and David sat wide eyed and open mouthed during the whole thing. And at the conclusion they jumped up and cheered along with everybody else in the audience. Grabbing up their leashes once again, I led them down to the tunnel as Nathan made his way off the field to the sound of the exuberant crowd.

I grabbed Nathan and hugged him hard and almost forgot I had two leashes around my wrist. I damn near jerked both boys off of their feet. They crowded around and pounded him on the back.

'Way to go, big brother!'

'That was awesome! Can I do that too?'

Holding him by the bridle I kissed him carefully and thoroughly. 'My handsome warrior pony.' I said. 'So fierce and proud. And you make me so proud, Nathan. You were wonderful.'

Nathans stood a little taller and his chest puffed out a bit more even as he lowered his eyes to me in deference and smiled.

'Thank you, Master.' he said 'You have made me what I am.'

'Nonsense, Nathan. It is you... All of you... who have made me what I am. Don't ever forget that.'

By the time Gael came on both Nathan and Sarabeth had showered and changed back into their comfortable sweats and were sitting on the steps beside my seat. I was really going to have to try and jockey for a bigger box next year. If we won as many events as we did last year I would certainly move up at least one more place in the standings, maybe two. That would surely secure us all a place to sit and watch.

If that was what had done it, my discussion with Gael about allowing her to paint again seemed to have an effect. I told her I wanted to see her passion and she made sure that everybody saw it. She put on a show better than she had ever done before and I could even see the normally dour looking judges smiling by the time she was finished. When she finally lowered her eyes and stood still again, panting slightly with the effort, the entire audience rose up on it's feet and cheered.

Raising her eyes once more, she waved and gave a sunny smile, then bowed to me again and headed for the tunnel at a brisk trot. I left my pets in my box this time and leapt down to meet her.

Gael was coming out of the tunnel as I was going in and she very nearly tackled me, throwing her arms around my neck and barking my shins with her hooves. She threw her legs around my waist and I held her in my arms as she laughed and squeezed me.

'Oh Master! That felt wonderful!'

'That was wonderful, sweetheart. You were perfect. And they loved you! Just listen!' We could still hear the cheers of the crowd echoing back and forth between the wooden walls. I leaned my head back to look at her. 'And I love you, Gael. My perfect little pixie pony. You make me so proud.'

'I love you too, Master.' And she kissed me.

We sat and watched the rest of the routines from the somewhat cramped quarters of my box. Defying tradition, Gael, Nathan and Sarabeth sat on the steps near me instead of standing at the rail below with the rest of the ponies. I succumbed to the tiniest bit of hubris I would allow myself. I was proud of all of my pets and wanted them near me.

Halfway through the competition a young girl wearing a collar I didn't recognize came up the steps, bowed to me and handed me an envelope and departed. Inside was a simple handwritten note on some fine stationery:

Master Max,

At 10:39 this morning, Lord IX succumbed to heart failure and departed this earth, leaving it a smaller and sadder place. In keeping with part of his final wishes, his seating and lodging arrangements have now passed on down to you. He said he could think of nobody more worthy to take over his ranking. Even though you were his greatest rival, he also considered you a friend.

-GWM, esq.

A few minutes later after the latest routine had finished, the announcer broke the news of IX's death to the crowd. We all stood and bowed our heads in a moment of silence. I'm sure somewhere IX was thumbing his nose and blowing a raspberry at what he would have considered an unnecessary bit of pomp and solemnity.

After the competition was over and the final dozen were announced, we all went to dinner in the owners dining room in a jubilant mood. All three of my pets had made it to the finals. It was a first for all of us and we were a bit giddy in celebration.

As a gesture of largesse, I allowed both David and Daniel to sit in chairs with the rest of us. I seated Daniel between Nathan and myself and set David in between the girls. After cautioning everyone not to eat too much, I set back with my hand on Daniels thigh and enjoyed our meal with a happy smile on my face.

Even if we won nothing tomorrow, this day would have been worth all the effort.

After I had returned all of my pets to their dorm and got them safely bedded down for the night I returned to my suite, ready for a night of rest and relaxation. Maybe just one drink and a long hot shower and then to bed.

I went to toss my jacket on the bed when I noticed there was a rather large lump under the covers. Flipping back the comforter I discovered that there were two naked women, bound, gagged and blindfolded, laying together in the middle of my bed. Blond hair. Ah. Natasha and Natalia. How could I have forgotten?

'I do hope you haven't been waiting too long, ladies.'

Chapter Fifteen

The view from my new seat was definitely better. Closer to the middle and closer to the front. Right next to Sergei's box. And the service was much quicker as well. Plus there was room for all of my pets at one time, should I wish to have them all here with me. The seat was just a little more comfortable and the pads on either side were a little thicker.

I would have preferred to move up on my own (or my pets) merits alone, rather than the way it had happened. On the other hand, I wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, either. I'm sure IX would have done the same, were the positions reversed.

The final competition was indeed stiff. Sergei's new girl, Serena, was definitely something worth looking at. She was almost a clone of Sarabeth; tall and blond and willowy with classical features and a tight and trimmed well toned body. She moved so much like a prima ballerina that I suspected Sergei of slipping in a ringer.

Technically, she was perfect. Her movements were tight and controlled and flawless and always right on the beat of the music. The judging was going to be very close. For the first time in several years, I fretted about losing.

But the one thing that she did lack was Sarabeth's passion. She didn't exude sensuality the way my little pony girl did. If the judging had been on nothing more than technique, Serena would have won. She was a technician. But Sarabeth got their blood flowing and made everyone in the stands, including the judges, remember what this whole thing was all about. Eroticism. Sex and passion.

Sarabeth won by five whole points. And she was so worked up at the end of her routine that she came several times in my arms without me even touching her with my hands.

Sergei looked disgruntled and shook his fist at me in mock anger. 'Next year, my friend!' he growled. 'You will see!'

Nathan won the men's competition hands down by almost ten points. And Gael came in a respectable fifth. She was so happy that she cried and I had to calm her down and wipe her face before she could make it to the ring for the awards ceremony. And when they hung the medal around her neck she burst into happy tears again.

I had traditionally tipped the photographers generously so that they would remember to get good pictures of my pets and make sure that I got copies. This year was no different. I usually tried to stay out of the pictures myself, but Gael insisted that she wanted at least one with me and I relented. I stood for a pose with each of my pets and their medals and one with all three of the winners and then one with all six of us.

I was going to need a bigger wall in my office soon.

And when both Nathan and Sarabeth won their individual heats in the single sulky races there were more pictures. I had to stand behind them to try and disguise the obvious erection poking out of the front of my pants at the end of each race. It took all of my concentration to keep my mind on the race and away from the sight of those smooth muscled bodies, tight bottoms and switching tails.

Even though those two flight attendants had done their best to wear me out the night before, they didn't have the same effect on my body as my own ponies did. The girls were beautiful and submissive and sexually diverting, but my pets were where my heart and soul resided.

To take some of the attention off of Daniel, I also had Gael dressed only in her harness so she matched both of the boys. Even though they spent a lot of their time nude in the dorm, I noticed that David couldn't keep his eyes off of Gael while we watched the rest of the races. And having all five of them dressed the same way while we watched the tandem races was having an effect on all of us. There was just something about a pony in harness that stoked the fires, if you know what I mean. While we kept touching to a non-sexual nature out in public, there were an awful lot of pats and caresses and kisses exchanged during the course of the evening.

Luckily for me, my excitement wasn't as obvious as it was on Nathan, Daniel and David. And we got a lot more appreciate stares and comments on our way out of the arena at the end of the day.

We ate dinner in the ponies cafeteria and watched a big screen television on one wall that played back highlights from the days events. One segment that they played several times was me hugging Sarabeth at the end of our race and her very obvious physical release. I had to hold her up for a minute or so until she could stand on her own again and get her unclipped from the traces. Every time they showed that Sarabeth blushed and looked away. Almost all of the ponies and owners who had been around for awhile knew about how she got while performing. And the fact that she was a champion made them want to try and emulate whatever it was that worked for her. So far it hadn't really worked out for anybody else as of yet.

The simple fact of it was that Sarabeth loved being owned and being a pony and performing in front of a crowd. Even if it was just a crowd of one: me. The combination of the harness and the tail and being seen while so exposed just flat made her extremely horny. And that showed in all of her performances, whether in the dressage arena or out on the sulky track. Of course, I'd like to think that I had something to do with that as well. She also loved showing off just for me.

After dinner I made all of my pets retire early for the evening. We still had two more events the next day and I wanted everybody well rested. Even those who weren't going to be competing. I was sorely tempted to take Sarabeth or David (or both of them) back to my suite for some play time but Sarabeth was plainly exhausted from the days activities and David wasn't ready for that just yet.

Or so I thought, anyway.

I sat in the dorm room for awhile and chatted while my pets took turns getting into the shower and changing out of their gear. Ever greedy Nathan had tried his best to get me aroused enough to take him back to my room (or even there in the dorm for all he cared), but I just gave him a slow squeeze on his prick which made him groan then said 'That should get your battery charged. Save it for tomorrow. You are going to need it.' He groaned again in frustration.

After he had come out of the shower, dried off and slipped into a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt, David came over and knelt at my feet, eyes on the floor.

'Was there something you wanted, David?'

'Can I speak to you....privately, Master?'

My eyebrows went up, wondering what this could be. I pondered for a moment.

'Certainly. Get on some shoes and a sweat shirt. We'll step outside.'

We stepped out into the somewhat chilly evening and away from the door, just in case someone else should decide to come out for a walk. Once we stopped David started to go down to his knees again and I stopped him. 'It's dirty out here, David. There's no need for that right now. Tell me what's on your mind.'

'I...' he started then stopped, apparently searching for words. 'I... Don't you.... I mean...' I held up a hand and stopped his stammering before it got too far.

'Stop, David. Don't speak. Just nod yes or no. Understand?'

He nodded.

'Do you want to get out of your contract?' Davids eyes widened and he shook his head.

'So you want to stay and be my pony.' he nodded and nodded.

'But you have a dire question burning in your chest and it embarrasses you when you think about it.' He nodded again.

'Close your eyes, Daniel.' He did so. 'Now take a deep breath and try to relax.' he took a deep breath, then another at my direction and I could see his shoulders slump a bit as the tension left his body.

'Now stop and think about it carefully. Can you phrase the question in five words or less?' He thought for a moment, I could see him counting on his fingers, then he nodded.

'Pretend I'm not here. There's nothing in front of you but a mirror. You are practicing to ask me this burning question of yours. When you are ready, ask the mirror the question.'

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and relaxed, some more of the tension leaking visibly out of his shoulders. He parted his lips and after a brief hesitation said 'Master, don't you want me?'

Then his eyes flew open and went wide then he looked down at the ground again, a deep flush spreading over his cheeks.

I held out my arms to him.

'Come here, David.' He stepped into me and laid his head against my chest. My arms went around his back and pulled him tight against my body.

'Of course I want you, dear boy. I wouldn't have paid so much money for you if I hadn't wanted you.' I patted his back gently and kissed the top of his head.

'I have a couple of self imposed rules, though. The first one is that I won't take a new pet to my bed for at least the first three days. That gives us all a bit of time to get used to each other. Learn how we are and for them to get used to being owned by me.'

'What's the second rule?'

'I won't take a pet to my bed until they give themselves to me freely.'

He raised his head and looked up at me. 'Master, I would.....' I put a finger over his lips.

'Shush, David. I know. But now is not the time or the place. This discussion is tabled until we return to the farm in... what? Two more days? Yes. In two days we will be home. My home and your new home. Then we will start afresh again. Three days for you to get acquainted with my household and how things run, then we will discuss it again. Five days from now. Can you live that long, do you think?'

'Yes, Master.'

'Good. Because trust me, David. It's going to be a long time for me as well. Remember, I saw you naked on the auction block, boy. From all sides.' He blushed again. 'And it will be just as hard for me to keep my hands off of you for the next five days.' I slipped one hand down the back of his sweats and cupped his firm little butt in my palm and squeezed it. He gasped and his ass tightened up in my palm.

'Now if I really wanted to be mean, I'd grab hold of that big prick of yours just long enough to get it good and hard then send you back inside. Do you want me to be mean to you, David?'

'N-no, Master!'

I patted his ass then pulled my hand out of his pants and took him by the shoulders and kissed him.

'Then lets go back inside so we can all get some rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day as well.'

And for the first night that week I slept alone. I didn't mind doing that now and then. It was relaxing.

Chapter Sixteen

Friday morning broke clear and beautiful. I stepped outside after breakfast to stretch and enjoy the sunrise. We'd only been here five days, going on six, and it felt liked we had been away from home for a month. It had been a busy week.

Two more events to go. And the Ponys Ball, of course. They did look forward to it so. I would have to see if David had anything suitable to wear.

Then Saturday I was going to be taking delivery of my other new pet. I worried about how that was going to go. I tried to think of all contingencies, but....

No matter. It would happen or it wouldn't. I would worry about it then.

Just about the time I was nearing the door to my suite when I got a text message from Nathan.

'Master. Going for a morning run. Can Daniel wear sweats to work out in?'

I sent back 'Certainly. Take it slow and enjoy. See you soon.'

I got a reply that said 'Daniel says thank you.'

Ah, the chariot races.

I had mixed feelings about them from the first time I attended a gathering. Kind of a love/hate thing.

In actual form they were just another pony race with chariots instead of sulky carts. You stood up behind them as opposed to sitting down.

But in my minds eye I envisioned an old fashioned chariot race, the way the Romans used to do it. With drivers battling each other with weapons and trying their best to run one another off of the track. A battle, rather than a race. That would have been something to see.

Not anything I would want to get my ponies involved in, of course. As much as I enjoyed my place in the standings, their skin was more precious to me than winning a race. And my skin as well. I wanted both my pets and myself alive and well to enjoy the fruits of our labors. We worked damn hard all year making sure we were all in shape for these events. Not only so we would win, but so that we would come through without any injuries.

In all the years we had been attending these events, none of my pets had ever been injured. Not seriously, anyway. There'd been a few bump and bruises and strained muscles. His first year competing in the dressage Nathan had stepped on a stone during his routine and turned his ankle. He'd finished, but limped for a couple of days afterwards and I had to pull him from the sulky race. That sucked for both of us.

I think I'd be horrified and feel awfully guilty if one of my pets were seriously injured during an event.

It turns out I was correct. I just didn't know it until later.

The chariot race differed from the sulky race in a couple of ways. First, of course, there were two ponies pulling the chariot, like the tandem sulkys. It would be the first time my boys had actually raced together. Naturally we had practiced a lot before leaving home. Secondly I actually had to steer the chariot by leaning my body into the turns. I wasn't allowed to just drift off in a fog watching those two bewitching backsides and switching tails. My moves had to be in synch with those of my boys to make the turns just right. All of my attention had to be on the race.

Nathan and Daniel and I had several long discussions about this event beforehand. We decided that we would try it this one time to see how we felt about it. If it was fun and enjoyable and exciting, we would do it again. But if none of us liked it or if it seemed too dangerous, then we would drop it.

This whole thing was all about having fun, after all.

The lads were stoked about the race. They were both exuberant and pumped up and ready to run their hearts out. Daniel was especially wound up, as this was his first ever event in front of a crowd. It took both Nathan and I to calm him down and get him to focus. I considered putting blinders on him to keep the crowd out of his view during the race but I needed him to be able to see Nathan at least out of the corner of his eye.

We all wore knee and elbow pads, leather gloves and those little plastic bicycle helmets. It wasn't unknown for a chariot to overturn and everybody to take a tumble. The connectors on their harnesses were different as well. They would hold under horizontal pulling but if there was any sudden vertical movement, say if the chariot upset, then the clips would break away and they wouldn't get thrown around. If worse came to worse, I would be the only one getting tossed across the track.

I was really hoping to avoid that.

There were eight chariots in all. Two ranks of four at the start. As we were the newest team, we were assigned the outside lane in the back rank. A handicap I was hoping we could overcome swiftly. My boys were swift runners and Nathan knew how to maneuver a cart around in traffic. I was hoping that Daniel would remember the signals.

As we walked up to the starting line I gave them each a quick kiss and a pat, saying 'Let's do our best and get to the finish line in one piece, lads. Let's also show these rubes how the big boys play. They will know they have to race harder than ever to beat us even on our worst day!' When I climbed onto the back of the chariot and grabbed the reins in one hand and the grab bar on front with the other, I saw the boys lean in and kiss each other for luck. They looked back at me and I gave them a thumbs up. I could hear David and the girls hollering from my box. We all looked up there and gave them a wave and a smile.

The final seconds before the gun were excruciating. Using a technique that Nathan had though of, we started rocking like a bobsled team right at the final countdown so that we were headed forward even as the gun sounded. That gave us just enough edge and forward impetus that we were able to scoot between two of the leading teams inside of the first fifty yards. That set us up in third place right at the beginning. Things were looking up!

We all found that being in an actual race contending with other teams was way different than running solo around our track at home. We botched one signal when we were trying to go around another team and Daniel actually stumbled for a few steps before he recovered. That cost us a second or two but we managed to make it up and actually passed them on the next corner. Second place!

Try as we might, we couldn't catch the frontrunners. They were very good and very fast and their trainer was a savvy driver with several years of experience in the event. Add that to the fact that his ponies were almost a foot taller than mine with legs to match and a stride longer than my whole rig put together.

The photo at the finish line showed both Nathan and Daniel lunging forward so that their heads were actually just a little ahead of the winners wheels. We came in second, but it was a damn close race. Their owner, one Marquis Duquesne from Quebec, came up and shook my hand after the race. His team had been the champions for two years running and he had worried that we would upset that streak. I told him his team better train harder for next year.

David and the girls had come down from the stands, cheering and smothering the lads in kisses. Even David had kissed both of them in congratulations.

Daniel was upset that we lost and kept trying to apologize for losing his footing. I took him in my arms and held him tight and said 'It was your first race, Daniel. And we came in second. That's nothing to be ashamed of. You did wonderful and I'm very very proud of you.'

I reached own and patted and squeezed his smooth tight little butt. 'And as much as I hate to do it because you look so hot in just your harness, you have won your clothes back, Daniel. Your punishment is now officially over.'

'Thank you, Master.' He brightened up and said 'We'll beat them next year!'

Nathan, Daniel and I had time to shower and change while they were setting up for the steeplechase. Sarabeth elected to stay down in the dressing room with Gael and help her get ready and relaxed during the men's event. The lads and I watched from my new box.

Instead of little plastic fences like we used at home, the jump barriers were actually little plastic plants that were shaped to look like hedges. That way there was nothing solid to catch a foot on if you jumped too low. I decided to make some of those for use at home if we decided to keep training for that.

Again, I didn't really like the jumping events, even if they were entertaining to watch. They were just too hard on the body and a little too dangerous. But my wish to find something that Gael could shine at and my impetuous mouth got us into this. I really hoped I wouldn't regret it.

And I sat and fretted while watching the two heats of the men's race. In the first heat, two of them went down and one had to be half carried, hobbling off the field. In the second, one went down on the other side of a barrier and the two behind him got tangled up and all three of them were out of the running.

My hands gripped the arms of my chair hard as I considered going right down to the dressing room and pulling Gael out of the race. But doing so would have hurt her feelings and disappointed her horribly. I guess Nathan saw the set of my jaw and the look of concern in my eyes. He reached out and wrapped his arm around my leg.

'She wants to do this, Master.'

'I know that, Nathan. I thought it was a good idea at first, but now... I'm not so sure.'

'Gael knows the risks and she's ready to take them on. She wants you to be proud of her.'

'I'm..' I started to say and Nathan raised his hand.

'Even more than that, she wants to be proud of herself.'

I sighed, still troubled, and patted Nathan on the head gently.

Gael was in the first heat and pranced merrily out to the starting line with the rest of the girls. There were nine ponies in this heat and the other eight were all at least a head taller than my little flame haired beauty. But none of them showed the excitement for the event that she did. She stood at the starting line and vibrated like a little red tuning fork.

Three laps around the track. Six barriers. Eighteen jumps in all. Two of the barriers were taller than the ones we used at home, but since there was nothing solid in their makeup I didn't worry about that. All that counted was if you passed them. There were no points taken away if your foot went through one.

After the first lap passed without incident I got over most of my jitters and yelled and cheered with the rest of the crowd. Even though Gael was at a disadvantage because of her height and the length of her short but very sexy legs, she managed to stay in the middle of the pack, giving the other girls a good run for their money.

Halfway through the second lap two girls got tangled in each other and went down. Gael, who was right behind them, managed to clear the barrier, take one step and jump again over the girl in front of her as she rolled in the dirt trying to get out of the way and back to her feet. My heart went right up into my mouth then roared out a cheer as my little beauty kept running.

Then, at the first barrier of the third lap, it happened. The girl in front of Gael went down and, instead of rolling out of the way, she tried to get right back up to her feet in the middle of the lane. Gael collided with her and they both went down.

I saw it happen right in front of me and I was helpless to stop it. To this very day I can still see the whole thing in my minds eye like it happened mere moments ago.

The girl right behind Gael, a tall sturdily built brunette, cleared the barrier and as she touched down, her foot stomped right on Gaels leg about six inches above her ankle. I didn't hear the crack as her leg broke, but I did see it bend in a place where it's not supposed to and I knew it was bad.

Without conscious thought, I was over the rail and onto the steps, leaping down them three at a time headed for the track. There was a cluster of ponies at the lower rail below me. A breath that started somewhere deep in my guts came out as a roar of 'MOVE!!!' that scattered them like startled gazelles and I put one hand on the lower rail and vaulted over, dropping ten feet to the track in a move that should have broken one of my legs as well. I hit the ground, fell and rolled, and leapt up and ran to where Gael lay in the dirt, crying and holding her leg.

Moving carefully and thinking clearly again, I scooped her up gently as her arms went around my neck and she cried into my shoulder. We were most of the way back to the tunnel before the medics came out with a gurney. I snarled at them at first, wanting to carry her myself, but reason took over and I realized that being on the gurney would jostle her less than me carrying her so I laid her down on the gurney and they strapped her down and immobilized her leg.

I snarled again at the sign on the infirmary said 'Veterinarian' until the nurse there assured me that the sign was just for the gathering and the doctor was a fully qualified and highly competent M.D. And I clenched my teeth in anger when they took her in the examination room and made me wait outside.

I don't know how long I stood there, staring at the door in silent rage and guilt before I realized that Sarabeth and the boys were clustered in the doorway behind me. I almost screamed at the invasion of my privacy before I recognized them and the worried looks on their faces. Sarabeth came and threw herself in my arms and held me tight. The boys came and clustered in close, lending what support they could.

I don't think I ever loved my pets so much before that moment. It took all of my control not to burst into tears.

Although it seemed to be an eternity, it was probably only thirty minutes or so before the doctor called me into the exam room. Gaels harness and shoes were in a chair in one corner of the room and she lay on the table covered with a sheet up to her chin, pale and vulnerable looking, her eyes only half open. There was an IV running into one arm and the doctor told me they had given her drugs for the pain and to take down the swelling. He showed me the x-ray and said it was a 'good clean break' which seemed like a really stupid way to describe it at first. It took a bit before that filtered into my brain that it was a good thing.

There were no loose bone fragments and no apparent tissue damage and they would be able to put a cast on it and she should be fine in about six to nine weeks. I almost burst into tears again.

A light touch on my hand made me look down. Gael had slipped her hand out from under the covers. I took her small cool hand in mine and squeezed her fingers gently and smiled down at her.

'I'm sorry, Master.'

I leaned down and kissed her forehead. 'You have nothing to be sorry about, love. I should apologize to you. I was the one who got you hurt. I'm supposed to keep you safe.'

She shook her head. 'Wanted to do it. Wanted to be a champion, like the others. So you would be proud of me...'

The pain drugs had her just barely conscious. It was difficult to understand her but I really hope she would understand me.

'I'm always proud of you, my little flame.' I caressed her cheek. 'You are my shining star. The light of my life. You will always be a champion to me.'

'Love you, Master...' she sighed as she drifted off to sleep.

I kissed her on the forehead again and whispered 'Love you too, Gael.'

Chapter Seventeen

After delivering the good news to the others, I sent them off to get some lunch and some rest. They all wanted to stay with me and I had to be firm with them before they would leave.

Of course I didn't take my own advice. It was my prerogative.

About five hours later I pushed her into the dorm in a borrowed wheelchair. She was dressed in a pair of hospital scrubs and carried her harness and things in a plastic bag in her lap, with the casted leg laying on a raised footrest. The others gathered around and gave her kisses and sympathy and careful hugs. She was still pretty doped up from the pain meds and I had a bottle of more of them in my pocket.

I was determined that she was going to take it easy and heal up right. And Gael was already talking about running the steeplechase next year. Apparently it would take more than a broken leg to slow her down. She was tough and resilient with inner strength that always amazed me.

All that we had left to do before we left was the Pony's Ball. That morning I had procured a black suit that would fit David and went well with his black hair and pale skin. It made him look pretty and somewhat mysterious. Daniel wore tight blue jeans, cowboy boots, a loud western shirt and a stetson. He looked like a rodeo star. Nathan was dressed in skin tight black leather pants that showed off every bit of his wonderful physique (including how well he was hung) and a frilly white shirt with big sleeves, like a pirate or some swashbuckling hero. Sarabeth was barely dressed in a tight backless and strapless black velvet evening dress that only came down to mid thigh and showed off everything. And black high heeled shoes showcased her slim beautiful legs. Seeing her in that dress always made me breathe a little funny.

Gael had insisted on going and Sarabeth helped her get cleaned up and dressed. She wore a thin sundress in emerald green with black and white tribal designs. The front of the dress scooped down to show the mounds of her small breasts and the skirt was just short enough to show off her legs. If she had been standing up it would have given fine definition to her pert round little bottom as well. But I made her promise to stay sitting down the entire time.

And of course all of my pets wore their 'formal' collars. They were thinner and dressier with my sigil in silver metal letters on the front.

I was initially going to put Nathan and Sarabeth in charge of Gael but Daniel stepped up and volunteered. He doffed his hat and bowed low and said 'Miss Gael ma'am, I'd be proud if you would be my date for the evening.' She dimpled and reached up and took his arm and announced 'The pleasure will be all mine, Mister Daniel, sir!'

Nathan still had the cell phone to contact me and I made sure he had it on his person and the battery was charged. I told them all to behave and have fun and to call me immediately if anything went wrong or if Gael got too tired. I slipped one of her pain pills in Daniels pocket and told him to give it to her if she started hurting again.

The last thing before they left I had them all gather around Gael in the wheelchair and I snapped half a dozen pictures of them in their formal clothes. At least one of those pics would make it to my wall with the others from this years event.

My stomach was reminding me that I hadn't eaten since breakfast as I headed towards the owners dining room. The stress of the day was catching up with me and I was ravenously hungry. I ordered the biggest steak they had on the menu with a baked potato and a salad and coffee. I wanted a drink to calm my nerves but I knew having one on an empty stomach wasn't a good idea. Maybe a brandy for afterwards...

I was just chasing down the last bits of my steak when a polite noise at my elbow caught my attention.

'Do you mind if I join you for a moment, my friend?'

'Certainly not, Sergei. Please have a seat.' Taking one look at the expression on his face I asked 'Is everything okay?'

Sergei looked a little embarrassed and uncomfortable, which didn't fit his features well at all.

'I'm afraid....' he said hesitantly 'That some things have changed which will alter our plans, my friend. There have been some... developments.' He sat a moment in silence, as if afraid to elaborate.

'Just tell me, Sergei. You know you can trust me. Anything you say will be held in the strictest confidence.'

'I am aware of that, Max.' he nodded gratefully. 'It seems that confidence has become an issue.'

A waiter appeared at Sergei's elbow bearing a cup of tea and a small glass of vodka. He took them and tossed down the vodka, washing it down with a gulp of the tea before raising his finger to the waiter for another.

'It appears that someone on my staff has talked. Katherine has disappeared. She may have learned of our plans or it may just be coincidental. My sources tell me that she boarded a plane bound for Rio late last night in the company of one of the late Lord IX's former employees. They cleaned out the safe in my office of all of the ready cash and are on the run.'

I had a pretty good idea who that former employee was.

'There was only a hundred thousand or so in cash.' he continued 'And even as we speak, her credit cards are being cancelled. I have dispatched a few good men down there to keep an eye on them.' he almost smiled a little out of the corner of his mouth. 'I know her.. Habits. And her ways. The cash will not last them too long. And once that presumptuous young man leaves her side for whatever reason.....' He paused again and a cold smile spread across his lips. 'I'm afraid he won't be a problem for anybody after that. Making off with things that belong to me is not such a good idea.'

'And Katherine?'

He shrugged. 'I have decided to let her go her own way, after a fashion. I have some.... Contacts down there. I suspect that she will find that entering the country is quite a bit easier than leaving it.' he looked at me and said 'So I guess our business is concluded, Max. It seems that the problem has fixed itself.'

I almost cheered, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings. As soon as I had mentioned my solution to the problem with his daughter I had been regretting opening my mouth. There had been many mixed feelings about the whole thing. While I had taken ponies who were unwilling, I had never before taken one that I did not like or desire in any way. She was going to be a major pain in the ass and take up a lot of my valuable training and relaxation time. On the other hand, I did love a challenge and thinking up creative ways to break her down kept my mind occupied.

And I'd already spent quite a bit of money on new bondage gear that I had planned on using on her. But hey, I still had my other pets and they did enjoy new diversions now and then.

And speaking of money...

I started to reach into my inner pocket for the envelope he had given me earlier in the week and realized it was laying on the table back in my suite.

'I will, of course, return...' He waved a hand.

'Do not worry about it, Max. Consider it a gift that will fit in your garage. Besides,' he added. 'It now seems that there is one other little problem that you may be able to help me with, after all.'

'And what is that, Sergei?'

He waved a hand and two of his men crossed the room with a small girl in between them. At a gesture, the men left the girl standing a few feet away from our table and exited the room. She was small and pretty with a mass of curly brown hair that cascaded halfway down her back and the same shade of olive skin that Nathan had. She wore thin cotton pants, almost like pajamas and a fairly snug t-shirt that showed off her smallish but firm braless breasts. She briefly raised her head and I saw large beautiful brown doe eyes.

I was immediately smitten. She was, in a word, hot.

The girl stood uncertainly with her toes turned in and her hands clutched in front of her, those large brown eyes on the floor. Sergei made another gesture and she knelt on the floor with a grateful sigh, hands on her thighs, knees slightly spread and her head tipped down. A perfectly posed maneuver.

'This is Wendy. She came to me last night. You see, I too am the recipient of a bequest from our late friend IX. While she was initially being raised to be a trainer or Mistress, it was discovered that she was be successful in either of those roles. She was given a choice to opt out of the life or be owned. This is what she chose.'

Sergei looked down at the kneeling girl. She sat perfectly still, content to accepting whatever happened.

'I find that my time will be a bit short right now and I will not have the opportunity to train her properly. I would be much obliged to you, Max, if you would take over her training.'

I wanted to blurt out immediately that I would be happy to take her. Hell, I wanted to push her over and take her right there on the restaurant floor. I knew better than that, of course. It would have been considered distasteful. And, as I said, I wasn't really into public displays anyway. Such things were very private for me.

If I took her, she would be my final acquisition. My last pony. True, she was extremely attractive. She looked to be in good physical shape and I'm sure she would look fetching in the harness. And this would give me even numbers of both sexes.

While I was pondering, Sergei said 'Wendy, girl.'

She raised her head and turned those pretty brown eyes on him.

'Yes, my Lord?'

'This is Master Max, Wendy.' he said, waving a hand in my direction. 'I am considering giving you to him to train. Max is a famous trainer of champion ponies and I have every confidence that he will make you a star. Would you like to be owned by a champion trainer?'

She nodded, her eyes flicked towards me. 'I would like that very much, my Lord.'

'You want to be a pony girl, Wendy?' I asked.

'Yes, Master Max.'


Her eyes went down to the floor again. 'I have been around ponies all of my life. I was born in Lord IX's house and when I wasn't in school, I was there. Lord IX loved his ponies very much. He worked hard to take care of them and train them and protect them and make them happy.'

'Lord IX wanted me to grow up and be a trainer, but I.... I wasn't strong enough. I don't have the...forceful personality to be a trainer. I realized in my heart that I wanted to be a pony. I wanted the warm feeling of being a pony. Of being owned and cared for and loved. The freedom of giving myself to my Lord and being his. I.... I wanted to be Lord IX's pony. He would have treasured me and cared for me. But...'

She spread her hands and dropped her head again.

'Now that my grandfather is dead I don't know what will happen to me.'

My eyebrows shot up to my forehead. 'Grandfather?'

'Wendy is Lord IX's youngest grand daughter.'

'Her parents?'

'His youngest daughter Zenia and one of her stock. Apparently even she doesn't know which one for sure. She chose several of them for their beauty and bred with all of them. Each of IX's children was required to pay him a tribute of great price once in their lifetime in order to be eligible for their inheritance. Eighteen years ago Zenia chose to give him her first born child.'



'Don't you want to be with your mother, child?'

She shook her head. 'No, Master Max. My mother gave me to my Lord when I was born. She has her own house to manage and is only interested in male slaves. She would have no use for me as a daughter or as a pony.'

It was my turn to shake my head. There were times when I thought that this weird little world I inhabited was too strange to exist. Then I almost had to laugh at myself. The man who kidnaps and enslaves innocents for his own twisted sexual fantasies making judgments on others!

'Look at me, girl.' She raised those perfect doe eyes up and looked at me.

'If I take you, it will be for life. Do you understand that?'

'Yes, Master Max.'

'You will live in a cage with my other pets. You will be naked most of the time. Otherwise you will wear only a pony harness and a tail and collar. You will obey me at all times or you will be punished. Do you understand?'

'Yes, Master Max.'

'You will train hard to be a pony with my other pets. You will help clean my house and grounds and help prepare my meals.' I paused for a second then said 'I will also require you to give your body to me willingly, Wendy. Both to me and my other pets, both men and women, at my direction. No part of your body will be spared my attention, Wendy. Do you completely understand that? Will you give your body to me willingly as your Master?'

For the first time I saw a slight flush spread across her cheeks. Her eyes went back to the floor and a slight tremor swept through her frame.

'I.....' she stammered slightly. 'I have never.....done that...with a man.....or anybody, Master Max.' She looked up at me again, her eyes wide.

A virgin? Really.

'But...' she continued 'If you were my Master, I would do as you ordered me to, of course. I would be yours, Master Max, to do with as you wished.' She blushed again and her eyes went back to the floor.

'Will you swear to obey me at all times and in all things, girl? Will you give yourself to me and be my pony?'

'Yes, Master Max. I swear. I will!'

Sergei rose and said 'I guess that settles that, then. Thank you for your assistance once again, Max. I will leave you two to settle your details between you then.'

He paused and patted the girl lightly on her head and said 'I leave you in good hands, Wendy. Max is a good man. He will take good care of you. Behave yourself, girl.'

'Thank you, Lord Krazny. I will make Grandfather proud.'

He patted her again and stalked from the room.

I sat, somewhat in a daze. It had been an eventful and traumatic week. Belatedly, I realized that I should have asked Sergei if we were still getting a ride home.

I stared down at the pretty little brunette kneeling at my feet. And I thought about the envelope laying on the table in my suite. The verification of a wire transfer to my account in the Cayman Islands.

Twenty five million dollars.

The price of a daughter.

The price of a favor between friends.

I guess that would fit in my garage.


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