Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue

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    Planning an unforgettable bridal shower is no ordinary feat. There are a lot of moving parts in this celebration! We're talking everything from guest lists and invitations to food and drinks, entertainment, and even items like favors, if you're so inclined. It's like planning your very own miniature wedding. Fortunately, coordinating the perfect bridal shower is made infinitely easier when you have one very important item picked out ahead of time: Your bridal shower theme.


    With the right theme (ideally one the bride is head over heels for), all the other details will start to fall shower into place, whether that means finding the right décor ideas or picking the perfect bridal shower dessert to match. You can start with the essentials (the location, for one) or head straight to your favorite detail as long as your overall idea is all set and ready to go. Still searching for the right inspiration—or an especially dreamy bridal shower idea to spark your party planning? This gallery of bridal shower themes is the best place to begin. Whether the bride to be is always ready for brunch or has a long-standing preference for a particular party style, you'll find the idea to match her every pre-wedding desire right here.


    Is the bride a would-be mixologist, or simply an all-around cocktail lover? Make the event her very own happy hour with a build your own cocktail bar or the fixings for her very favorite beverages.

    Photography: Melanie Duerkopp
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    Vintage Chic Shower

    If the bride's love of vintage details is never-ending, consider coordinating a shower packed with all the prettiest vintage décor. A curated selection of vases, plates, and glassware can bring this bridal shower theme to life in a snap. Flowers in pastel hues add the perfect finishing touch.

    Photography: John Cain Photography
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    An Everyone's Invited Shower

    Would this particular bride prefer to spend her shower alongside her spouse-to-be? Why not break tradition and throw a couples shower instead? Invite friends and family from both sides of the aisle and prepare for a fun and festive event.

    Photography: Jose Villa
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    Elegant Shower

    While bridal showers tend to be a fairly informal gathering, it's more than okay to amp up the elegance for a bride to be who loves that black-tie vibe. Just don't forget to choose a venue that fits the theme, and communicate the slightly more formal dress code to your guests! Oh, and plan for some adorable bridal shower favors to match.

    Photography: Belathée Photography
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    Marie Antoinette-Inspired Shower

    There's nothing like an event with a little French flair (inspired by Marie Antoinette herself, of course!) to shake up traditional bridal shower ideas. If your bride is less about entertainment and more about the overall look and feel of an event, why not skip the games in favor of parasols and let the bride—and her guests—eat a little cake?

    Photography: Madeline Wolf
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    Cooking Class Shower

    This bridal shower theme is ideal for foodie brides—or even those who want to learn a new skill or two in the kitchen. Instead of coordinating the whole event, pack up the party and attend a cooking class together. Whether you end up making decadent desserts or finessing your pizza-making skills, this style of event is sure to be a blast.

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  • With a wedding in the works, sometimes it's best to stick to a bridal shower idea the bride already has on her brain—like a flower arranging class. Even if she's not even thinking about handmaking her own wedding arrangements, learning how to create her own centerpiece (or flower crown) may be the perfect way to unwind and still acknowledge the upcoming celebration.

    Photography: Courtesy of Claire Thomas
    Plan a Bridal Shower for Your Inner Flower Child
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    Spa Day Shower

    If the hustle and bustle of wedding planning has your bride completely worn down, one fun bridal shower alternative is to pack her and her guests off to a day at the spa. The pampering possibilities are endless and she'll end the day completely relaxed and ready to keep planning that dream day.

    Photography: unknown
  • If there's one bridal shower theme that will always sound like a perfect fit, it's a garden-inspired shower. There's just something about floral displays and overflowing arrangements that shouts "wedding!" Extend this theme to your pre-wedding event with the help of a flower-packed setting and you're well on your way to an unforgettable garden party.

    Photography: Laily Mesbah
    More Garden-Party Bridal Shower Ideas
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    Self Care Shower

    Are you confident a little extra pampering is just what the bride to be needs, but you're not feeling so sure about the spa day bill? Create your own at-home event complete with all the essentials for manicures, like the favors from this sweet bridal shower, or face masks for a little extra self care without destroying your budget.

    Photography: Abby Jiu Photography
  • If there's one way to instantly turn an everyday event into a celebration, it's the addition of champagne. Bring your bridal shower to life by adding some bubbly to a few essential elements, like champagne cocktails or even champagne-inspired sweets.

    Photography: Lindsey Grace of Wild Native Co.
    The Essential Elements of a Bridal Shower Dessert Bar
  • What better way to add extra oomph to a bridal shower than by embracing the season? Spring is a particularly pretty time of year to throw a shower, and it's easy to highlight spring-inspired colors, flowers, and even foods for an event the bride will love.

    Photography: Amanda S. Gluck
    How to Throw the Prettiest Spring Bridal Shower
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    Chic Winter Shower

    Cold weather doesn't have to put a damper on those party plans! There are plenty of reasons to love a winter celebration, including cozy cocktails and evergreen décor. Start the whole thing off with a festive treat and don't hesitate to bring out the hot cocoa if there's a chill in the air.

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    Flower Child Shower

    If the bride's affinity for flowers is your source of inspiration, cut straight to the heart of things with a flower child bridal shower. Greet the bride to be and her guests with flower crowns—or flower combs, like these from Thistle and Honey—to start the event on the right foot.

    Photography: Michelle Drewes
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    Film-Inspired Shower

    Gather your guests around this unique idea: A movie-inspired event based off the bride's favorite film. You can incorporate the movie's details or mood to create a color palette, invitations like these by Prim and Pixie, and even the menu—just like the details in this Grand Budapest Hotel-inspired shower.

    Photography: Jana Williams Photography
  • Does something completely non-traditional sound like it might hit the spot? Skip the organized event in favor of a party that will keep your guests guessing, like a scavenger hunt bridal shower. Head into the forest or create a hunt around the bride's favorite section of city and have fun!

    Photography: Taylor Gage Photography
    Scavenger Hunt Bridal Shower Inspiration
  • Let the sweetest bite-sized delicacies tempt guests at an afternoon tea style shower. Take some inspiration from these sweets from Sweet Laurel Bakery and get the party started. Tea sandwiches, towers of handheld desserts, and, of course, the tea itself will ensure your event goes off without a hitch.  

    Photography: Courtesy of Claire Thomas
    Plan Your Own Bridal Shower Tea Party
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    Recipe Swap Shower

    Is your bride always on the lookout for new recipes to try? It's only fitting to plan an event to suit! Ask guests to bring a favorite recipe, or the secret to a family classic, and compile them for a sweet (or savory, as the case may be) gift for the guest of honor herself.

    Photography: Courtesy of Belle and Union
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  • Look no further than this particular bridal shower theme for an idea that's worthy of the Triple Crown. You'll definitely impress the bride to be and all her favorite ladies with a celebration packed with mint juleps, Southern snacks, and all the best hat fashion.

    Photography: Courtesy of Claire Thomas
    Kentucky Derby Bridal Shower Inspiration
  • If the bride considers brunch the most important meal of the day, your theme decision is simple. Pile plates high with her favorite flavors of donuts, or feel free to get extra creative with a waffle or pancake cake. Just don't forget the mimosas!

    Photography: Courtesy of Claire Thomas
    See How to Plan a Bridal Shower Brunch
  • Plan a shower that is sweet like candy -- just like Darcy Miller did for bride-to-be Dylan Lauren, owner of Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City. "This theme is so much fun and perfect for Dylan," Darcy says. "But, really, who doesn't like candy?"

    Photography: DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN
    See More Candy-Themed Shower Ideas
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    Pink Shower

    Choose the bride's favorite color (in this case, pink) and build your shower theme around it. 

    See More Pink Shower Ideas
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    Tea Party

    A theme shower is especially suitable for brides who have already accumulated many of the housewares that tend to be given as gifts at traditional showers. Themes are also good for less traditional coed gatherings. The following ideas are especially festive when the theme is carried out in all aspects of the event, including invitations, menu, decorations, favors, and the gifts the guests bring.

    Arrange an assortment of tea sandwiches and sweets on cake stands and pretty platters, and serve with pots of different kinds of tea. For place cards at the table, remove the tags from tea bags, replace them with small handwritten name tags, and put a tea bag in an empty cup at each guest's place. Ask each guest to bring a vintage tea cup and saucer.

    See More Tea Party Ideas
  • Gather your ladies for a mid-day soiree full of mimosas and all your favorite morning treats. For a special touch, go ahead and invest in a heart-shaped waffle iron to whip up these gingerbread waffles. Serve these plates full of love, and send each lady home with a waffle mix of their own.

    Photography: Sang An
    Get the Gingerbread Waffle Recipe
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    Holiday Shower

    Assign each guest a holiday, and the resulting gifts will become family heirlooms for the couple: a platter for the Thanksgiving turkey, Christmas ornaments or Hanukkah decorations, Champagne glasses for New Year's Eve, a picnic basket for the Fourth of July.

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    Beauty Shower

    The bride and her bridesmaids escape to a day spa and indulge in facials, manicures, and massages: This is a wonderful way to pamper the bride as her wedding approaches (but don't schedule it the week before, as facials can cause unexpected reactions). Create invitations out of cards attached to linen hand towels or bottles of bath oil.

  • Create a bridal shower inspired by the letters of the bride-to-be's name. 

    See More Alphabet Shower Ideas
  • For the bride-to-be who loves to cook, here are ideas to help you throw a kitchen- or cooking-themed bridal shower.

    See More Cooking-Themed Shower Ideas
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    Library Shower

    Each guest brings a beautifully bound book, engraved bookplates, or a gift certificate to a bookstore. Send out bookmarks as invitations, and give blank bookplates out to guests as favors.

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    Linens Shower

    Add luxury to the couple's private realm with gifts such as monogrammed pillowcases, fluffy down pillows, and the finest cotton or linen sheets. Or, expand the theme to encompass both bed and bath, and include gifts like his-and-her bathrobes, fine soaps, and towels. Since taste in these items is individual, encourage the couple to register at a department store beforehand.

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    Destination Shower

    The shower itself can be the gift: In this case, the bride and her bridesmaids can spend a weekend together in a beach house, a downtown hotel, or a cabin by a lake.

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    Sports Shower

    For a fitness-oriented couple, guests can bring climbing gear, ski equipment, tennis racquets, golf clubs, or whatever suits the couple's interests. Include guests in the action by making the shower itself be eight holes of golf, a day at a local ski area, or a rousing game of beach volleyball.

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    Wine Shower

    Have every guest bring a bottle or two of wine to help build the couple's wine cellar. Assign each guest a different grape or region to ensure variety. You can even turn the shower into a wine tasting; consider hiring an expert to conduct it.

  • This is an excellent theme for avid travelers or any couple embarking on an exotic honeymoon. Gifts can include luggage, camera equipment, certificates for language lessons, guidebooks, and journals. Design the menu according to their next destination -- tapas for Spain, jerk chicken for Jamaica, a plate of fine cheeses for France.

    See More Travel Shower Ideas
  • For a couple who own a house, organize a garden-themed shower. The couple may be able to register at a garden center, and guests can bring books, tools, seeds, flowerpots, plants, and journals. Send out hand-decorated seed packets as invitations, or give them out as favors.

    See More Garden Shower Ideas
  • With basket-weave-decorated desserts and simple basket centerpieces, there are numerous ways to play upon this bridal shower theme.

    See More Basket-Themed Shower Ideas
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  • Perfect for a space that is modern, airy, and white like Jennifer Miller Symonds apartment where she threw this all-white shower for her sister, our own, Darcy Miller. The decorations, food, and favors were all inspired by the color palette -- the windows were framed for the occasion bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue with fragile white sweet peas lined up on the sills.

    See More All-White Shower Ideas

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Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue

[Whether you’re a complete beginner or you compare yourself to the likes of Delia Smith and Jamie Oliver.

Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


Bridal shower decoration ideas for outdoor venue


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