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also yes i know i owe a lot of drafts and starters i need to answer but i have two important exams next week and my brain is literally nothing but economics, business strategy and obscure taylor-polynoms and ugly derivates taking three lines for one function 


Charming. Oh, if today were any other day, if the situation were any other than it was, Gareth would be taking what little amusement he could from hearing that word for the thousandth time. All diplomats thought themselves so clever. But he had no time, he did not care. From fighting Templars across the Bannorn to chasing apostates into the east, Gareth was far too tired for pleasantries. 

“I suppose I should be grateful for your candor, so honestly admitting your Agents have been about the Hinterlands for months now. Still, with such in mind, the courtesy of such a request rings hollow.” And, oh, how he wished he had the luxury of time to put the Inquisition in it’s place, strengthen his borders and ensure the giant military power sitting at his doorstep knew the blighted rules. But he didn’t. They were at War and the Inquisition knew it held all the power, damnit. 

“But needs must, as they say. What is your proposal, exactly? You want full autonomy across my country I expect.”

“We are highly concerned about the enemy’s activity there - I can understand your qualms, Majesty, though the Inquisition has not done anything to do harm to your country.”  Aside from their power, popularity and influence. Janna knew perfectly well that they were a power that was bound to make other sovereigns wary and she could well imagine she might as well march to Denerim with an army of templars and crown herself Queen, if she really wanted.

Janna folded her hands in her lap gracefully. “… Of course, full autonomy would be ideal.. though, if your Majesty should feel more comfortable leaving this task up to your own forces, the Inquisition still offers military support in securing the area of Redcliffe. ”

Sitting between Orlais and Ferelden with the Chantry breathing down their neck, they would need to balance their military power and the impression people had of them - Orlais would not tolerate an Inquisition that would expand, for then they would be next, and the Chantry needed to be kept at bay with sufficient military power. It was an endless headache.


La Dolce vita (1960) dir. Federico Fellini


                  Ah.  There is only one reason she would be called from the edges of the world for this announcement.  Nimia is attempted to leave an Order she’d been handed the leadership to without ever asking to even join,  and now Janna will do the same to her again.  Only this time,  it is an organization with far more power and sway than the Wardens would ever dare dream of.  There has to be some sort of  catch,  right?

     ❝ Seems only reasonable, ❞  she replies lightly,  does not let on her trepidation.  ❝ I can’t imagine it’s very easy to serve as Divine  and  Inquisitor.  I suspect you are about to ask me to be your replacement. ❞

       The warden purses her lips,  shifts in her seat,  but never once breaks Janna’s gaze.  And then she  sighs,  and it is such a  tired  sound.  ❝ You realize what you’re asking of me,  yes?  I have been searching for a cure to a taint that will  kill  me  eventually.  I may have no more than five years if I do not find it.  I have a  husband,  and a  child.  I cannot leave them behind,  I  will  not leave them behind.  I am not saying no,  I just want you to know what it is you ask of me if you truly wish me to take the role of Inquisitor. ❞

Janna gave the woman an understanding nod. The Wardens were a dying bunch and Nimia has given much for the world - she already did her duty bravely when she led the Fereldans to stop the fifth blight before it could spread out to other nations. For a moment, Janna even felt tempted to withdraw her proposition.

“ Nothing obliges you to accept my offer - you are a hero of great renown and reputation, one who might be accepted in this role… Though it will be a position of a limitted time. Ferelden would see the Inquisition dismantled today rather than tomorrow. It served its purpose, now it’s time to withdraw our forces, help our soldiers and agents start in life away from the Inquisition. Until then, until we would leave no power vacuum upon dismantlement, someone will have to represent it.”

Of course, it was an awful pity to dismantle the miracle of power and cooperation they built within months, though Janna knew that she would not be able to keep it forever. Besides, a large bulk of the Inquisition returned to the Chantry upon her election as Divine, including the majority of templars.

 "I ask you to consider my request, though I would hate to ask you to give even more than you already did for the world.“

If Janna ever left the Inquisition,…. 



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Research and Innovation - Dorian Pavus  and Miraak, the First Dragonborn
Healthcare Provider - our Spirit Healer, Anders and Caine, for particularly difficult cases
Spiritual Support - Father Thomas and Aurora, an actual Dragon
Security Services - Commander Erwin Smith and General Samson ‘
The one Guy who actuall works - The Nameless Hero of the Gothic Series


                  ‘  quite  the  OPPOSITE  ,  really  ,  ‘  the  nord  girl  cooed  ;  however  ,  it  was  far  fetched  indeed  to  assume  that  someone  so  physically  underestimated  was  the  dragonborn  of  legend  (  or  in  this  ,  case  one  of  them  ).  erisly  had  heard  chuckles  ,  gasps  of  awe  ,  and  much  less  pleasant  mumblings  before  .  .  .  though  the  gods  did  not  discriminate  in  terms  of  blessings  ,  nor  punishment.  that  was  important  to  remember  in  times  like  this.  ‘  i  was  told  i  could  find  you  here.  i’m  sure  you  know  how  little  birds.  ‘  or  big  dragons

  So this was the other Dragonborn. Janna already had thought herself to be quite a small thing, young and inexperienced, in the ways of war, but she could tell that the girl must be several years younger than her. Janna shifted on her chair. “… I see… I can offer you to speak in a more private setting …  Not half of Solitude must listen to us, after all.”
And two dragonborns in one place were bound to catch attention, though Janna gave the girl the benefit of doubt and did not suspect an immediate attempt at assassination, the second they would get to speak out of other people’s earshot.  

vrohiir wondered:

’ If you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you, though. ’

Lilo and Stitch Sentences  -  accepting 


   “You could not keep me from leaving even if you wanted to. I would slip through your fingers like smoke, I would be gone without a trace.”

   Her nature was, as static of a being as she was, not stationary, she feared she might turn into solid stone if she stayed in one place for too long. For centuries she had been running from the emptiness, boredom and loneliness, she did not intend to slow down anytime soon. Still, some people were more welcome than others, and her serious expression soon turned into a smile, as sweet and angelic as ever.

    “I do not only want you to remember me…”  She slipped the pearl bracelet from her wrist.  “You know me, nothing is ever enough for me. I want you to find me. Here, take this, I shall let you borrow it. Bring it back, when you have time. I will go South, maybe east, I do not know yet. I am curious to see where you will find me again.” 



          THE  NEWS  of  another  dovahkiin  scattered  about  skyrim  dd  not  rest  easy  with  the  nord  girl  —-  her  blood  ran  cold  ,  cheeks  hot  &&  ultimately  downcast.  it  was  a  nasty  thing  when  your  defining  unique  trait  was  single-handedly  stolen  from  your  grasp  ,  though  like  erisly  ,  the  way  the  gods  designed  their  fates  could  not  be  left  up  to  them  alone.  envy  was  a  nasty  thing  ,  a  nasty  thing  erisly  found  herself  falling  victim  to  more  often  than  she’d  openly  admit.  whispered  words led  her  to  solitude  in  search  of  the  other  ,  more  specifically  at  the  winking  skeever  (  drink  in  hand  to  accompany  disappointment  ).  she  set  her  sights  on  the  other  ,  walking  over  with  a  sigh  and  what  SHOULD  be  a  smile.  ‘  so  —  you’re  a  dragonborn.  ‘

         “Yes… that is true.”    All pride had wanned quickly after rumor reached her that there was another dragonborn around - a young nord girl, a little no one, a pretty thing, one of countless nameless people. Quite unlike the imperial woman who has been known at court for many years already. Janna’s eyes narrowed slightly. Did that girl not fit the description? Did she not give off a strange vibe she could not quite decipher? Janna tensed slightly and shifted on her chair. “Is it far fetched to assume you are the other one rumours speak of?”


“Well, with Eve doing somewhat illegal things after Kirkwall, probably for the best if we both pretend to just be ‘Hawke’s sister’, I guess. It does give us a bit of privacy, less dealing with nobility. I talk a lot, bad for business.” She took another sip, watching as Janna didn’t drink her own ale. Probably wasn’t much for ale. She seemed the type. “But yeah, I guess? I’m… pretty open, I’d say. Why?”

“I was just… curious. You seem like you hardly care at all what other people thin, come what may.”  Were people born this way or was it only the heavy weight of responsibility, loss and disappointment that made them numb to outward pressure?  Janna’s index finger traced the rim of her mug, though she had no real interest in drinking right now. 

      “It makes me wonder whether heroes are born like that or whether life is what makes them so.” Lady Pentaghast was similar, in that regard, not caring about other people’s opinions of her.

I love people reading rules! It's always the best way to be off to a good and positive start! =) First of all, I chose not to call this rules, since it's more of a FAQ that hopfully answers some common question people might have when it comes to interacting with me and Princess Sunshine Sparkle here.
Naturally, I expect common RP courtesy, including no godmodding, a polite tone, et cetera.
I will try tagging the common triggers with 'tw trigger' and might sometimes tag stuff with 'cw content'. However, i might slip up and forget to tag - so for your own sake, if you are very easily triggered and have many topics that make you severely uncomfortable, you must decide whether you want to take the risk of me forgetting to tag something.

Interaction and Following

I am somewhat selective - I am very open to interacting with new people and I am not fully mutuals-exclusive. Basically, I am always up for giving things a try. Common reasons for me not to follow back is too much ooc, uncut posts, etc. I am still open to being approached by and plotting with non-mutuals!
I do not write greaters and answer greeters written for me selectively. Usually, I do not answer generic and vague starters that are not aimed at my muse in particular. When writing a starter for people I always put much effort into making them individual and personal for each person and I expect the same courtesy.


First and foremost, please bear in mind that I practice and reblog meme karma. Do not reblog memes from me without sending something as well. At the same time, I will not reblog memes from people without sending them something first. If this rule is breeched on several occasions and we do not interact ic or ooc, I will most likely unfollow because it gets reaaally frustrating when it keeps happening!
You are always welcome to send in memes, even if we did not interact much yet. If I cannot answer the meme because of lacking interaction etc, I will let you know via IM. Sometimes I just do not get to memes because of various reasons that are not related to who sent them - so do not worry if I did not answer one of your memes and did not contact you via IM either.


My verses give an overview over the character in different settings and are, in no way, binding. Most of the time, I am willing to change details to fit a plot and even create entirely new verses for individual interactions! Just hit me up and we can talk something out!
If your Character is from a fandom I have no verse for, I will assume that you do have a common verse for us to interact in mind.
On a very important note: I do not guarantee a 100% perfect lore knowledge and you are welcome to correct me, if you have the impression that a verse is not in tune with canon.

My default verse for answering asks and writing headcanons is, unless specified otherwise, Dragon Age Inquisition.

Relationships and Plotting

I am a sucker for plotting and pre-established relationships and most likely extra excited to reply to our threads if we actually plotted something! No matter whether we already interacted or not, I am always open to discussing plots and maybe even pre-established relationships.
Speaking of pre established relationships: I am comfortable with everything and am open to all kinds of rivalry, hate, friendship, romance, distant relatives - you will not hear opposition from me unless it's strongly out of character.

I am a very easy-going person when it comes to shipping and, usually, quite open to discussing the potential of shipping at any stage. However, whether it's actually something that happens or not will, finally, depend on the chemistry between our muses. Be warned that Janna can be very difficult to ship with, depending on verse and muse. If that's no deterence for you, you are welcome to hit me up!
On that note, I do not ship with multiples of the same muse and I am perfectly willing to go single ship in a verse or on this entire blog as long as my shipping partner is willing to do the same.


My name is Vee, I am 20 years old and I live in Germany. English is not my native language so feel free to point out mistakes I made so I can learn from them.
Skype and discord are available for mutuals! Just ask =)
These rules might be updated because I am pretty sure I forgot things.

This is general information regarding Janna as a character which stays mostly consistent across her verses. For more exact information, please consult the verses page!

Faceclaims: Grace Kelly | DA:I ingame


color: Gold
Animal: Snakes
Flower: Sword Lily
Perfume: Jasmine with a hint of rose

Personality I

Alignment: Neutral Evil/True Neutral
Solely consequences keep Janna from breaking her word and written law - however, she has no qualms about lying, breaking promises and laws if she believes that she will get away with it and achieve her goals more easily by means of dishonesty and dishonor. At the same time, she respects custom, tradition and social norms and will not break rules and etiquette for the sake of doing so.
To mistake her for a good person is easy - but good deeds make no good person. While in no way malicious, Janna is an inherently selfish person who will always look out for herself first and have difficulties placing someone else above her own needs out of genuine altruism, without any ulterior motives.
Whatever Janna does is driven by a wish to draw benefit for herself - be it entertainment, praise, attention, reputation or any other reason only she knows: Janna frequently helps people not for the sake of helping them, but for the sake of perpetual image cultivation, carefully steering the way other people perceive her as someone she is not.

negative traits:
aimless, ambitious, arrogant, cowardly, dramatic, gullible, ignorant, immature, materialistic, pompous, self-indulgent, superficial, vain, weak-willed.

Lacking maturity and a clear direction in life, Janna does not know what she wants and who she wants to be - so she always chases all that is shiny and promises temporary satisfaction of her high need for other people's approval. Paired with her selfish nature, she often ends up being overly self-indulgent, spending too much money and focusing too much on trivial matters and not enough on questions of importance.
At the same time, she lacks negative experience and is easily influenced by people with a hidden agenda and manipulation and persuasion skills that surpass her own. Often she will find herself unwillingly steered by someone else, and even close her eyes to unpleasant truths she does not dare facing.

Positive traits:
agreeable, charming, courteous, enthusiastic, fashionable, generous, gracious, neat, peaceful, polite, romantic, sociable, sophisticated, warmhearted

Always striving to be in the center of attention, always enjoying the company of others - Janna adores fun, conversation and good company and will always strive to make others enjoy being around her. Usually, she will insist on politeness and the maintenance of civil interactions even in moments of great tension. Paired with her sense of fashion, she always makes for a welcome guest at parties and a good friend to keep you company when distraction is needed, rather than constructive help.
Given her sociable, outgoing and amiable nature, it's very easy to befriend Janna if at least some sort of common ground has been established.


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